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Four intertexts extras

  2. 2. • This magazine cover • Masthead – So would fit into the social recognisable no need needs and esteem needs for the whole word of Maslow‟s Hierarchys “VOUE” theory of needs, as it Large font- shows the reader the recognisable, old latest trends and the fashioned style perfect buys, which relating to comeback makes the reader feel vintage on trend good when they know style. they are up to date with Formal font- Black fashion, and beauty tips. connotes Also it fits into the seriousness/ glamour social needs . group, because if the reader feels good about themselves, people surrounding them will• Model Image- Iconic model, wearing latest trends , representing magazine and image.Powerful gesture code with hand on hip, suggesting strength and seriousness, also feel good and wantDirect mode of address- entice reader to be with themBut also looking down on you, Confident- male gaze theory, attracting male gender to be attracted more, creating a largerto this magazine. The camera shows a long shot of the model, to show what she is wearing and range of friends.her femininity.
  3. 3. • Main sell line- This pink curly font is much more feminine than the head mast, suggesting that the model on the front cover and this issue of the magazine is very feminine. It is of a larger font to stand out more to the reader than the other cover lines catching the readers attention before, and also gives the reader an idea of the reason what the model is advertising or celebrating inside of the magazine. • Cover lines- all black coloured, some italic and some bold to give variety to the cover, capitals make the writing stand out and attract the audience to the catchy phrases used to encourage the reader to buy the• The date and month are shown to the near left of the mast product. The pink writing gives ahead of this brands magazine, which is useful to the sense of femininity and colour,audience, although vogue magazine is expensive at £4.10, so it is relating to the model imageshown in small print to ensure the audience do not notice the which is also bold and colourful.price at first glance, before seeing the facts and model image. The The cover lines fonts‟ aremonth is stated above the price of the magazine, because the relatively small as they are extravogue magazine is issued monthly, so it tells one months issue information on the page, so it isapart from a other which is useful for its audience. Also, vogue important that these are bold andcustomers usually purchase this magazine regularly, so the price engage the reader so they do notand specific date do not need to be stated clearly as they know the get ignored.details of the brand already.
  4. 4. - Model image- The directgaze from Justin Timberlakeshows confidence,addressing the reader - Cover lines- Thedirectly, and the slight frown capital letters attracthe gives shows seriousness the readers attention,although it also suggests making them want tostrength and power. The read more about thegesture codes – hands in catch phrases, thepocket represents a casual white, blue and blackand laid back image, which colours make the coverwill attract the reader to lines look morewant to read more about this interesting and give themodel to have their style. magazine cover someAlso this model will attract colour, which is vitalfemale and male, as he is an for a successfuliconic figure and will be seen magazine, as theas a role model. The jumper, magazine cover needsshirt and tie with formal to stand out to otherjeans shows that JT is smart magazines.and successful, although heis still cool and young as thejeans and jumper do notmake him too smart. It is a - This cover fits into Maslow‟s Hierarchy of needs, relating to the social needs group, beingmedium camera shot to able to discuss the latest news with peer groups, and also relating to the model, which couldshow the style and image of be included in the uses and gratifications theory.the model.
  5. 5. - Head mast- Large, blue font, suggests that this magazine is masculine, along with the grey - The main sell line on this cover is not of such background, capital letters attract the reader to this a large font unlike other main sell lines on other magazine rather than others on the shelf, and the magazines, although the writing on this cover is bold writing also helps to make this possible. The bold, which still engages the reader. The model curvy edges of the writing create a slick, cool look image on this cover will also attract the which suggests that the brand helps to give this audience to look for more information of what image. he is promoting in the magazine. The white and black fonts for this main sell line connote formality, and class.- The date and issue number are not shown on the front cover of this„detail‟ magazine, which could connote that the company are trying to hidethe price so the audience of the magazine do not get distracted by thefigures, but by the information and model image on the front cover.
  6. 6.  Head mast- This title is  Maslow‟s Hierarchy ofso well known that the  Model image – this shows a medium shot of needs- Esteem needs, as thewhole word does not have Kelly Rowland, in which she is smiling, connoting clothing and accessories in thisto be visible, and the models happiness and her direct contact to the camera also magazine and revealed on thishead can cover some of the connotes friendliness to the reader. Her quite low cover making the reader moreletters. The sharp, original dress and glowing skin, perfected hair and appearance confident.font of this „Look‟ cover appeals to the male gaze, although the cover clearlytitle is powerful although it implies that this magazine is aimed towards theis feminine with its bold, female gender, because of the female clothing andtweaked edges to give a accessories, and colours used on the front cover.sophisticated style. The Janice Winship also stated that the womans faceyellow font is bright so it hallmark showed young, white females, although thisstands out against the light cover shows that this statement has changed over theblue background colour years, as other ethnicities have been more included incontrasting and emphasising our modern day society, and many are seen as iconicthe title. figures, such as Kelly Rowland.  The issue number and price of this magazine is hidden on this cover, with it being stated at the bottom of the page next to the barcode. This is useful if you know that a few brands of magazines place the price here, but if you did not know this it would not be helpful to the reader as it does not stand out. Although the fact that the price is not clearly shown, does not stand out, because this magazine attracts its audiences‟ attention by its bright colours and images, so it should not matter how much the magazine is if the reader is interested in its contents.
  7. 7.  Main sell line- This is also of a yellow bold bright, capitalised font,although it is very sharp and connotes confidence and strength, as well as beinga larger font.Then the writing changes colour to white, which also contrasts against the skincolour of the mode, and the background colour of the magazine. Cover lines- there are nospecific cover lines of thisbrand of magazine, althoughthere is a column down the  The strap line above the head mast on thisright side of the cover, magazine is outlined with a black box, so theshowing different styles and white font of the information is bold, and drawson trend fashionable heels, the readers attention to this key information andwith good priced tags next to gossip. The boldness of the celebrities namethem, to show the reader that „CHERYL‟, stands out so the reader knows whothis magazine will find you the strap line is talking about before they read on.bargain buys at appropriate Also, the capital letter in front of each word is aprices on the high street. trademark of this magazines brand, which gives it a unique style.
  8. 8.  The strap line included on the cover of this magazine is also printed in a small, white font, which does not stand out very noticeably, which could cause the reader to miss this information, although the age range this magazine would be targeted to, around 40+ tend to look carefully at magazines to see if it the one they are looking for, so this could suit them.  Head mast- White font, feminine style, shadow surrounding each letter gives a slight 3D effect to the title, although I think the white does not stand out very much against the light pink background, so would be better if it was a darker colour to contrast this.  The price of this magazine is clearly shown in a dark pink circle overlapping the head mast of this cover, which catches the readers attention straight away, so the reader knows how much money the magazine is. This is useful as people always want to the know the prices of products and are not usually very noticeable on magazines, so this is an advantage to the magazine. It is also clearly stated to show that magazine is appropriately priced. Main sell line- The main sell line of this magazine cover is not soclear, as it is similar to the other cover lines, although this isinteresting as the reader will want to know who the model is andwhat this magazine contents making them open it and read on.
  9. 9.  Model image- this model is smiling, which suggests happiness and a relaxed image, also shown as she leans on her arms to create a casual effect. This model also looks natural, as she wears natural coloured lipstick and make up, with a neat cropped hairstyle. The direct gaze given from the model suggests genuine happiness and confidence, which is what older people look for and like to be. The colours surrounding the model are very natural, which relates to the older age range, as women want to look youthful, glowing and graceful, as well as looking natural. Cover lines- The cover lines of this magazine areblack and white, which connote formality and style, aswell as wisdom, so the target audience of older peoplewill be attracted to this cover. Also the bold and small,  I think esteem needs fits relates to thisdifferent varieties of font and sized writing give variety magazine from Maslow‟s Hierarchy ofto the cover, making the reader read the bold words needs, as it shows its target audience,first, then reading the smaller text if they are interested, being older people want to look afterwhich is a clever way to promote a magazine. them selves, becoming like this model. So it will be useful to help gain readers confidence and esteem.
  10. 10. VOGUE Arthur Turnure founded Vogue in 1982, and in this same year he published the first issue. This magazine has been issued monthly since in eighteen national countries, and has grown and become more well known for its on trend items/news.A mens Vogue was published in 2006, and announced the plans for the American living Vogue. Condé Nast picked up the magazine after Arthur Turnure died in 1909, and from there it slowly grew.
  11. 11. Vogue has been described as ‘ the world’s most influential fashion magazine’, it has mostly good reviews, even up to five stars, stating that you have made it if you are seen in Vogue, and that it is the best fashion magazine around. Although others, giving the popular magazine only one star, state that it is a waste of money, being £4, as it onlyconsists of adverts, and they would rather read true articles than look through the advertisements.
  12. 12. AUDIENCE OF VOGUE Vogue targets women in their late twenties to thirties, as it advertises designer brands that this age rangewould be interested in, as well as using models around this age range to show and model the items in themagazine that are suitable for this audience. Although there is ‘Teen’ Vogue, which is specifically targeted towards teenage girls, so all ages can beinvolved and informed of the latest trends, with their age groups considered. Whether the audience are English, or of other ethnicities, Vogue is diverse and uses a variety of culturalmodels to relate the magazine to everyone. The ‘Male Gaze Theory’ could be applied to this magazine, as well known, famous icons are usuallyshown on the front, such as ‘Rihanna’, who expressed a provocative image, engage male readers to pick upthis magazine. The ‘Uses and Gratifications’ Theory could also be applied, whether it is adults or teens reading thismagazine, the models and icons shown in the magazines can relate to the different age ranges, making thereader want to see the latest trends and the appearance of the people. It is also useful, as the readers ofVogue can discuss the contents with their peer groups, or family, as a social aspect. The audience can also beinformed of trends and read information about the icons, which will lead to entertainment.
  13. 13. A few stars that have appeared in Vogue
  14. 14. DETAILSMISSION STATEMENTDetails continues to revolutionize the men‟s market by providing the blueprint to a new era of masculinity foraffluent, educated, metropolitan men. These cultural leaders care about more than just their appearances, withinterests ranging from design and art/culture to fashion, grooming and fitness. Details‟ smart journalism,unparalleled design aesthetic and actionable service provide everything our reader needs to accessorize hislifestyle and embody the new masculine ideal.Details was founded in 1982, Conde Nast Productions, and is an American mens magazine which is issued ona monthly basis. It includes information about lifestyle and fashion, as well as political and social issues. PaulJowdy is the publisher of this magazine.
  15. 15. REVIEWS OF DETAILS MAGAZINEMany reviews mentioned the price of the magazine, being $3, which isexceptionally cheap for a magazine, which boosted some review ratings.Although many other reviews stated that this magazine was similar to a„playboy‟ magazine, and was not as good as they‟d heard. Overall, themagazine rating was seen as „ok‟.
  16. 16. Target AudienceThe target audience of this magazine is men, between the ages of 25-35, as thisrelates to the models and information included in the magazine. Seeing as themagazine is about fashion and lifestyle, the magazine gives a clear idea of its upto date style and way of living, by placing well known male icons onto the frontcover, engaging the reader and encouraging them to buy the product. The frontcover models are meant to stand out and make the reader want to read themagazine, so the audience will see the style, fashion and happiness of the modelsby their body language and facial expression and want to be like them. So theywill buy the magazine. The uses and gratification theory could also relate tothis, as men can relate to the information and style tips in the magazine as well asthe life style articles etc. Which would then help and fit in with the esteem needscategory in Maslow‟s Hierarchy of Needs, as these men will feel better aboutthemselves, creating a brighter mood and lifestyle as well as being an enjoyableperson to be around.
  18. 18. LOOKLooks’ company is based in London, and each issue is around£1.50, so this magazine is not too expensive, but still provideson-trend styles, the latest fashion bargains and tips for hair,make up and more.Look is associated with Marie Claire, NOW and InStyle.
  19. 19. REVIEWS OF LOOK MAGAZINEOverall, this magazine received positive feedback, with customers saying that thismagazine gives it‟s reader the latest trends for reasonable prices. Although somereaders did think the magazine was a little too invasive on celebrities lives, such astheir love lives and the articles included inside of the magazine. However, acouple of readers said that this magazine was very stereotypical, and similar toother magazines, including the same photos and facts as other magazines. Butthere were not many reviews that gave this magazine less than three stars.
  20. 20. TARGET AUDIENCEThe target audience for this magazine is between 15-26, as it has a range ofdifferent styles and articles to suit the needs of this age group.LOOK is also a diverse magazine, having models of different ethnicities onthe cover. Although it mainly uses female models to relate to the audienceit is aimed at.Uses and gratification theory could also relate to this magazine, as womencan talk to eachother about the latest styles, new trends n the magazine,helping the social interaction, and also see what their role models arewearing, wanting to wear the same style/ look like them, and then be ableto inform their friends of their new finds.
  22. 22. PRIMAPrima magazine was launched by the German publisher Gruner and Jahr,and this magazine cost £1.5 million to launch. It has been the top sellingdomestic women‟s monthly magazine since it launched. Although it‟s salepeak was estimated to be around one million sales, and this has dropped to350,000 since. First issue of Prima in 1986.
  23. 23. REVIEWS OF PRIMA MAGAZINEThere were no reviews with less than three stars, which shows that the audience of thismagazine enjoy the magazine and it provides them with useful information, and variety.Many of these reviews stated „I have been a long time subscriber and continue to enjoythe magazine. I especially appreciate the good value fashion sections--mostlyaffordable!-- and the recipes, patterns, creative ideas and articles.‟
  24. 24. TARGET AUDIENCEThis magazine is most likely aimed towards late 30‟s-50‟s, as it consists ofmany sewing, cooking , fashion and more tips and activities that this age rangewould be starting to get involved in. Although many readers said that thismagazine would be suitable to people of every age, depending on theirinterests.The uses and gratifications theory would be useful to this magazine, as peoplecan share their interests and the tips they have learnt with friends andfamily, and also be able to relate to people/celebrities in the magazine that havethe same interests.This magazine would help with the social needs section of Maslow‟s Hierarchyof needs, as it will help to build a strong relationship with friends as tips andinformation gained from the magazine is shared.
  27. 27. The first question of my survey revealed that the public enjoyed reading about „celebrity gossip‟ the most. Which means to achieve the best in my magazine I should add a lot of celebrity images and gossip!The second question in my questionnaire asked thesurveyor their age, and the most popular age groupto complete my survey was between 10-17.Although the 51+ age group came second which Iwas surprised about, so I think variety of gossip/fashion and contents in a magazine is important.
  28. 28. The third question showed that most people enjoyreading magazine related to fashion, although 15%did not, so again I think variety is needed in amagazine to suit different peoples needs.
  29. 29. The fourth question of mysurvey gave a wide range ofideas for the contents of mymagazine. Many peoplementioned images, trends andmodels representing fashion.
  30. 30. The last question inmy questionnaire alsoshowed that colour,celebrity images andstories included in themagazine wereimportant for the frontcover of the magazine.
  31. 31. MY QUESTIONNAIRE HELPED I found my survey useful, as I found out what the public mostenjoyed reading in magazines, instead of just predicting what theyliked in magazines myself. This information will now help me towardscreating and building further ideas for my print base production.
  32. 32. THEORIES I think the uses and gratification theory is the most important theory for mymagazine, as I need to ensure the people in my magazine can relate tot he readers,and be able to be interesting enough for the readers to want to talk about anddiscuss with peer groups and family etc. Although I think it is important that I include Maslow‟s Hierarchy of needs intomy magazine, with the main groups relating to the social and esteem needs, as Iwant my magazine to make the readers feel good, and for people around the readersto feel good aswell, being able to talk about the magazine to create a strongerfriendship/relationship.
  33. 33.  Two step flow theory will also be useful, as I would like to widenthe range of target audience. So the readers that I am targeting willlead others to want to read and discuss the magazine, being able totrust in the creator of the magazine and peers.
  34. 34. PREFERRED READINGSAn effective and informative magazine thatentertains its audience and gives a variety ofdifferent news, gossip and facts/information.
  35. 35. OPPOSITIONAL READINGSThe magazine does not interest the reader, ormake them want to read it. It does not includeenough variety and is a stereotypical text to read.
  37. 37.  Age: 13-20 Gender: Female Occupation: Students/ part time jobs Income: Most likely little income, enough to purchase themagazine regularly Media Interests: Internet, print base, adverts Demographics: E- Students, unemployed or part time jobs,little income Mainstreamers, aspirers, explorers.