SLA Negotiation


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Negotiation Interview presentation by Alicia Biggers. Consortium of Foundation Libraries/SLA DSOC Nonprofit Section.

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SLA Negotiation

  1. 1. Knowledge Center KNOWLEDGE CENTER Negotiations Overview Alicia Biggers Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  2. 2. Knowledge Center Knowledge Center Strategy and Mission Strategic Intent To become FMC’s global one stop shop for market, strategy, and business intelligence of the automotive and related industries to promote better decision making Mission The Knowledge Center provides actionable information and innovative solutions that connect our business partners to key information needed to make decisions and deliver results Goal We excel at searching, the intricacies of source selection and the understanding of information retrieved Our key activities support the larger organization, including the acquisition and management of external information, fulfilling research requests and providing current awareness services and knowledge consultancy Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  3. 3. Knowledge Center Finding value… • Save time and eliminate information overload by placing filtered, relevant information at the employees’ disposal • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with centralized, organized access to information and simple tools for sharing across multiple business units • Uncover industry risks and threats proactively to increase our competitive edge “Information workers spend 15% of their time searching for information.” That equals to more than a month’s worth of time / productivity lost According to a 2009 study by Outsell Inc., an information industry research and advisory firm, “in-house librarians save an average of nine hours and $2,218 per each request for information” Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  4. 4. Knowledge Center Current State… • Increased focus on managing content cost • Pay less for the same services and usage levels • Get more for the same spend level • Companies are willing to do with less or without; Good enough” approach • User justification and business purpose of product usage • Product/vendor remixing • Increased product/vendor reduction or elimination • Expand and improve usage • Balance the risk of less data while meeting the business requirements Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  5. 5. Knowledge Center Knowing…Understand your users, use and usage requirementsUnderstand usage trends and consider possible influence factorsUse renewal analysis data to identify the most optimal solution for the renewalnegotiationNegotiation is an actionUnderstand the supply base; relationship helps; keep objectiveAlways create win-win strategies Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  6. 6. Knowledge Center Preparing …• Individual, Departmental or Company wide access• What are the competitive products • Are you already subscribing to a similar product and are there any financial advantages to be gained from reviewing alternative sources• Do multiple contracts for the same service exist across the organization and is there any financial gain to consolidate• Why Consolidate? • elimination of open or unassigned seats • maximization of contract allocation • consistency of contractual language • controllable renewal environment, one contract, one start and end date Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  7. 7. Knowledge Center Planning … • Develop a need assessment or scoping document; “statement of work” • Determine usage and/or analysis usage patterns • Complete a competitive assessment / know the landscape / trends • Complete a contract review • What is working; what is not working • Quality and service assessment • Create negotiation strategy • Do you have a procurement process / person • Create implementation strategy • Leverage your success Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  8. 8. Knowledge Center Tips … • Suppliers are coming from a revenue position • Buyers are coming from a cost position • Goal is to land in the middle; that win-win position • Develop trust • Know the difference between an internal communication and an external communication • Keep internal monologue in check; never let them see you sweat Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  9. 9. Knowledge Center Q&A Business Strategy and Corporate Development
  10. 10. Knowledge Center HOW TO CONTACT US Visit WHQ, Suite 910 (Dearborn) (313) 323-6678 Alicia Biggers ( Business Strategy and Corporate Development