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Cadbury's adverts

  1. 1. Cadburys adverts Inspirational advertsBy Sophie Carey
  2. 2. What did the advert aim to do?I think that the advert was made to catch your eye from the off, most adsnowadays are too full off "action", "excitement" and a LOT of informationcrammed into the allotted time frame then this comes on after all the commotionand the song really draws you in. You then look and see the gorilla and wait to seewhat his surroundings entails and this non natural environment appears whichlead to even more curiosity. With the gorillas eyes closed expressing an emotionyou could start to think it was unhappy or the likes. Then the drum kit appearsand you are still piqued as to what is happening and low and behold he/she startsdrumming with the rhythm of the music and its oddity makes it amusing. Therehave been instances of Gorillas playing bongos in the jungle but not drums and ina studio type environment and along with a popular song. Was making peoplethink what the advert actual is about. In My Opinion Did They Achieve This?In my opinion I think that they did a really good advert, it got people not realising theywere watching a advert until the title ‘Cadburys’ came up. It was definitely eyecatching and also they chose a song a lot of people knew!
  3. 3. Why do you think it is an inspirational advert? (what makes it different and stand out?)I think its an inspirational advert because of the reaction people had after seeingit. The fact that the first Gorilla advert they didn’t add the ‘Cadburys’ title at theend. They did this to make people talk about it, look it up, and to keep themthinking. After a while they then chose to add it in.I also think its an inspirational advert because it was hilarious and a really clever,imaginative idea.The fact it showed little clues to show it was Cadburys was clever, because whenyou put all the clues together, it not hard to identify what advert it was for.Also the gorilla is seriously emotional when he is playing the drums. He breathsslowly and calmly like its important. Mostly the gorilla is enjoying it, like whenshould enjoy the chocolate.
  4. 4. How does your advert communicate effectivelyusing digital graphics? does it use a company logo or slogan? What graphics catch the audience’s attention?Is good because its not actually a gorilla, it’s a woman in a suite then a bit edited onthe computers.In the advert it does have a slogan and a logo.There is a first clue that it s Cadburys because it has aSlogan and a well know picture at the beginning.Also at the ending it has a Cadburys chocolate bar, logoAnd slogan.I think the gorilla playing the drum is the over all graphicsBecause its not a real gorilla.
  5. 5. If possible find out who designed/produced/marketed the advertDesigned=designed and arranged by Parv Thind at Wave Studios, London.Produced=produced by an American member of the Mars family in EnglandMarketed= It was based off a product they already sold in the US. (I cant findwho marketed this advert).