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Questionnaire Results


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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Music Video Questionnaire ResultsShannon Jezzard and Sophia Doughty
  2. 2. We carried out a questionnaire in order to discover who our target audience are for our music video, album release and poster. We also tried to gather their opinions and preferences surrounding Indie Rock genre. The purpose of this presentation is to display the findings from our questionnaire.For our questionnaire we asked members of the public in the town center by ourcollege. We asked a range of 20 people of different ages, employment status’ and interests. By doing this we were about to collect diverse results so we have an idea of what to include in order to appeal to our target audience.
  3. 3. Do you regularly attend gigs? How would you usually watch music14 videos?1210 Phone 8 15% 6 4 TV Computer 30% 55% 2 0 No Yes From this set of results we have found that the majority of the people we asked do attend gigs and therefore have a great interest in music, which would help us advertise our product as it would be featured in music magazines. As the majority of our audience do have a great interest in music they would be more inclined to purchase and view our products. As most of our audience view music videos via a computer we will make sure that our music video is available to view on the internet either on the band’s website or on video streaming websites such as YouTube. As a few of our audience’s preferences are to view music videos on their mobile phones we can make sure that the video is compatible with this type of viewing and is accessible to watch, download and share via a mobile phone.
  4. 4. Where would you normally How much do you usually spend purchase music? on musical purchases per month? 12 Gigs 10 Music Shops 8Digital Download 6 4 Supermarket 2 Online 0 Under £10 £10-£20 £20-30 0 2 4 6 8 10 From these results we have discovered that the majority of our audience would prefer to purchase an album via digital download. This is a advantage for the producers of the album How much would you be as they will not have to spend money on packaging meaning willing to pay for a newly that there’ll be a greater profit made for the product. People released album? will be willing to pay £9-£12 for a newly released £13-£15 10% album, however we have decided that this will be the price for the album in supermarkets and larger stores. The album £5-£8 40% will also be available and a slightly lower cost as a digital £9-£12 download as there will be no manufacturing costs for the CD. 50% According to our results our target audience will be able to afford an album or two a month meaning that their disposable income will cover the costs for our product.
  5. 5. What would you usually expect to see in a music video falling into the Indie Rock genre? These results show that most of the people1210 that we asked prefer to see a mixture of 8 6 both band and storyline in a music video. 4 2 0 As well as this we have found that the Storyline in Shots of the Special effects Still images A mixture of majority of people asked enjoy listening to relation to song band playing both band and storyline the band Arctic Monkeys, from viewing Who are you favourite bands from their videos we have found that they the Indie Rock genre? incorporate both band and storyline in most 10 of their videos and as result of this we 8 6 would like to include these type of shots in 4 our video. We have also found that people 2 0 would prefer the music video we create to Arctic Monkeys The Kooks The Killers Bombay Bicycle Club MGMT be in colour as well as involving fast paced shots and low key lighting. We will take What would you expect the style of this into account when planning and Black the music video to be? and shooting our music video as this is what white Low key lighting 11% will draw in and appeal to our audience the 23% most. High key lighting Colour 9% 31% Slow paced shots 3% Fast paced shots 23%
  6. 6. Which album cover appeals to Why? you? 10 The Vaccines 20% 8 6 The Maccabees 4 Elbow 40% 15% 2 The Libertines 0 25% Colour Layout Font ImageIt is clear to see that The Maccabees album cover is the most popular out of all four, possiblydue to the image as it is the most common reason for choosing the preferred cover. This albumshows significant differences to the other three as it’s a hand drawn image which manages toreflect the genre of the album as it’s not a conventional cover. For our album cover design wewill take this into consideration and create something a bit different that the traditional singleimage to appeal more to our target audience.
  7. 7. By looking at these results we have found that Florence and The Machine’s album advertisement is the most popular due to the image and layout. Although this was the favourite of the target audience we believe that the layout comes across as quite simple and displays the clear information for the audience to know. Why? Which of these adverts is the most appealing? The Stone RosesImage Colour 35% 30% Kings of Leon Florence and the Machine Layout 35% 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
  8. 8. Summary of our findings and proposal All in all our results have been very useful when deciding what to include in our music video, advertisement and album cover. We have managed to discover our audience preferences so we can create a successful product. Our results have also gave us an insight of what price to put our product at in order to appeal to the audience, this has been useful as we now know where the audience would purchase their music, the majority of which is online. As a result of our findings we will make sure we include a hand drawn image on the album cover, as this is what our audience preferences has found most appealing. We have also decided to involve an image of the artist in the magazine advertisement as our target audience believed that this is what drewthem in the most to our example of advertisements. When releasing the music video, we will ensure that it is easy to access online as this is where the majority of our audience go to view music videos however we will also ensure that people will be able to view music videos on television as we have found that some of our audience prefer to watch music videos this way.