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Moodboard of ideas for music magazine

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  1. 1. MOODBOARD By Sophie Ejaife
  2. 2. MAKEUP
  3. 3. I have decided that the model on my front cover will have dark makeup, brown/dark lipstick and a more subtle eye makeup compared to the lips. I have come to this conclusion as I want my magazine to have a 90s vibe to it, and I am aware that in the 90s, dark looks were very trendy. As my target audience are people who would’ve been born in the 90s, this vibe will appeal to them a lot.
  4. 4. OUTFIT
  5. 5. Upon doing research, I have found that denim and bright colours were very popular in the 90s. In have created a mood board specifically for outfits which would’ve been very fashionable in the 90s and as I want my magazine to have a 90s vibe to it, I focused explicitly on this area. From this mood board, it is clear that I want the model in my front cover to depict these types of looks
  7. 7. I have created two mood boards for of the colour scheme that I am considering for my music magazine. The first mood board uses vibrant and distinctive colours 9pink, blue and white), whereas the second one is darker and the colours are similar to one another (purple, blue and black). My aim is to have a colour scheme that appeals to my target audience which is why I have chosen these two colour schemes. To decide which colour scheme I go with, I will create a questionnaire and ask people who are my perspective target audience (ages 16-24) as they are who will be buying my magazine. For my colour scheme, I used images of my star image as her style is the same as what I want my magazine to be. I want to use a minimal colour scheme so each colour can stand out on its own.