First, Break All The Rules -- Northwest Airlines 1999 Mid Year Reviews


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Northwest Airlines Mid Year Review Presentation -- 1999.

Update title page and add music -- 2010.

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First, Break All The Rules -- Northwest Airlines 1999 Mid Year Reviews

  1. 1. First,<br />Break<br />All The<br />Rules<br />
  2. 2. The Measuring Stick<br />1. Do I know what is expected of me?<br />2. Do I have the materials and equipment I need?<br />3. Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best?<br />4. In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise?<br />
  3. 3. The Measuring Stick (con’t)<br />5. Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?<br />6. Is there someone at work who encourages my development?<br />7. Do my opinions seem to count?<br />8. Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel like my work is important?<br />
  4. 4. The Measuring Stick (con’t)<br /> 9. Are my co-workers committed to doing quality work?<br />10. Do I have a best friend at work?<br />11. In the last months, have I talked with someone about my progress?<br />12. Have I had opportunities to learn and grow?<br />
  5. 5. As a manager, which would you rather have: an independent, aggressive person who produced $1.2 million in sales or a congenial team player who produced about half as much?<br />Please explain your choice.<br />
  6. 6. You have an extremely productive employee who consistently fouls up the paperwork. <br />How would you work with this person to help him/her be more productive?<br />
  7. 7. You have two managers. One has the best talent for management you have ever seen. The other is mediocre.<br />There are two openings available: the first is a high-performing territory, the second is a territory that is struggling. Neither territory has yet reached its potential.<br />Where would you recommend the excellent manager be placed? Why?<br />
  8. 8. Four Basic Roles of aGreat Manager<br />1. Select a person<br />2. Set expectations<br />3. Motivate the person<br />4. Develop the person<br />(4 core activities of the catalyst role)<br />
  9. 9. Mountain<br />The Summit<br />Climbing<br />Camp 3<br />“How can we<br />all grow?”<br />(Questions 11-12)<br />Camp 2<br />“Do I belong here?”<br />(Questions 7-10)<br />Camp 1<br />“What do I give?”<br />(Questions 3-6)<br />Base Camp<br />“What do I get?”<br />(Questions 1-2)<br />
  10. 10. “The Rules”<br />Everyone has unlimited potential.<br />Help people fix their weaknesses.<br />Follow the “Golden Rule.”<br />Don’t play favorites.<br />
  11. 11. The “Four Keys” ofGreat Managers<br />1. When selecting someone, select for talent . . . not simply experience, intelligence, or determination. <br />2. When setting expectations, define the right outcomes . . . not the right steps.<br />
  12. 12. The “Four Keys” ofGreat Managers (con’t)<br />3. When motivating someone, focus on strengths . . . not on weaknesses. <br />4. When developing someone, find the right fit . . . not simply the next rung on the ladder.<br />
  13. 13. The Great Manager’s Insight<br />People don’t change that much.<br />Don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out.<br />Try to draw out what was left in.<br />That is hard enough.<br />
  14. 14. MILL1ON<br />
  15. 15. A<br />P Y<br />
  16. 16. TEMPER TURE<br />A<br />
  17. 17. GR CE<br />A<br />
  18. 18. BUT<br />1) THOUGHT 2) THOUGHT<br />
  19. 19. Inflight Services 1999Mid-Year Reviews<br /><ul><li>Define outcomes. Set clear expectations for the next five months.
  20. 20. Focus on strengths. Identify the employee’s talents.
  21. 21. Discuss the future in terms of job fit. What type of job would they enjoy most?</li></li></ul><li>Inflight Services 1999Mid-Year Reviews (con’t)<br /><ul><li>Discuss the NWA core competencies: How can the employee’s individual style deliver success?
  22. 22. Ask questions that get answers to the “first six questions.”
  23. 23. Keep conversation simple and honest. </li></li></ul><li>First,<br />Break<br />All The<br />Rules<br />