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  1. 1. EvaluationThe first I did when recreating this magazine was going to the white room and taking the photo.Then with the SD card I uploaded it to my computer and saved the photo to my desk top theninserted it to the programme I use. However to help me get some hard things onto my magazine toget the looking like the original, I also used the programme called ` Photoshop`. But the programme Iused what called ` InDesign `.The tools I used to help me create my magazine were:I used this tool to help me move and adjust the text or images to the size I wouldlike. It could also help me to change if I want to view something sideways.
  2. 2. I have used this tool mainly this whole process because there is a lot of text on mymagazine I chose to recreate. This helped me write all of the things need and then Icould also change the colour, sixe, type of text and even the stroke. This was importantbecause in some of the text I needed to increase the size of the stroke.I used this tool when I need to upload some text that I highlighted inPhotoshop. I made an envelope and then imported/placed the text into theenvelope.It was useful that they had this tool because it helped me make the circle shape.I used the eyedropper tool because I need the colour of some text to be thesame and I clicked on the pink I needed and made it the same colour.
  3. 3. All of these tools to help me change the colour of the text or stroke. Ialso used the colour in palette which helped me ad darker effect to the colours.I used:I also used this lasso tool from the programme Photoshop to capture text that I couldn’trecreate at all on InDesign. I have used this tool before which made this a quick and easything to do.To make it normal orboldI have used this beforeon other sitesTo change thefont typeUsed beforeThis changes thesize of the textUsed beforeMakeseverythingCAPSHaven’t usedbeforeI used this to automaticallymake the first letter a capitalHaven’t used beforeMakes thelettersseparate orcome closerNew toolStretches the verticalscaleNew toolTilts the text omake it italicI have used thistool beforeStretches the horizontal scaleI didn’t end up using any of thesetools because I didn’t need to. I didsee what they were but it didn’t lookas close to the normal magazine as Icould get it
  4. 4. I have used so many new tools during this task project. This is because I have used a completelydifferent programme.Obviously using a new programme there will be new tools and things that Ihaven’t used before; this helps my knowledge on editing media items.I think that my end magazine is as close to the original as it can be, making me quite happy how it’sturned out. I think that some strength of my magazine are, nearly all of the writing is very similar tothe normal magazine cover.I also think that the colours of the texts are also as close as it can be to the original magazine; this isclearly a good thing that it’s the same colour because if it wasn’t the right colour, then it wouldn’tlook like the original. Deciding the colour of the text, to make it the same is important becausechoosing the colours on a really magazine is a vital part of creating a magazine, it tells you what sexand age that they are aiming to attract.A weaker side to my magazine is that my model isn’t in the same place as Jennifer Aniston is. I thinkthis ruins the effect and the similarities about the two magazines. I think that if we would have takenanother picture or used a different one, with my model in the same position at the original, thiswould have definitely made my magazine creation, look even better than it is now. Moreimportantly it would have made it look more similar to the original. maybe having my model to theright scale, would have helped proportion where the text was needed to go.
  5. 5. I’m content with my magazine because I know I have spent a lot of time trying to make it match orlook the same as the original. however it never was going to be perfect but what I have done, I thinkis good because it’s as close to the original as I could get it to be.I do agree that it looks like the original cover. I think this because I have used the same font on mostoccasions, I have also chosen the same font sizes and colours, and aimed to position the images andthe text in the same places as the original. I also like how my model looks very similar to JenniferAniston.The things that I would have changed in the process of evaluation my magazine I have notices thingsthat I would have changed or made different. This is:In my magazine my model has a strap showing whereas in the original she doesn’t. I thought I wouldhave been inappropriate to make her have her strap down. And also my model wouldn’t have feltcomfortable.I also would have changed the colour of the background on my magazine; this would have changesthe whole perspective of my magazine because I it would have made them look that much morealike.In conclusion, I’m proud of my magazine because I have worked hard on it and with the programmesI had to used, I do think it looks as close to the magazine as possible.