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Use Of Keywords By Best SEO India Company


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SEO's most regular keyword pattern used by SEO company india. keywords are mostly used with the relevancy of websites and webpages in front of Google.

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Use Of Keywords By Best SEO India Company

  1. 1.   Placing keywords in the website is most important part. But using keywords smartly matters the most. As with the Google’s update, it is much penalizing websites’ stuffed with keywords. Through this we will cover most of the easiest and safest way of using keywords.
  2. 2.   Titles of a webpage are very important for a webpage, in respect of the CTR(click through rates), online reputation and search engine rankings also.  Experts of SEO says, title should be of 65 characters including spaces. And title should include targeted keywords also. Titles
  3. 3.   We all know that content is king for Google. And, we all know that Google is punishing for keyword stuffing, and hiding keywords in the content.  The relation between keywords and Google rankings is quite natural. The use of keywords in the webpage should be such that it should look natural to the users. Content
  4. 4.   Alt texts are used when images, infographics and videos are used in the webpages. It gives a vision to Google while it compiles the webpages with the visual contents.  It is quite important tip but usually does not helps in ranking factor. And, don’t stuff keyword in alt text for SEO purposes. ALT texts
  5. 5.   Descriptions does not play a prominent role in Google rankings. However, it is helpful in website’s CTR, by telling users about what the link is about.  The description should be informative enough to drive the searcher towards the site. If it contains keywords , the users are smart enough to checkout. Descriptions
  6. 6.   Smart bloggers smartly use their keywords in the page url and titles, which shows the relevancy of the webpage. Page URL’s
  7. 7.   Keywords make a true relevancy of the webpage or website and its contents. Using keywords in content, titles, page URL’s that’s how the most webpages are designed extensively and smartly with the keywords. Conclusion:
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