Proposal document blank for unit 21


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Proposal document blank for unit 21

  1. 1. Format: FILM (music video ) I am going to produce a pop based Music video, which will have a narrative, and maybe some performance. During this topic I will be doing research and treating it like a proper music video. Working Title: My personal project is a music video; I don’t feel like It can have a name, however at this time of my project I shall be doing my video to the song ‘Not Giving In’ by Rudimental. I felt that with some of my ideas that I will incorporate with my video, would go with this type of music. (I listened to this song and adapted my ideas.) Genre: My Music video is all about life adventures and colour. I will try to add as much imaginative colourful thing into my video. I believe that the song I have chosen is a pop song (in the charts). I wanted to choose a song that was not so main stream, but everyone had heard it. Content: The video will be full with outdoors activities e.g. skiing, sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, cliff diving and water sports. I will also be using colourful likes and friend to act in the video. I will be using; Powder paint Paint Water balloons I might have a bit of performance and use my sister to lip sing to make it look much more like a music video more than a life story. Style or Approach: I am going to set the majority of music video on life experiences, love, and extreme sports. I will mainly base my music video all about colour, doing this I hope that it will make people feel good and bright after watching it. I’m not sure if it will all be in colour because I want to use as much effective effects as possible to improve my grade. I will be editing on premier pro, using canon cameras (to get the footage) and I also will be taking video from my iPhone. Audience: I don’t have a specific audience range. However because of the music I have chosen I know it will not necessarily appeal to older people above the age of +50. Based on the type of song it is, I know that it has been in the charts and will possible appeal to younger people around the ages 14-30. But the content which will be in my music video would maybe change the audience range. Although its number 79 in the charts now, it did come out Published on Oct 17, 2012. (This screen shot was done 29/01/14. Length: The song is 3mins and 55 seconds and I intend to use the whole of that time
  2. 2. Legal & Ethical considerations Because it’s a music video I have to gain the rights to use the song for this unit. I will need to send an email to the producers of this song to make sure It can be the song I use. I must do this in order to not copy right.