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Development Diary - Digipack

  1. 1. Development Diary – Digi-packThe song we chose to create a music video for already has an album release. So wedecided to adapt our own version to the digi-pack so that it had relevance to our musicvideo. We chose to create a 6-page digi-pack;which includes a front and back coverwhich is vital to include certain conventions in order to cause people to purchase thealbum. Our aim when creating the digi-pack was to move away from the typicalconventions of digitally produced digi-pack designs. In order to fulfil this idea, wedecided to involve a hand written and drawn aspect to the album to make it seempersonalised for the audience in a diary style.We began creating the digi-pack by inserting the digi-pack template onto a Photoshop document so that wecan create the pages with the correct measurements119.5mm (h) x 120.5mm (w). We then went on to create the front cover of thedigi-pack, we added the image first which was identical to the image featured onthe magazine advertisement, therefore we had no need to manipulate the image other than making it the correct size for the dimension of our CD cover by using the free transform tool after placing the image on the background template. We followed the same procedure for the text on the front cover. We decided to use the same text and image so that the audience are able to make relations between the advertisement and the front cover as well as working to draw in the viewer much more. This also sticks with the house style of the CD and due to this, this these were the only features on the front cover so that it is easy on the eye, so thisallows the viewer to recognise each individual aspect on the front cover.We then began to manipulate an image to place ona page of the digi-pak we opened to image byselecting ‘file’>>’open’ and selecting the image wewant to use. We then altered the size of the imageby changing the width to ‘2592’ and resolution to‘300’ so that we can see what we’re working withmuch more easily. We then altered the levels andcurves of the image by selecting ‘image’>>’adjustments’>>’curves’ and ‘Image’>>’Adjustments’>>’Levels’ this altered to exposure of the image by brightening it up allowing the viewer to see the image much more clearly. We then used the ‘Lasso tool’ on the lefthand tool bar to draw round the eyes and mouths of the two models in the imagewe held down ‘shift’ key to make multiple selections. We then selected‘Select’>>’Modify’>>’Feather’ and then selected ‘Select’>>’Inverse’ to focus all theattention to everything other than the selected places. After this we duplicated
  2. 2. the layer in order to have two layers of the same image,we did this by selecting ‘Layer’>>’Duplicate layer’. Wethen selected ‘filter’>>’blur’>>’box blur’ and altered theamount of blur to 88% causing everything other thanthe selected areas to become blurred. We then alteredthe opacity to 60% so that the models skin looks freshand glowing, this is seen in several magazines andprofessional images and is known as airbrushing. Anyremaining imperfections were corrects with the spothealing brush to cause the image to look much moreprofessional. We then flattened the image by selecting‘layer’>>’flatten image’ so that we are just working onthe one layer. We then decided to make the image blackand white in order to give the image a basic andprofessional look. We then decided to use the ‘brushtool’ to draw hearts around the image. This sticks to thehouse style of the digi-pak and also draws the viewer inmore as the bright colours of the hearts attract a great deal of attention.We then created the page of lyrics, we only included one song’s lyrics as this isthe most well known song from the album however, we included a link in orderto persuade the audience to visit the band’s website to discover more lyrics fromthe album. This isn’t following the usual conventions of digi-packs however wefelt as though the current Internet revolution and people’s ease of access to theInternet will contribute towards people accessing lyrics this way. We begancreating this page by writing up the lyrics by hand and adding personalisedelements to fit with the diary theme running throughout the digi-pack, such as
  3. 3. hearts and drawings around the text, using bright, eye-catching colours that wefelt would appeal to our target audience. We then scanned the hand drawn page,so we were able to manipulate it to the size of the digi-pak page, and we werealso altering imperfections using the eraser tool. Once the page of lyrics was onour document, we decided to add a background, taking colours similar to thoseon the back of the album with the track listing, by using the colour picker so wewere able to stick to our house style. We used a striped background, giving thepage a ‘scrapbook’ effect, which also draws attention to the page, so it won’t bedismissed when our audience are looking through the digi-pak.We added a message from the band, which was typed up on Microsoft word inthe font courier and was printed out to add personal touches such as colours andhearts. We then scanned it up to place it onto the digi-pak template. We did thesame with the song listings however when placing into Photoshop wemanipulated the image further by placing a barcode and company logos on thepage. We did this so that it follows the regular conventions of digi-paks.When creating the page for the CD to go we used a heart shaped tool placed inthe centre where the CD is we made this pink and blue which sticks to the housestyle of the band’s album and advertisement making it very recognisable andstands out. We then used the rectangular shaped tool to draw two whiterectangles on the top and bottom of the circular shape. We then placed text overthese shapes again using the font courier we made the text black so that it standsout a great deal and by having the white background behind the text it causes thetext to stand out a great deal on the page. We then added the record labels logoto this page to give them credit, we decided to do this after seeing that it wasdone on other CD’s allowing us to stick to the usual conventions.