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Rmop Website Layout

This is a Powerpoint of a website I am creating with friends, that we hope will eventually create an additional income.

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Rmop Website Layout

  1. 1. RMOP Website Layout<br />Role Masters of Play<br />12/7/2010<br /><br />
  2. 2. Setting up an account should be easy…<br />12/7/2010<br />
  3. 3. When registering an account, the order of registration should be as follows.<br />12/7/2010<br />However customers should be allowed to go from their home page to the public pages before setting up their profile. <br />Access would be limited to read only, until completion of the profile.<br />
  4. 4. After creating an account, this is a basic configuration between pages. Each Page will be accessible with the others after logging in.<br />12/7/2010<br />
  5. 5. This would be the basic/intermediary service configuration for each account.<br />Public Pages<br />12/7/2010<br />
  6. 6. Creation Ability of Public Pages for Gold Members<br />This would be your basic service wall configuration.<br />More public pages would be added according to the level of service purchased.<br />Home Page<br />12/7/2010<br />
  7. 7. From the Home Page of each customer, they should be able to access all these pages.<br />Can you think of more?<br />Character Blogs<br />12/7/2010<br />
  8. 8. Public Pages should have a variety of elements…<br />12/7/2010<br />
  9. 9. Membership Access<br />Bronze, Silver, and Gold Access for Members Both Private & Public<br />12/7/2010<br />
  10. 10. 12/7/2010<br />In our public pages, we may have a variety of different pages for different kinds of role play. These pages would be designed with the idea in mind, that people from various role plays will be given the chance to mingle and potentially intermingle their role play types, e.g. – True Blood, Twilight, Historical, Anime, etc.<br />Some of the public pages that we may have available will be:<br /><ul><li> Forest
  11. 11. Beach
  12. 12. Bar/Night Club
  13. 13. Café
  14. 14. Restaurant
  15. 15. Haunted House
  16. 16. Catacombs/Caves
  17. 17. Marketplace/Mall
  18. 18. Lake/River
  19. 19. Wharf
  20. 20. Amusement Park
  21. 21. Hiking Trail/Mountain</li></ul>Can you think of others?<br />
  22. 22. 12/7/2010<br />Bronze, or basic, membership should include:<br /><ul><li> Home Page/Edit & Preferences/Info/Inbox/Friend List/One Photo Album
  23. 23. OOC Wall/Spam Wall/One Character Sheet/One Blog
  24. 24. Access to Public Page Forums
  25. 25. Real Life Forums/Wall
  26. 26. Bar/Night Club Forums/Wall
  27. 27. Forest Forums/Wall
  28. 28. Beach Forums/Wall</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br />Silver, or intermediary, membership should include:<br /><ul><li> Home Page/Edit & Preferences/Info/Inbox/Three Photo Albums/Friend List & Chat
  29. 29. OOC Wall/Spam Wall/Three Character Sheets/Three Character Blogs
  30. 30. Access to Public Page Forums/Wall/Chat
  31. 31. Real Life Forums/Wall/Chat
  32. 32. Bar/Night Club Forums/Wall/Chat
  33. 33. Forest Forums/Wall/Chat
  34. 34. Beach Forums/Wall/Chat</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br />Gold, or prime, membership should include:<br /><ul><li> Home Page/Edit & Preferences/Info/Inbox/Ten Photo Albums/Friend List & Chat
  35. 35. OOC Wall/Spam Wall/Ten Character Sheets/Ten Character Blogs
  36. 36. Access to all Public Page Forums/Wall/Chat
  37. 37. Ability to create up to five Public Page Forums/Wall/Chat</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br />Cost for memberships, by levels are suggested at:<br />Bronze<br />Level at $1.00/month<br />Level at $5.00/month or $10.00/year<br />Level at $8.00/month or $24.00/year<br />Silver<br />Gold<br />
  38. 38. Admin Access & Pages<br />Monitoring & Controlling as Admins<br />12/7/2010<br />
  39. 39. 12/7/2010<br />Moderate All Public Pages<br />Oversee Moderators for Public Pages<br />Monitor Customer Pages after complaint<br />Level of Access Will Determine Editing Access<br />Respond to Customer Complaint and Questions<br />
  40. 40. 12/7/2010<br />Warning & Removal of Members:<br /><ul><li> After one complaint against a member, by another member, for behavior that goes against the T & C and the Rules of Role Play, the offending member’s actions will be examined, according to the evidence presented.
  41. 41. If the evidence is found to be accurate, Admins or moderators (depending on public or private format) will issue an official email, warning the member that their membership may be under threat, if they do not correct the behavior.
  42. 42. Members offending a second time, will be sent an email, with a notice of temporary suspension and a link that will direct them to the T & C and Rules of Role Play to review. After they agree they have reviewed both documents, their temporary suspension will be revoked.
  43. 43. If a third warning is required, the member will be sent an email informing them that their account will be suspended for 5 hours.
  44. 44. After the third offense, the member will be sent an email stating that his/her account is under temporary suspension for a period of 5 day and examination, by the Admins, that may result in permanent removal, without reimbursement, for his/her actions.
  45. 45. Moderators may use their discretion when actions are taken in chat rooms.
  46. 46. Upon complaint and evidence of the third offense of the behavior of members, which goes against the T & C and the Rules of Role Play, Admins will vote on removal of the offending member.
  47. 47. Upon decision of removal, an email will be sent to the offending party and his/her account will be suspended indefinitely, his/her IP address recorded and the member banned from the website.
  48. 48. These terms should be added in the T & C of the website.</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br />Admins - Organization of Types & Information:<br /><ul><li>Admins will have access to most everything on the website, depending on their skills and position within RMOP.
  49. 49. Story Board Admins will be able to edit public and news pages
  50. 50. RuleAdmins will be able to edit Terms & Conditions and RP Rules
  51. 51. GraphicAdmins will be able to delete and change graphics on the website
  52. 52. TechAdmins will be able to change the format of the website, as well as perform all invisible website functions.
  53. 53. Some Admin positions will mix and match.
  54. 54. All Admins will be Story Board & RuleAdmins
  55. 55. Admins will receive 10%of all proceeds per a 10 hour day for that day for every hour they work (after net profits).
  56. 56. Admins will be responsible for tracking their time.
  57. 57. Please be as precise as possible.</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br />Moderators - Organization of Types & Information:<br /><ul><li> Moderators will only be responsible for the page or pages that they have been assigned to.
  58. 58. Moderators will be allowed to remove members from chat for behavior that goes against the Terms & Conditions and Rules of Role Play after one warning.
  59. 59. If the member does not head the warning, they will be removed from the chat room and not allowed in for two hours.
  60. 60. More than three repeated offenses of the same behavior should be reported to the Admins, at the Moderator’s discretion.
  61. 61. Abuse from members of the T & C and Rules of Role Play on a regular basis, over several days and episodes, exceeding three episodes, are required to be reported to the Admins for action.
  62. 62. Moderators will not be allowed to delete members from the website.
  63. 63. Moderators will receive 2% of all proceeds per a 10 hour day for that day for every hour they work (after net profits).</li></li></ul><li>12/7/2010<br /><br />RMOP<br />Role Masters of Play<br />2635 Verde Drive, Apt 220<br />Colorado Springs, CO 80910<br /><br />719-358-0790<br />