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Script for pitch


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Script for pitch

  1. 1. Aaron Cog: Gum has been around for around 5,000 years dating back to the Aztecs that used to chew a version of chewing gum made form bark tar. Nowadays we have healthy sugar free gum with many flavours, much like our gum we have produced today. Sophie: We are Swaits, a new, creative thinking and versatile advertising company here today to show you what we can do for you, and what we can produce. Behind the Name: Aaron Cork: The name Swaits originated from our team initials. At first we had Sophie, Will, Aaron and Aaron hence the S, W, A, but due to some unfortunate lab testing, we lost our lab rat will but kept the original name. Aaron Cog: Swaits was a short, quick name that we didn’t want to waste time on thinking too hard about and moving on to the key aspects of marketing was more important for us. Sophie: The “Fresh” is literally telling the consumer what will happen if you eat our gum. Fresh flavour with no added sugars or sweeteners, results in Fresh breath and Fresh thinking and not previously known, new to the market unheard off. Slogan: Sophie: We wanted our slogan to link back to our name, so that if people didn’t remember the name, the slogan would relate to our name aswell. Aaron Cog: Swaits is a little pun on the word sweets. After many team discussions we wanted our slogan to tell people what we will do to their product. This is when the sweetening became Swaitening and was just the slogan we were looking for. Target Audience: Aaron Cork: We believe that gum is for everybody, there is no age limit to having a fresh breath or a healthy mouth so we chose a large target audience ranging from 13-30. Aaron Cog: This age range is appropriate for our type of gum. The packet and flavours are perfect for teenagers and the knowledge that our gum is sugar free and healthy appeal to the older end of the audience. Still, there is nothing stopping everybody and anybody buying our gum. Print Adverts: Sophie: Our 3 print adverts were all created with the consumer in mind. The pictures of the close up teeth are to make the viewer stop and think about their own teeth and what the obvious difference is between healthy and unhealthy teeth. Aaron Cog: The location of the adverts is also important. We have used bus stops and underground train stations as thousands of people have to be in these areas every day for getting to work and getting home again, and let’s face it you can’t help yourself but to look at the adverts around you. This therefore is reaching a large target market and appeals to all our of our large target audience.
  2. 2. Aaron Cork: Our website banner will be targeted at both ends of the target audience. MTV is great for the younger generation catching up with the celebrity news and gossip, and Dave, appealing to the older generation with the more classical, adult like TV shows. Wrapper, Packaging and Flavours Aaron Cog: To help is with our packaging we used some market research on existing gum products as to which styles, colours and fonts are most commonly used. We wanted to know how the packing influences the consumers to buy the products every single day. Aaron Cork: The 2 most common forms of packing are the boxes of gum containing 20 strips of gum, or the rectangular packets containing 8 smaller pieces of gum. We have chosen the smaller packaging as we need our gum to be easily accessible whilst on the go again appealing to our 20-30 year olds who are always needing something to chew whilst sat in the car, or indeed waiting at the busses or trains. Sophie Carey: The wrapper contains colour, bold writing and an indication of what flavour is inside. All these aspects are used on gums such as five, trident and Wrigley’s extra so it seemed vital that we did the same to keep competitive. Aaron Cork: Our two first flavours are grape and watermelon two attractive, fresh, fruity flavours. According to our research 68% of 150 people would prefer an exotic fruit flavour than mint so our two flavours and further fruit flavours should be succesfull. Initial Advertising: Sophie Carey: We will aim to hit popular, busy areas where gum is can always be an option to consumers. We will hit towns, shops, newspapers, magazines, schools, clubs and festivals giving out free samples of our gum in 2 different coloured buckets representing the 2 main flavours to get our product out there, get people talking and increase our brand awareness before launching it on the market. Aaron Cog: When we launch our gum we will price it at 50p per packet. With our large target market we are not pricing it for people with a disposable income as we need to cater for all and 50p is a nice round figure that people have spare in their pockets always there to be picked up on the go. Facts and Figures: 72% of 200 would prefer the smaller rectangular gum than fiddly boxes with extra wrapping ( eg wrigley’s extra and five) Our little USP is the long lasting flavour of our gum. Our previous market research shows that hubba bubba is two short lasting, and trident doesn’t have a very strong flavour from start to finish. So we have put a lot of thought and development into a powerful 5 minute lasting taste.
  3. 3. However we need people to buy our gum quite often and almost become loyal and addicted so the flavour isn’t too overpowering and too generous as we want a packet to last about 3 days until a new packet is required.