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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. When creating three different types of media we had to consider the housestyle that would be created to link the main product and the ancillary tasks.We used the brief throughout the many stages of the coursework to makesure it was suited. House style is important to a company especially in themusic industry to be memorable to the target audience and a successfulhouse style will be recognised. A house style should include matchingcolours, an original design, similar texts, similar photos andbackgrounds. The visualisation helps to emphasises there individual musiciconography.There are many similarities between the two ancillary tasks which createshouse style for this particular single. The particular style that we wanted tocreate for the ancillary tasks was something that appeared soft but containeda memorable image that could be associated with this song. DIGIPAK POSTERThree main features which create house style within the ancillary tasks are: • Background colour and effect • The holding hands image • The text
  2. 2. FontThis style of font has been used on both the poster and the digipak. Wewanted to use a simple font for both ancillary task so that it was easy to readbut effective, memorable and suited our Pop Rock genre. We did not wantthe text to be too bold because we wanted the image to make more of astatement. “You were always hard to hold, so letting go ain’t easy…” Images These are the two similar images that appear on themiddle pages of the digipak and the centre of theposter. The image creates a sense of house style which isvery memorable to whomever see’s it. The charactersholding hands relates to the song because during the music video thecharacters end up leaving each other for a while but reconnecting in the end.Therefore, the hands in the photo are holding on by fingertips which suggestthat the characters always had a hold on each other. The lyrics above alsorelate to the characters holding hands and how letting go is going to be hardwhich is why they reconnect in the end of the music video. Background
  3. 3. The background of the poster and the digipak are exactly the same to create a strong sense of house style. The soft effect of the background which is created by clouds relates to the hands holding on by only there fingertips which creates an endearing image. More Conventions The black and white images throughout the music video also link to the two ancillary tasks. The poster and the digipak both have a similar effect on the background to a sepia effect. This colouring is not far off a black and white colouring. Therefore, there is a constant essence of the past being brought into the music video and also a dated feel into the ancillary tasks.Cross dissolves were another maineffect which was used a lot throughoutthe music video. The cross dissolvegive a soft transition which appearsslower and can relate more to theslowly paced music. In parts of thesong where the music is slower, forexample, the verses. The crossdissolve is more suited than a fastpace cut. Poster and Digipak Influences
  4. 4. We needed both the ancillary tasks and the music video to be just assuccessful because our ancillary tasks were promoting the product andcreating an image for the band. The bands which had a big influence inconventions we used for each task were the Script and also the Verve when itcame to designing the poster. These bands album cover and poster were verybasic yet effective and we really liked the overall feel of them. When I hadrecently saw the latest Script album on the shelves, the image of two peopleholding hands really stuck in my mind. Therefore, we thought that this was aneffective and suitable image for the poster and the digipak. The verve posterhas a basic background of a sky landscape and therefore we wanted thebackground of our poster to have a basic effect which looked liked clouds, thisis something which we were able to do on Photoshop.