Main media se ctors


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Main media se ctors

  1. 1. By Sophie CareyTHE MEDIA SECTORS
  2. 2. FILM INDUSTRYWhat is the media sector of the film industry?The film industry is on of the most successful types of entertainment, the film industry alsocontributed £4.3 billion to the UK’s economy in 2006.In the last decade more than 516 films were released just in the UK. The film industry isbecoming increasingly popular, it has increased but 58%.People create and distribute the film as a product. The film industry is a world wide phenomenon,but in some countries there are better roles in production than others.The BBFC which stands for ‘British Board of Film Classification’ was established in 1912, it wasoriginally called the ‘British Board of Film Censor’. The BBFC is UK organisation which officiallychooses the age ratings to every individual film that’s distributed to Britain. But mainly it isresponsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the UK, this mean theyare required to classify DVDS, videos and most videogames. This is a non-governmentalorganisation.There are many people who are important to do with the film industry such as:Charlie Chaplin~ one of the most pivotal film stars of the early days of Hollywood.The Walt Disney~ Walt Disney company is one of the most famous and well known industrys inthe world. It is a global phenomenon, which produced the first animation film. Disney is on of themost famous film industry, they are mostly known for the products of its film studio, The WaltDisney Studios. Disney also owns and operates the ABC broadcast television network; cabletelevision networks such as Disney Channel, ESPN, and many more. They have 14 licensed themparks around the world.Some products that Walt Disney have produced are:Aladdin- November 25, 1992Aristocats- December 11, 1970Other products from other diverse filmindustrys are:Fantastic 4- July 8, 2005The Dark Knight- July 16, 2008The Shawshank Redemption- 14th October1994Future Products:Finding dory- November 25, 2015Tomorrow land- December19, 2014
  3. 3. PRINT INDUSTRYThe print industry is responsible for print media, for example, magazines and newspapers.This print industry is not currently governed by anyone, this means that they are free to write whatever they want which cann otalways be ethical towards others.There are many people who are important in the print industry such as:Rebekah Brooks: British journalist and former newspaper editor, she has been the Chief Executive Officer of NewsInternational, the youngest editor of a British national newspaper and first female editor of The Sun.Another key person tin the print industry is Rupert Murdoch- he is the founder , the chairman and CEO of global media holdingcompany News Corporation. He is the man that own mostly all of the newspapers that are executed and produced.The Sun~ 2,409,811 circulates in 2012Daily Mail~ 1,863,151 circulated in 2013 Are some of the largest circulating newspapers in the UK today.Daily Mirror~ 1,058,488 circulated in 2013Some jobs with in the print industry: General Manager, Sales/Marketing Manager, Press Minder, StudioManager and Print Finisher.
  4. 4. ADVERTISING INDUSTRYThe Advising Industry is a vital production to the UK’s economic success. Some of the UK’s Money profits come from all of t headvising companies, this is because you can see advertisements on the television, magazines, newspapers, gaming sites and onbillboards.The Governing body for the advertising industry in the ASA, which stands for advertising Standard Authority. The main role f or thisjobs is to make sure that there isnt any harmful or offensive adverts being distributed or broadcasted. Its also regulate th e contentof advertisements, sales promotion and direct marketing in the UK. It also deals with complaints made about adverts, salespromotions and direct marketing.The main people in the advertising industry are:William Bernbach~ he was an American advertising creative director. He was one of the three founders in 1949 of the internationaladvertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach.Rupert Murcoch~ who also is associated in the print industrySocial Networks~ e.g FacebookSome of the best/popular Advertising compaigns are:HMVAppleMcDonaldsCoca ColaSome jobs areas that are within the Advertising Industry are:OutdoorProductionAccount PlanningPublic relationsAdvert Designers
  5. 5. PHOTOGRAPHY INDUSTRYThe Photography industry is an important industry because of peoples enjoyment and also is one of the first steps to the creation of media today. Videos all started withjust being photos and as time has changed the technology has got more advance and progressed. Photography is also import to capture moment in life. The photographindustry produces stunning and amazing photos of the world and the people around. The different photographic types are Digital, Daguerreotype and Polaroid.•Artistic~ any shot of a subject where is has meaning or creativity is key.•Aerial~ standing tall above the subject, or shooting from a tall building, plane, etc...•Black and white~ black and white is working with out colour.•Architecture~ shot of man made things. No people.•Camera phone~ is a photo that has been taken on a mobile device, anywhere, anytime and it will also be low quality.•Marco~ very detailed or up close image.•Events~ simply pictures of festivals or happy moment with people or place. Normal day to day use( e.g. holiday photos)Governing bodyThe photography industry does have a Governing body and that is called BIPP, which stands for the British Institute Of Professional Photography. BIPP is an officialGoverning body for professional photographer or people who have had plenty of experience, in the UK. BIPP continues to work to protect photographers rights. Acurrent issue is the taking of photographs in public places. BIPP also issues with any problems or complaints about taking photo that are inappropriate or not aloud to bepublished. They also deal with where and how the professionals photos are being sold.There are key or most popular people in the photography industry who are:Annie Leibovitz~ is a professional and admired photography and also is a great artist.Ansel Easton Adams~ Ansel Easton Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist best known for his black-and-white landscape photographs of the iconictourist attraction, American West, especially of Yosemite National Park.Ross Halfin~ his profession is a photographer. He had taken pictures of places around the world, making is particular type of photography based on his events. He is awell- known humanitarian. He also takes a lot of pictures to do with musicianProducts: most industries would use the photography industry to get there advertising across or to create covers for things.job roles:PhotographerPhotojournalistEvent photographer (e.g. Weddings)Photo editor
  6. 6. TELEVISION INDUSTRYWhat is the media sector of the television industry?The television industry is the most popular form of entertainment and information all around the world. Millions of people use thetelevision everyday, making it the biggest media industry. The average British viewer still watches twenty hours or more per week.However the internet and interactive media is rapidly, getting more audiences and revenues.Governing BodyOfcom is the Governing body for the television industry. Ofcom stand for ( Office of Communication) The main importance forOfcom is to broadcast all of the TV programs to the channels. They also check if its suitable to show on the TV. They deal withcomplaints and any issues, that may come with which people may think is inappropriate.Key people in television industry:BBC~ started in 1922ITV~ stared in 1955channel 4~ started in 1982Jobs in television industry:Camera manProducerpresenter.