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Production Schedule

  1. 1. Page 1 of 4Production SchedulePlanned date &timeWhat is to be done & where Who isresponsible?Resources required Changes made & why Date completed04/01/201310:00am-11:00amI will transcribe my treatment for mymusic video, which will involve lookinginto the proposals of the music video. Iwill clearly state what the aims of themusic video are as well as statingexactly what will be involved in theproduction of the video.Sophia-Microsoft word-Research gathered fromquestionnaire.When Shannon was present we decided to alterthe synopsis slightly in order to allow theinvestor to get a real sense of what the storylinewill be like for the music video. This will alsogive them an idea of how this will appeal to thetarget audience. They will also be able torecognise that a video like this has not beenproduced in the past.08/01/201304/01/201311:00am-12: 15pmI will compose my budget for my musicvideo by researching the exact costs thatwill be involved in the production. I willlook into the contemporary costsinvolved in hiring shooting equipmentand actors.Sophia-Internet-Microsoft ExcelI went back and looked at the websites I havegot the hire prices from as I found that some ofthem were not as trustworthy as others. Afterlooking at other websites I was able tounderstand that some of the prices otherwebsites had quoted were very unrealistic.08/01/201308/01/20131:30pm-3:00pmShannon will print off the lyrics to thesong that will be featured in the musicvideo. She will then write up the basisfor the music video explaining exactlywhat will happen at each point. I willthen write up the script for my musicvideo, even though there will not be anyspoken discourse in the video, I willthink strongly about the types of shotsthat will be involved in the video. I willalso look into the types of facialexpressions and body language theactors will have to portray in the piece.Sophia& Shannon-Microsoft WordI looked back at the script and altered the layoutof the page in order to make it much moreunderstandable for when the characters look atit. For example, I moved their actions to the lefthand side of the page, leaving the voice over ofthe song in the centre of the page so that thecast can see what’s what.29/01/201318/01/201311:00am-12: 15pmShannon will draw up the storyboardafter analysing the script in order tounderstand exactly what sort of shotsand camera angles will be included anddisplaying these through the types ofdrawings.Shannon& Sophia-ScriptWe were going to draw up the storyboard onPhotoshop with a graphic tablet, however aftercompleting the storyboard by hand we felt thatthis displayed what we wanted much moreclearly as it showed the shots in a good amountof depth. By having basic drawings we felt asthough this will help us when shooting, as it isclear to see what the scene is and what’shappening. I coloured the storyboard in afterShannon completed it in order to make certain08/02/2013
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4props in the scene stand out so we can see whatis most significant in the scene. I coloured theprotagonist and antagonist in different coloursso when looking at the storyboard we will beable to clearly recognise who is who.29/01/20131:30pm-3pmAs some of the locations we are usingfor the music video will be shot atShannon’s house, she will be responsiblefor drawing up the site plans for thevideo in rough and I will be responsiblefor recreating the drawings onPhotoshop.Sophia &Shannon -Shannon’s drawings-PhotoshopWhen creating the site plans we had to thinkthoroughly about the exact locations we will beusing when shooting our music video. We hadto discuss seriously about what outsidelocations will be ideal for the music video. Inthe end, we decided that the ideal locationwould be to shoot around the area of Shannon’shouse as this would fit strongly with the targetaudience of the indie rock music video.08/02/201315/02/20139:30am – 12:30pmShannon will write up the LocationRelease form in rough and I will write itup onto the computer so that it looksprofessional however fits to our housestyle. Shannon will then be responsiblefor gathering the signatures as it will beher mum’s she needs to get in order toshoot in her home.Sophia &Shannon -Microsoft WordThe only change we’ve made to this task is thefact that we have decided to shoot on a differentdate to which we have stated in the form. Thereason we have changed the date of shooting isdue to the availability of our actors due toacademic circumstances.15/02/201315/02/20139:30am – 12:30pmShannon will write up the TalentRelease form in rough. I will then type itup in best on Microsoft word in order tomake it look realistic and professional.Sophia &Shannon-Microsoft WordThe only change we’ve made to this task is thefact that we have decided to shoot on a differentdate to which we have stated in the form. Thereason we have changed the date of shooting isdue to the availability of our actors due toacademic circumstances.15/02/201315/02/20139:30am-12: 30pmShannon will write up the RiskAssessmentsso that we are able tounderstand the precautions we must takewhen shooting and how we must actupon it if an emergency did occur.Shannon &Sophia-Microsoft WordAfter re-visiting the locations we plan to shootour music video in, we were able to discover alot more risks that could occur. Especially whenvisiting the locations in the times that we planto shoot.15/02/201315/02/201310:45am-12:30pmSophia will be responsible for typing upthe call sheets. This allows theproducers to recognise what script pagesthe actors feature on as well as the typesof props and costumes the actors willneed to be wearing.Sophia -Microsoft wordN/A15/02/2013
  3. 3. Page 3 of 415/02/201310:45am-12:30pmSophia will be responsible for writing upboth location scout forms.This involvesdistances and bus routes to the locationas well as images of certain rooms wherewe will be shooting.Sophia -Microsoft wordN/A15/02/201301/03/20139:30am – 10:45amShannon and I will write up the photoshoot plans for our ancillary tasksdirectly into a blog post. This will allowus to recognise the sort of costume andmakeup that the audience of the IndieRock genre would like to see and maycontribute towards persuading audiencesto purchase the product available.Shannon &Sophia-wordpress.comWhen creating the digipak and advertisementthe same image will be used however we havedecided to draw on people to an image ratherthan taking a picture with people in it. This willfollow the house style of the product muchmore and will create a unique look compared toother products within the genre. Within thedigi-pak we have also decided to use an imageof the band looking as though they are on tourrather than a posed image as we feel that thisrelates much more to the genre and will bemuch more interesting for the audience to lookat.01/03/201308/03/201310am-4:00pmThe duration of this day we will shootthe music video of ‘First Love’. We willstick to usual conventions by capturing anumber of shot types so that we have arange of footage to choose from whenediting.Shannon &Sophia-Camera-Tripod-ScriptWe made sure we followed the conventions ofmusic videos by sticking to the script as muchas possible however when shooting we came upwith even more ideas and captured them too sothat we can choose which shots to use easily.08/03/201319/03/201310:45am-12:30pmWe will begin to work on our firstancillary task, which is the digi-pak. Wewill ensure that we include thestereotypical conventions of the indierock genre so that audiences will feeldrawn to the product. The house stylewill be the same as the mock up as wefeel as though this worked well. Thecolours and font also contribute towardsdrawing in the audience.Shannon &Sophia-Photoshop-ScannerRather than capturing an image of two peopleholding hands for the main image on the frontcover of the album we decided to draw stickpeople onto a scenic image as we felt it gave thealbum a much more personal touch. As a resultof this, we also decided to hand write a lot moreof the pages in the digi-pak rather than usingstandard typing on Photoshop. We felt thisworked very well as it made the album look athough it had been produced for someone with amuch more personal touch.22/03/201319/03/201310:45am-12:30pmWe will begin to work on our secondancillary task, which is the magazineadvertisement. We will ensure that weinclude the stereotypical conventions ofthe indie rock genre so that audienceswill feel drawn to the product. Thehouse style will be the same as the mockup as we feel as though this workedShannon &Sophia-Photoshop-ScannerWe followed the idea of our digi-pak for thisproduction as we decided to hand draw theimage again as we used the same image on theadvertisement as to the front cover of thealbum. This followed the house style muchmore strictly. Although a typewriter font wasused in some of the advertisement it still addeda unique look to the advertisement as usually a22/03/2013
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4well. The colours and font alsocontribute towards drawing in theaudience.standard sans serif font is used.22/03/201312:30pm-4:00pmToday we will begin the edit decisionlist for our music video. This willdetermine the shots we will use and willexplain why each shot is successful ornot. Both Sophia and Shannon will beresponsible for choosing which shots tokeep and writing the edit decision list byhand. Sophia will then type it up into atable so that it looks much moreprofessional.Shannon &Sophia-Final Cut Pro-Microsoft wordIt was relatively easy to decide which shots tokeep or delete however some that we felt weremuch more significant could not be used due tolighting problems, continuity and or the cameraat the wrong distance/angle.26/03/201326/03/201313:30-4:00pmWe will now begin to edit our musicvideo. We will fit each shot to the beatin order to fit with conventions of musicvideos as well as linking the storyline tothe lyrics when necessary.Shannon &Sophia -Final Cut Pro-Edit Decision ListWe were unable to stick to our script at somepoints as our actors sometimes did not act theway we wanted. We also came up with newideas when filming and decided to capture themif we needed any extra footage.05/04/201303/04/201311:30am-3:00pmWe will now begin to evaluate ourmusic video. This will display whatwent well and what didn’t as well asgetting feedback from peers in order tosee how we could improve the video.Shannon &Sophia -Word Press-PowerpointN/A09/04/2013