Body modification proj. sophia


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Body modification proj. sophia

  2. 2. Body modifications are when you change your appearance . Manypeople get piercings and tattoos others get sex changes , implants andother surgeries to have their appearances changed.Every time you shave, put make up on, or squeeze into tight jeans isan attempt to alter your appearance. Whenever you do this yourfollowing in the footsteps of your ancestors, who had equally ingeniousways of doing the same thing. Body modifications started when ourancestors from all over the world made these methods of painting andpiercing their bodies over the past 30 ,000 years . The earliest signs ofhuman interest in self decoration appeared when handprints, andornaments were found by cave paintings.“ S H O W M E A M A N W I T H A T A T T O O A N D I L L S H O W Y O U A M A NW I T H A N I N T E R E S T I N G P A S T . ”― J A C K L O N D O N
  3. 3. In ancient Egypt, humans were grinding natural substances into eyemakeup. Many traditional cultures also use tattoos as a sort ofpassport to the world after death .Several mummies have beenrecovered that date to as early as 2160-1994 BC that exhibit tattoo artforms. More recently, Nuba men in the Sudan painted their bodies astraditional signs of changing status-from boy to adolescent to adult..Even monks have body modifications. Monk’s are tattooed with asharp rod near a Buddhist temple in Thailand. The monks usually getprayers or animal images. Tattoos the monks get are believed to getgive them spiritual powers and enlightenment . In the late 1800’s theJapanese women thought painting their teethe black was beautiful.Even though these techniques were strange it was a sign of beauty ,culture and self expression.ANCIENT PRACTICES OF BODYMODIFICATIONS
  4. 4.  There are many reasons people want tochange their bodies. Most people do it forbeauty purposes , as a sign of change orrebellion. Others alter their bodies to showhigher status, to mark a moment, to be ableto wear a certain ornament, to show groupmembership, or so they can show genderdistinctions. Many teachers, employers, and otheradults disapprove of them. Some parentsdon’t agree with piercings or tattoos .Othersare more lenient, letting teens decide forthemselves.WHY DO PEOPLE ALTERTHEIR BODIES?
  5. 5. FACTS About 25 percent of Americans have tattoos, according tothe American Society of Dermatological Surgery Tattoos are designs made by inserting ink under the skin. Approximately 39 million people in America have a tattoo. The oldest earrings found was found in a grave dated backto 2500 BC 72 % percent of women have piercings Percent of Americans who have had their earlobes pierced83 %
  6. 6. WORDLE
  7. 7. ARTICLEIn many states, the law requires that anyone younger than 18must have the consent of a parent or a legal guardian beforegetting piercings or tattoos.Removing a small tattoo can cost more than $1,000. Removinga larger tattoo may cost thousands of dollars.Getting body modification may cause risk of exposure toinfectious diseases caused by dirty, previously used instrumentsand inks.Many people go to foreign countries to get black market bodymodifications like boob jobs, nose jobs and other cosmeticsugeries for really cheap prices.
  8. 8.  I interviewed my best friend Matina formy project. She is a sophomore in FrancisLewis. She has her ears pierced and camewith me to get my belly pierced so I thoughtshe would be a good person to interview onthis topic.INTERVIEW
  9. 9.  Questions –1. Would you let your future children get tattoos ,piercings and other bodymodifications?2. What age do you think is appropriate ?3. Do you think body modification is good of bad?4. Years after people get tattoos when they get old and wrinkly do you think theywill regret it ? Answers – 1. I would let my future children get body modifications but at a good age . 2. I think that 18 is a good age because you’re legally an adult and can dowhatever you want. 3.I think that most body modification is good unless it’s the creepy . 4. I don’t think people will regret getting tattoos when they get older becauseIts still a memory and it can remind them of being young.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  10. 10. |A270979481&docType=GALE&role=OVIC UP
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