Evaluation for article


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Evaluation for article

  1. 1. Evaluation The unit is photography for an article for a fishing magazine. My first ideas were a mind map so I could pin point what I wanted to take photos of. I narrowed it down so I would take photos of the lake itself, stuff I do to catch the fish and the actual fish I catch. I borrowed a Cannon 1100D camera from school and went out one Saturday to go fishing and try to get some photos for the article. I got lucky and managed a great day fishing and got some great shots. I got photographs of the lake, the rigs I used, the rod setup and even managed to catch one so got some photos of the fish and fish safety. On the following Monday when I returned to school I put it all together and made the actual article and it come out very good. Strengths: My strengths were that I choose a topic I enjoy and am good at. Weakness: Preparation could have been improved because we just turned up and hoped for the best. Next time I will plan it better so I can get better results.