Audiences number 1


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Audiences number 1

  2. 2. In media , why might we group or classify audiences in this manner? This way of putting certain people to a grade helps the media when companies need to choose a accurate target audience. This gives a rough indication of the types of people our target audience for media is. From this chart we can also see what else our social classes are and what they like to watch. This would be massively helpful for magazine/television companies as they would need this type of information to identify what type of people their product would invite. We can also make comparisons from this chart, from each of the sections of media, this is so then we can specify types of people to fit to each role in media. For example upper-class radio station would most likely employ a person who is form that type of interest. I believe that this way of identification is very useful for media students as well as big companies, this is because during school units, pupils need the guide lines to know what target audiences their product will attract.
  3. 3. How is audience research used in relation to new media products? The use of Barb would help TV/companies associated with the media, to know what times/channels the other similar programmes are on. With this information the companies would be able to know what times and channels are the best to broadcast theirs on. They would be able to know this because Barb shows view ratings. Audience research such as, ratings, tell you if there is a high views, which would clearly mean the programme is being enjoyed by many. It also can help the company decide weather to make a second series, depending on how many people viewed it. Much like film makers, TV Channels will organise focus groups and surveys to find out if people they have targeted enjoyed there product, this would be an important part of their production, because if key for them to know if they have got the target audience right. Once they know what target audience they need they then can broadcast It on the right channel. Another way for companies to identify weather people from the right target audiences like there product is to do questionnaire, on things about you product. Or do the questionnaire before the production of the product to make sure what your doing is specific to the target audiences needs. There is also a chance to do tasters of products to then identify the certain people that it has attracted. E.g. TV programmes would broadcast a special one off episode to see if it get view and is worth airing.
  4. 4. Using the classifications table and the BARB website, what can you tell us about your chosen industry and your product from Unit 21? Grade C1- middle This is because my product (music video) used a song that was recently in the charts, and from research I know that the charts are mainly listened to teenagers. Using other information, such as Barb I know that programmes like ‘the Xfactor’ are mostly viewed form teenagers, from this is can identify using the classifications table that it is most related to the target audience from Grade C1. My target audience wouldn’t be associated with Grade A because specifically those type of people are attracted to radio 2, I know that radio 2 doesn’t play the charts. This is a clear indicator that it would be more suitable for my target audience to be the lower middle, as the radio they listen to, plays the charts every Sunday. I also believe my music video has more of a youth feel, with colours, happiness and determinations. So I did predict that my target audience would be toward the teens. I also wanted a younger target audience because I know that they are more interested about music, and their videos. This means hopefully my song would get views.
  5. 5. What constraints, codes of practice, and or regulations does your chosen industry/must your product follow? During pre production I had to write a letter to Ellen Hochberg, the record company, who looks after Rudimental, in odder for me to have permission to use the song. I also had to make sure that the music that I had chosen had no swearing, or rude content in, this is because the music video is going on the ‘Ringwood school’s YouTube page’ this means I would be representing ‘Ringwood’. For example the music video for the song ‘Blurred Lines’ had got banned from many countries, due to its rude Content. I needed to be sure that this didn’t happen to me.
  6. 6. Create an avatar of an ‘average audience member’ that your Unit 21 product is aimed at. Consider age, gender, clothing style, musical tastes, etc. This represents a typical, teenage girl. Aged 15, which is roughly my target audience. The actual song would attract people Aged - 14-30. however my music video would attract maybe a younger age. E.g. 13-20 When creating this avatar I made sure her clothes were like what teenager wear. I also made sure that what she looks lie stereotypically looks like a Grade C1, lower class girl. I porously located her in a town because this is where typically teenager spend their time. I also have chosen to create a boy avatar because I believe my music video attracts both genders.
  7. 7. Look at your final product and list the ways you have aimed your product at your target audience. Consider content, genre, narrative, visual images. Content- the song that I used, is a popular song, which was in the charts. From this I know that radio 1 is the radio station which plays the charts. Now a days the chart music is listened to younger ages like teenagers to early 20’s. This helped me to know that is would be more suitable, if my target audience was aimed at 14-30. Genre- The fact that my product is a Music Video, it relates again to my target audience of being 14-30. Narrative- My story would relate more to a my target audience because I believe that, its gives a feel of what its like to be a young person will all the distraction, but you have to stay focused. My video is conceptual. I also think that teenagers would enjoy my music video more because of the visual side of the video. I know that teenagers like to live more on the edge, e.g. Skiing Paint fight I know that my music video is more pleasing my target audiences eye.