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The echo nest-music_discovery(1)

  1. 1. music discovery & personalization The Echo Nest pioneered data-driven music discovery. Today, we power more music discovery experiences than any other company. Lead- ing music services including Clear Channel, Microsoft, Nokia, Rdio, SiriusXM, and VEVO have partnered with The Echo Nest to help build better, smarter apps that understand and delight every fan. The Echo Nest brings deep experience in applying next-generation music discovery technology to demonstrably improve user acquisition and loyalty, while the breadth and flexibility of our platform empowers customers to innovate faster at a lower cost, and scale globally with confidence. We specialize in working with innovative product teams to design and deliver unique, personalized music experiences – from intel- ligent song and artist radio, to personalized, curated playlists, to engaging social discovery applications. And we do it through a single, flexible API to bring your innovations to market quickly while strengthening your differentiation. With our unmatched experience, high-quality results, breadth of coverage, and true flexibility and control, we’re delivering unparalleled ROI for our music service partners. We’ve increased session length as much as 50% by personalizing and improving playlist quality. Key Capabilities: zz Song, artist and genre radio zz Rich Taste Profiles that understand each fan’s preferences zz Personalized playlisting with real-time user feedback zz Tools for professional music editorial teams to create and curate at scale zz Social, fan-to-fan music discovery zz Artist and song recommendations zz Custom radio programming rules, including DMCA support Benefits: zz Increase user acquisition and en- gagement (session time, repeat use) zz Build more innovative user experi- ences quickly at a lower cost zz Deliver best-in-class music discovery at a global scale (multiple catalogs, any region) Music Discovery & Personalization In the millions-of-songs-in-my-pocket-era of digital music, discovery is more important than ever. Music fans expect music applications to understand and know what they want to hear – automatically.
  2. 2. music discovery & personalization The Echo Nest’s Music Discovery & Personalization solution is a suite of advanced capabilities to build engaging, personalized music discovery experiences, including: zz Three advanced playlisting offerings that power unique online radio and personalized, interactive listening experiences zz A social discovery engine that helps fans discover new music from fans with similar tastes zz An intelligent music recommendations engine that suggests the best artists and songs for each fan Playlisting The Echo Nest is the leader in data-driven music playlisting. We leverage everything we know about music to help music services deliver smarter, more personalized, highly interactive playlisting. To meet the needs of all customers – from the largest digital music service providers to new music apps – we provide three playlisting offerings: Basic for online radio, Standard for personalized, interactive music and Premium for incredibly personalized, curated music discovery. Basic Playlisting Basic Playlisting, our entry-level playlisting offering, delivers simple and straightforward music playlisting or radio stations based on a seed artist, song or genre. Basic Playlisting API The Basic Playlisting API supports artist seeds (up to five), song seeds (up to five) and genre seeds (up to five), and returns a playlist of up to 100 tracks. Playlist results can adhere to the DMCA’s rules for non-interactive webcasts. Artist, song or genre radio Listener Music Service Seed artist, song or genre 2 1
  3. 3. music discovery & personalization Standard Playlisting Standard Playlisting delivers personalized playlists and radio experiences rooted in the most in-depth understanding of each individual music fan. Standard Playlisting supports all playlist types in Basic, plus adds the ability to create artist-specific playlists, personalized playlists, and tune any playlist or radio station on the fly. Standard Playlisting APIs Standard Playlisting utilizes one of two Playlist APIs, and may also be integrated with The Echo Nest’s Taste Profile technology, which captures each fan’s unique music tastes and preferences to personalize playlists, radio stations, recommendations, and other music discovery applications. zz Static Playlist API - A simple “query-response” API method, which generates a playlist of up to 100 tracks based on the given artist(s), song(s), genre, or Taste Profile. zz Dynamic Playlist API - A suite of APIs that deliver an interactive, personalized radio experience that incorporates real-time feed- back and tuning from the end user. Each dynamic playlist session creates a new session ID which maintains rules for playlist generation, listening activity (plays, skips), and user feed- back (bans, favorites, ratings) to ensure continuity and an increasingly personalized playlist experience. zz Taste Profile API - Taste Profiles enable customers to maintain a collection of artists and songs associated with a specific user, as well as that user’s listening activity and preferences. Dynamic playlist session activity (plays, skips) and feedback (bans, favorites, ratings) can be recorded to a Taste Profile. Unlike session IDs, which expire after 24 hours of inactivity, Taste Profiles allow all listening activity and feedback to inform future playlist sessions. Radio or artist-specific playlists personalized based on user’s Taste Profile Listener Playlist tuning controls: skips, bans, favorites and ratings 4 2 Playlist filtering controls: song variety, distribution, adventurousness, and type Taste Profile Music Service Seed artist,song, genre, or Taste Profile 1 3
  4. 4. music discovery & personalization Standard Playlist Filtering & Tuning Controls Standard Playlisting includes a number of powerful filtering and tuning controls to allow users to personalize their playlists, including: zz Feedback - Allows user to skip, ban, favorite or rate songs zz Song Type - Include or exclude songs cat- egorized as Christmas, acoustic, electric, live, and studio. zz Distribution - Determines whether playlists will have a ‘focused’ distribution (tightly clustered around seeds) or ‘wandering’ distribution (a broader range of artists) zz Variety - Controls the variety of artists that appear in a playlist. zz Adventurousness - Controls how much of the playlist is known/unknown to the user based on their Taste Profile. zz Genre Presets - Three genre radio presets -- Core, In_Rotation, and Emerging -- to power unique genre discovery experiences. Premium Playlisting Premium Playlisting, our most advanced playlisting offering, leverages our deep cultural and acoustic understanding of music, personal listener understanding, and an incredibly flexible engine to tune and customize listening experiences. Premium Playlisting includes all Standard capabilities, adds additional playlist controls, and supports the creation of user- or editorially-driven stations. Premium Playlisting APIs Premium Playlisting supports the same API methods and playlist types as Standard (Static Playlist API, Dynamic Playlist API and Taste Profile API). Radio or artist-specific playlists personalized based on user’s Taste Profile Listener Additional playlist tuning controls: 10+ cultural and acoustical attributes 4 2 Additional playlist filtering controls: 10+ cultural and acoustical attributes Taste Profile Music Service Seed artist,song, genre, or Taste Profile 1 3
  5. 5. music discovery & personalization Premium Playlist Filtering & Tuning Controls Premium Playlisting includes all playlist controls available in Standard, while adding a range of acoustical and cultural attributes, including: zz Acousticness - an estimate of a song’s acoustic nature zz Artist Familiarity - how familiar an average person is with the artist zz Artist Hotttnesss - recent online activity for an artist zz Danceability - how easy it is to dance to a song zz Duration - the length of a song in seconds zz Energy - the overall energy of a song zz Liveness - whether a song was recorded live zz Loudness - the overall volume of a song zz Song Hotttnesss - recent online activity for a song zz Speechiness - the amount of speech in a song zz Tempo - the beats per minute (BPM) of a song Social Discovery & Recommendations Customers who use our Standard (Personalized) and Premium (Curated) playlisting offerings also have access to our new Social Discovery and Recommenda- tions features as described below. Social Discovery Music fans love to discover new music from others who share similar tastes. With our Taste Profile Similarity API, music services can convert a user’s social graph into a far more valuable ‘musical identity’ graph, adding a layer of musical context across the end user’s social network. Recommendations Music services can leverage Taste Profiles to gener- ate personalized recommendations for each listener. Marketers can use recommendations to steer users towards content they are likely to enjoy based on insight into listening history and relevant actions on the service. Generate personal music recommendations for each listener to drive usage Taste Profile 3 2 Capture each listener's ongoing music tastes and preferences Facilitate social music discovery by connecting like-minded listeners 1
  6. 6. music discovery & personalization The Echo Nest Difference The BBC, iHeartRadio, Microsoft, Nokia, Rdio, SiriusXM, Vevo and other top music services partner with The Echo Nest to power their music discovery and personalization. Here are just a few reasons why: zz Depth of experience. Every day, we deliver smarter, more personalized music discovery experiences for almost every digital music service across the globe, connecting more than 100M music fans to more of the music they love. zz Quality of results. The Echo Nest delivers the most relevant and accurate music playlists and stations across the full music catalog – new and old songs, popular and obscure. zz Global scale. The Echo Nest was built from the ground up to power music discovery and personalization across large, global music catalogs. We know about and can recom- mend new tracks from any catalog, regardless of geography, genre or popularity. zz Real-time API. The Echo Nest has solved the “cold start” problem that plagues other recommendation approaches. We can suggest new songs, artists and albums almost instantly, helping your fans set the trends, not follow them. zz Flexibility and control. The Echo Nest offers the most editorial and end-user control in the industry. You can tune and refine The Echo Nest’s discovery experience manually, pro- grammatically, or both, through an array of acoustical and cultural options. Want to delight your fans with personalized music discovery? Contact us - we can help. With over 15 years of research and development, The Echo Nest is the trusted choice of leading brands in the industry. If you are looking to enhance your product with the best experience for your users and increase your user engagement, look no further. 617-628-0233
  7. 7. The Echo Nest powers the future of music. We help music companies develop and commercialize the most advanced, personalized and engaging music applications in the world. The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform powers over 400 applications, re-defining how fans discover, share and interact with music. Our customers include leading music services (Clear Channel’s iHeart- Radio, Rdio, SiriusXM), editorial, video and social media networks (, Foursquare, MTV, Twitter, VEVO, Yahoo!), connected device manufacturers (Nokia), and big brands (Intel, Microsoft, Reebok). On Facebook On LinkedIn On Twitter Our Blog