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My AS Media

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. By Sophia-Mary Ejaife
  2. 2. As it was my first time making a magazine, I followed the main conventions of a school magazine. I used a masthead, by-line, headline and a puff. My main image was of a school student looking directly at the camera and was a half-body shot which also follows the conventions of an actual magazine. However, I challenged the conventions of real magazine products by putting my barcode on the bottom left of my school magazine, instead of the usual bottom right position.
  3. 3. My media product represents school social groups as being smart and professional. The image on the front cover of my magazine is of a pupil well-dressed. I also made the magazine look organised but also entertaining at the same time. This makes the school look better and more sophisticated as the portrayal of the students and the way the magazine is presented is reflected on the school.
  4. 4. As my school is a comprehensive school and not a private school, instead of a publishing company that specialises in distributing school magazines, it will be a certain group of students reliable enough and willing to help out and design the school magazine themselves.
  5. 5. My school magazine is aimed towards school children, parents and teachers. The students are the ones who it’s mainly aimed at as they are the majority of the people who will be buying the school magazine and possibly handing it over to their parents. The teachers may also buy the magazines but they tend to be able to get a hold of it for free.
  6. 6. By using headlines and by-lines that would appeal to them. For example, the headline in my school magazine is about what is actually in the your food at school. As many people eat in the school canteen, they would intrigued to know what is actually in their school lunches. My by-line was also used to captivate pupil’s attention, and also parents as it was about achieving high exam results which is what every student should aim to do, and it’s what every parent wants for their child.
  7. 7. I have learnt the basics of how to use Photoshop to be able to make a school magazine and a contents page for that magazine. I have also learnt the importance of lighting in making an image far greater than it would be without any lighting. As a result of this, I am able to work with the camera to my advantage.