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  1. 1. Evaluation Firstly, to start of my Unit 12 personal project, I had come up with initial ideas and thoughts about what I wanted my end project to be/look like. To do this I have to sit down and produce a mind map, this mind map helped me to be realistic about what I could produce, and what I would like to do. Once I had a few ideas, I then started my pre-production work. This consisted of me looking up things that related to my ideas. I did background research on music video, to find out the different types of music videos. All the new information that I looked up, helped me to pick up new ideas, and understand the topic, that I was doing. I believe working on your own is easier during the pre- production because you can take as long as needed. And also you are in control. However when It came down to filming and camera work, I found that a lot harder. This was because, it much more difficult to set up, also you have more people to get involved with better expertise, this is much more helpful when it also comes down to the editing. If I was in a group it would have been easier to get loads of people to be in the video, I would have benefited from more people to be involved in my video. Filming When it came down to filming, I had a specific idea of what I wanted. The location of my filming was crucial, because it would have affected the feel of the scene. Before I went out filming I tried to listen to the song and relate the background to the words. I also listened to the music and pictured a background, from there I then thought of places that looked similar. In the pool clips I used tom house this was convenient and incontinent because, it was hard to find a day were we both were free to use it. However without toms pool I wouldn’t have been able to get a clip like that. There were certain things that I wanted to film, but only could be filmed, in specific areas, such as; paint fight was in a field so then the paint didn’t get everywhere. During my filming I found working 1 to 1 with Emma very easy, this was because the facilities were close by and whatever I asked Emma’s to act/do, she did. This made it a lot easier for me. Using the GOpro was immensely helpful, capturing things a normal camera wouldn’t. The fact it could go underwater was extremely useful…… (Write more)
  2. 2. Before I started to film I made a story line, this was originally about a girl who was focused and was on a run and wasn’t ‘giving in’. However when it came to the editing my music video was more narrative and conceptual Editing The editing took me a long time to complete, and I was determined to make it look as close to my image in my head. Firstly I had a preliminary bit of editing, so I would get the timing right when I added the music to it. Unfortunately the two clips didn’t fit well with the music, mean I then had to go out and film a new idea, to go with the music. i am now happy that I had to change it because I believe it looks better. Once I had filmed everything, I then uploaded then to my desktop, but learning from my previous mistakes, I renamed the clips so I would be a lot easier to identify and edit with. Once I uploaded them to the computer I used premier pro to edit. I did individual files for certain types of clips, which I found very helpful and convenient, during future editing. To sort out the sequence of my video and cut down the larger videos, I used the Razor tool. Without this I wouldn’t have been able to uses specific parts in the music video. Using this tool I was able to quickly trim and shorten videos when I needed to or when it best suited it. I decided to use the cross dissolve a lot, in my music video, because I felt like it was the most suitable cross fade motion. I believed it fitted well with the clips, for example It made the pattern of the music video flow more and look like it was meant to be there
  3. 3. At the end I needed to change the speed and sound levels of the music and I wanted to get the right. So as well as using the ‘audio transitions’ I also used this. It helped with the decrease of sound at the right places and time. Making the atmosphere at the end seem more relax and like something was coming to the end. I loved making the videos go in reverse. I have never done this before in past videos. I found out how to use it when I was doing a test edit and I was messing about with clips. I used the reverse in many of my video, which I believe gave it a better effect on the video as a whole. It made it much more individual and unique. Without the extra reveres I think that the music video would have been dull, especially with the use of power paint and the pool work. I overlapped the clips and made the opacity different, so then I could see other videos behind the main clip. I had never done this before I think, I was a quick learner to understand and be independent when doing this.
  4. 4. At many points of the video I used ‘brightness & contrast’ this meant I could then adjust the colour and give it either a light or dark effect. I also used the equalise effect; I used this because I thought it brightened up the video clip. This was ideal because I wanted my video to be seen as a happy, cheerful video. Strength During this unit i think i worked hard on all the assignment. I was careful with the information i was using in the post production work, and also,always made sure i had done extra facts about what was be researched to improve my grade. I enjoyed editing my media, which i think helped me to make it what it is now. Because i enjoyed it i put in the extra time for it, staying in after school, and using break times. I believe i was good at adapting to the new tools and editing aspects, of this unit. For example i had never used a GoPro before, nor had i used some of the editing techniques, such as the reverse. Weaknesses i believe i could have used my time more wisely when doing this unit. I think it would have helped me a lot more with getting better footage, which would have made the outcome of my music video more enjoyable. Although i did prepare a schedule i hardly followed by it, i think this was due to other people’s commitments (limited amount of people in my video) and also the weather! I needed the paint fight to be on a sunny day otherwise it would not have made what I wanted that scene to look like. I would improve the length of the film, i would have made it shorter and made sure it had a better narrative. However although my video was Conceptual, i do think that it had a message to give across. If i was to do it again i would have made sure that the message of ‘not givin in’ was more obvious. With all the Post production things i wish i was a bit more organised, as this would have improved my work, with having maybe more available time.
  5. 5. Unfortunately when I was editing I forgot to move the marker at the end. This meant that when I rendered the music video I didn’t put that marker at the end of the video, which resulted in the music fade to not be there. However it didn’t make a massive difference, but on YouTube it makes my video have a boring ending. It was then too late to move the marker, render it and then but in on YouTube. As a conclusion I know i worked hard during this unit, and i am very happy with my video. I know that i worked hard in all the tasks before i started editing, which shows through my usage of many editing tool and different images/ideas that have come across during my video.