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Business growth marketplace


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Business growth marketplace

  1. 1. Business Growth MarketPlace Karen JOANNY Sophie Latour MBA2B
  2. 2. Generation C  All people who are borned between 1984 and 1996  This generation is composed by the person who grown up with the digital plateforms  Generations X and Y swept Generation C, as connected!!!!!  Generation C is that people always connected, whatever their country of residence. The impacts of this generation C on all professional IT tools will be important and it is urgent to prepare. Adapt to Generation C, a requirement!
  3. 3. Youtube generation  Youtube generation is the future of tomorrow!!!  This group is in connection with the youtube generation.  People are less than 25 years old. They seek to the authentic continue to upload through all the digitals platforms.
  4. 4. Millennials  Population between 1980 & 2000 and can be referred to the media as “ Generation Y”.People using digital technology and mass media  This group can be called as “ children of baby boomers”  Members of Generation Y are often referred to as “echo boomers” because they are the children of parents born during the baby boom (the “baby boomers”). Because children born during this time period have had constant access to technology (computers, cell phones) in their youth.
  5. 5. Generation C
  6. 6. CITIZEN M HOTELS- trendy boutique hotel  New brand of hotel in the north of Europe that is bringing a third addition in the hipster paradise of Shoreditch in 2015..  CitizenM offers room ultra design (like the common parts) of 14 m² with "king-size" windows, LCD screen and boasting many technologies orchestrated by Philips (lighting effects ...) Price from 69 euros per night. Price "that hides nothing" would like to remind the group, "here no supplement or Internet video on demand, everything is included."
  7. 7. How does this match ?  New brand of hotels that are opening up their doors for Millennials It's one of the new generation of hotels => next generation of Travel.  Compared to previous generations, another trend with Millennials that is heavily influenced by technology is the change in booking structure. Millennials use a shorter booking window consisting of 75 days compared to 93 days, the rule for older generations.Social media and review sites must be constantly monitored as Millennials consistently peruse reviews before booking.It also means they are fluent and comfortable with booking travel plans online, as well as on mobile and tablet devices.  Millenials have totally increased with the spread of brands to discover something that is appropriate for this generation.
  8. 8. Moxy by Marriott  “Moxy is the first hotel we’ve designed around the next generation of travelers, and we have a very strong culture of experimentation with this brand,” says the VP of brand consulting at mariott hotels  Low cost : price between 60 & 95€. Economic segment  Style swedish with partnership with the big group IKEA which propose low cost product  Design / sobriety  New concept with modular furniture
  9. 9. How does this match ?  Moxy hotel want to target new generation attractive prices such as 60 & 95€ per room  This chain of hotel conducts by the Famous Mariott want to seduce young public, travelers and technopile  The hotel Moxy propose per room to get at the disposition of the guests flat screens , wifi… So this hotel does match with all the millennials descriptions and consumer behaviour mentionned in the points we have see before
  10. 10. Bonus- How does the hotel websites appeal to the Next Gen traveler?  Their guests are becoming younger and more mobile. Hotels are adopting new strategies to attract the attention of the Millennial generation. The savviest are using their loyalty program data to tailor messaging and offers to younger travelers.  Millennials want to engage in a deeper conversation with brands. Hotels, and all organizations, should get to know customers by investing in strategies to listen to Millennials across all digital platforms and more importantly stay in their conversations, creating a two-way dialogue to gather feedback and respond in real time.  Companies should use their loyalty programs to involve Millennials in brand content and to preview new programs and products.  “Choose your friends wisely” is great advice for the hospitality industry.
  11. 11. Bonus- How does mobile fit into the hotels’ appeal to Next Gen travelers?  Hotel need to seek loyalty, Loews Hotels adds free WIfi-FI to all rooms.  This generation seeks to very fast and interactive, they would want to be connected to the social community at any time.  The mobile fits into the hotels ' appeal to next generation travelers in staying connected at any time and anywhere. Moreover, this generation can share their different experience and stay through all the social medias.
  12. 12. Bonus- How do these sites differ from current hotel company sites?  The traditional hotel websites include only platform for booking rooms get some informations, to give the different advises of the hotel room (amenities and facilities) and their experience. On the other hand the hotel which meet the expectation of the next generation customers are interactive with a designed decoration. These hotels allow to this generation to share all the experiences and to stay connected with them through their mobile and tablets.