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Planning for ancillary


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Planning for ancillary

  1. 1. For my magazine cover I plan to use some of the features from these real, conventional horror magazines including the use of a large and bold masthead, the use of storylines in the left third of the magazine front cover, I will also be using the conventional things such as having a barcode in the bottom right corner and having the issue number and release date in the top left corner. There will be one main image on my magazine cover, it will either be a mid-shot or a close up which is conventional to the genre shown on these magazines, I will also be using the convention of the cover story by having the main title of the film and a few lines underneath to explain the film. For my poster I will either be having a main image of one of the characte rs from the film which is conventional shown through these posters, or I will be having an image of the main setting with the characters involved in the image. I will have reviews along the top which is shown to be conventional, I will have a billing block along the bottom under the name of the film, also I will be having 1 main image and I will have the release date. The colours will be dark and represent the horror genre such as black, red and white, the font will be varying in size to show the importance of each section of text, to make sure the image is the main focus.

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