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SEO Company India - searcheccentric


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Spammy Link building practise which is destroying SEO. Get aware of spammy link practises and get aware your SEO firm is not using these.

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SEO Company India - searcheccentric

  1. 1. Spammy link building tactics destroying SEO
  2. 2. SEO webmasters across the globe agree link building as an integral part of the Google search algorithm and it would remain same for years coming. But getting rank on SERPs is a matter of getting delectable link juice which is much more harder. We must accept that at the end only high quality backlinks that matters and no other shortcuts.
  3. 3. Avoid Low Quality Directories If your SEO Service provider is still indulge in low quality directory submissions with your direct keywords as the anchor, then there are chances of your site getting penalized by Google penguin updates. It is advisable to check what your SEO providers practises to get links for your site. This will make sure that discrepancies are avoided before any more harm.
  4. 4. Link exchange-spammy practise Using Reciprocal links represents the spammy practise of link building. Most of the sites came under Google's radar was awarded a manual penalty.
  5. 5. Paid links Many of the SEO webmasters practising for paid links does not feel it as a spam. Chances of Google finding these practises is very negligible. But if these activities comes under the radar of Google, your site will soon get penalised. And page rank will drop to nill.
  6. 6. Contact us ● ● Email: Contact no: New York: + 1-315-642-4730 London: + 44-207-193-1618 Webpage:
  7. 7. Contact us ● ● Email: Contact no: New York: + 1-315-642-4730 London: + 44-207-193-1618 Webpage: