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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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  1. 1. Edward is a vampire which doesn’t harm humans. He has many powers. He can read minds and also has a lot of speed and is faster than all his family. He falls in love with Bella Swan and she is the only person which mind Edward cannot read.
  2. 2. Bella is just a normal who has moved in with her dad. Then she falls in love with what turns out to be a vampire (Edward Cullen). She then finds out her best friend is now a wolf. Edward cannot read Bella’s mind but he can read everyone else’s.
  3. 3. Alice Cullen is part of the Cullen family and in a way Edwards adopted sister. She is Jasper Cullen's lover. Her power is that she can tell the future and can draw what she is seeing. She befriends Bella straight away and does all she can to protect her.
  4. 4. Rosalie Cullen is obviously part of the Cullen family. She doesn’t come across very nice but in Eclipse you see why. She doesn’t seem to be very fond of Bella but she has her reasons she just doesn’t want her to throw her life away by choice. Rosalie is Emmet another Cullen’s lover. She doesn’t actually have a power like reading people’s minds or anything she is just very beautiful.
  5. 5. Jasper Hale is part of the Cullen family. In the first 2 films he comes across really strange and hardly speaks. But he is the Cullen's latest foster so he is not used to being round humans as much as the others. His love is Alice and she helps him through the temptations. His power is to control your emotions. He can make you feel happy or sad or anything.
  6. 6. Emmet Cullen is obviously part of the Cullen family. He is Rosalie's lover and are always together. His powers is that he has a massive amount of strength. Also he is the strongest he is probably the softy of the family as he is always hugging people and he like Alice excepts Bella straight away and wants her to be in the family.
  7. 7. Esme Cullen is married to Carlisle Cullen. She is a loving vampire and cares a lot about Bella and keeps her safe. She is the adopted mother to all the Cullen's.
  8. 8. Carlisle Cullen is the adopted father to all the Cullen's. He is married to Esme Cullen he made her into a vampire as she was really ill. He is a very caring vampire and cares a lot about Bella’s safety. He is also the towns doctor and everyone knows and loves him.
  9. 9. Jacob black is a werewolf. He is very mixed up as he didn’t understand the whole changing thing in the first film and second film. He is Bella’s best friend and he’s actually in love with Bella and his feelings towards her come out more in the 3rd film. He is rivals with the Cullen’s.
  10. 10. Charlie Swan is Bella’s dad. He is the Chief of police in Folks WA. He doesn’t know about any of the vampire stuff of werewolf stuff even though he is really good friends with Jacobs dad Billy.