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Unit 21 post


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Unit 21 post

  2. 2. IDEAS Primarily, I had a few ideas of what I wanted my Unit 21 to be on. I had ideas do so a short film, calendar, and or a magazine. I then came to the conclusion that I would do a music video because, all the idea and images I pictured in my head, suited a music video. I also know that I have done some of those different ideas already, during different units.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION For my Unit 21 I am planning to do a music video. The reason for why I would like to explore this type of media is because I think that it will show off my varieties and abilities, when doing different types of units, in my media. I also believe that I have the capability to add creativity to my video, making my assigned target audience like the product. Because I am passionate about what I am doing, I know that I will work hard on this topic, completing things to a great standard. At the moment I have a clear idea of what I would like my video to look like. I would like my video to have a narrative however also be conceptual, I would like it to be about extreme sports and life as a whole. How there will be things that people need to over come, but at the same time have fun. I have yet thought of a song that will go with this idea however I have some idea. – One Republic – Elbow
  4. 4. STORY BOARD I made sure I did the story board a accurate as possible, this is because I know it will help me when it actually comes to me filming. Doing it second by second will make it easier for me to edit, and it means I know what I want it to look like when it come to do it. This, I believe will make the process quicker. I have chosen the song ‘Not givin in’ by Rudimental.
  5. 5. RESEARCH I will need to look at more music videos to really understand how they work and what people like to look at. i would like my music video to relate to the lyrics. E.g. ‘Not givin in’ I would like someone to act out like they will be fine and will not give in to what's happened. I need to get the song writers consent to use this song. I will need to write a letter to Rudimental. To do this I will need to look up where I can get the rights to the song, to then put onto YouTube.