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Evaluation prez mpeg.4

  1. 1. A-S MEDIA EVALUATION By Sophia Basaratti
  2. 2. What were my roles throughout the production of ‘Cry To Me Cindy’?
  3. 3. My RolesMy roles throughout the film were cinematographer and production manager.Being production manager, I was involved with the planning, coordination and control ofmanufacturing processes. I had to ensure that the film was produced efficiently and that thecorrect amount was produced at the right level of quality. Being this, it meant that I hadscheduled everything, and make sure that the film looked the way we wanted it to look. Thisinclude: how many and which actors are needed on which days; what locations are requiredeach day; crewing requirements etc. I had to oversee all aspects of the day to day running ofshoots and work closely with other members of production departments such as actors, andother contributors. Being this meant that I had to decide what locations were best fitting toour ideas so we could represent our film the best way possible.Moreover, as well as being production manager, I was also cinematographer. This meant that Iwas in charge of shooting the film, and meant that I had to shoot certain shots that wouldconvey our issues. Within this film I tried to use multiple angles of the same shot to representa rollercoaster life. I used high and low angle shot to attach and detach the audience to andfrom the character when it was best suited and also used tracking, panning and shot reverseshot to convey a journey that the character takes. All these shots that I was in charge ofenabled me to create a connection between the character and the audience, and also enabledthe change of emotions that the audience would feel towards the character.
  4. 4. How does your media product represent particular social groups?To view my Prezi on social groups please click the videobelow this evaluation
  5. 5. In what way does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions ofreal media products?
  6. 6. Throughout my blog work, I have discovered and explored an array ofknowledge concerning ‘real media products’ and how these professionalsseize to perfection our targeted audience. In acknowledging this, our grouphas attempted to reflect these marketing techniques in ‘Cry To Me Cindy’.My media product uses, develops and challenges forms and conventions ofreal media products in multiple ways. I did this through paying attention tothe conventions of a Drama and, in a slightly modified way applied this withinmy film. However, dissimilar to other case studies, ‘Cry To Me Cindy’ took amore realistic approach. Endeavouring to query the preconceptions of themodelling industry stripped of its glamour, and to indulge in the fascinationthat is questioned. Additionally, the lighting, costumes, sound, angles andshots chosen, reflected the conventional ideas of an independent filmopening.
  7. 7. My media product develops the forms and conventions of real mediaproducts due to its innovative shots. Independent films normallyconsist of long tracking shots to appeal more documentary. However,we have taken this and used multiple shots to convey a journey; Ibelieve this gives a more effectively stylish affect, but still conveys anedgy, gritty environment to mirror an independent film.Additionally, in comparison to films such as ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Breakfastat Tiffany’s’ our media product develops forms and conventions due toour title being presented at the end of the opening scene rather thanin the middle. We have done this so the audience isn’t detracted fromthe scene and so that the title has more of an impact when shown.Consequently, this will make the audience want more due to the titlehaving such a striking impact upon the audience; this will also makethe narrative more hard hitting due to the title accentuating theprevious shots.
  8. 8. Furthermore, ‘Cry To Me Cindy’ challenges the forms and conventionsby distinctively depicting the protagonists characteristics from thebeginning of the film. In doing this, it portrays the character in a moredistasteful light, and therefore represents to the audience what type offilm they are going to be watching. By firstly presenting uneasy topics,it infers that this is going to be a hard hitting and powerful film;challenging the audience to consider their culture.Moreover, the simple effects and editing applied, challenges ‘realmedia products’ due to the real social issues that these effects help topresent. The substance abuse and alcoholism that occurs also are adaily matter for society today. The foremost issue presentedthroughout is substance abuse and the misuse of alcohol and physicalappearance, which were repeatedly embedded throughout to createan accurate stereotype of the younger generation’s lives in the sixties.This universal topic creates a hard hitting narrative for the audience toview.
  9. 9. To view my video about forms andconventions please click the Youtube video below this presentation
  10. 10. To view my groups Youtube videoplease scroll down to the video below
  11. 11. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product and why?
  12. 12. Through my research and case study aboutmedia institutions, I discovered the best twoappropriate distributing company Would beworking titles 2 and film four
  13. 13. Working Title 2A branch created from working title. In 1999, Bevan and Fellneropened an additional conglomerate called WT2 productions. This is anadditional feature to the original working title company. Working titledid this so they could produce independent films as well asblockbusters. This cooperation is an independent film productiondivision managed by Natasha Wharton. Furthermore these films werenot produced with everyone’s taste at heart, but were made to tell ahard hitting and emotional narrative. We have chosen this productioncompany due to its more independent and striking films that they havedistributed. Slimily ‘Cry To Me Cindy’ was never made for the massmarket or intended to make a substantial amount of money, this filmwas produced to emphasise the reality of that psychedelic era that was‘glorified’ and unravel the truths behind.
  14. 14. Film fourFilm4 is a free digital television channel available in the United Kingdom It isowned and operated by channel four television corporation that screensfilms.Film Four is an independent British Film Company which is owned by TessaRoss. The company was founded in the year on 1998.Film Fours philosophy is to experiment, innovate and cater for audiences notaddressed by other channels. They tend to look for a distinctive films whichwill make their mark within a competitive cinema market. The company tendto focus on films which are based around social realism. One of Film Fourshuge successes was the film Slumdog Millionaire; this is not your typical film.
  15. 15. Summary of distribution companyThe reasons being that we have decided to choosethese two distribution companys over others, isdue to their interest in promoting films that presentsocial realism such as our own film ‘Cry To MeCindy’.Both these distribution companies have distributedfilms such as slumdog millionaire; which entails ahard hitting narrative about a boy struggling tosurvive within the poverty stricken India. And dueto this, we believed these distribution companiesare best fitting to distribute our film.
  16. 16. Who would be the audience for your media project?
  17. 17. AudienceMy main focus was to create a media project that would appeal to the youngergeneration of both sexes, this allowing our media product to intake a highergross in profit. Our specific age group that we decided to aim at was the agesbetween 15- 20, this being due to the captured realism that our opening scenepresents; we decided these ages appropriate due to the understanding andconnection that this age group would have with our main character Cindy.Additionally, due to our group wanting to present an independent film thatentailed a hard hitting narrative, we needed an audience who were at the age tobe effected by watching this film; we believed that this was the right targetaudience to create more of an impact. However due to this media productreferencing a highly influential era, it should also catch the attention of a moremature generation who, by watching this will recollect a time where socialtaboos were at its peak, thus creating a warm, comforting feel that a Britishfilm should consist of.
  18. 18. Furthermore, we addressed our audience further by the layout of thescene and the music that it entailed. By composing a piece of musicthat was fitting the 1960’s genre, it automatically enabled us to interestthe minds of our chosen audience and allowed us to add a more spiritedand uplifting tone to the overly hard hitting narrative. As above, theattraction was also the explicit use of alcohol and carelessness, whichto the younger undeveloped minds would see it as exiting and thrillingto watch. The music adds to this rollercoaster emotion whichtheoretically should entertain and overwhelm them; the use of non-diegetic sound and no dialogue makes the tone of the film more easygoing and initially more easy to understand which will attract andaddress the attention of our targeted audience.
  19. 19. Moreover, our opening scene entails an image consciousteenager who strives to become like everyone else due to peerpressure, which I consider a great element to charm theyounger generation into the fixation with our character Cindy.This is due to the personal connection that she maintains withthe audience. This controversial character, although appealingto a more youthful age bracket, will strike the hearts of manyindividuals due to the empathy created, but will also create alove/hate relationship with the audience to produce a realisticand powerful impression that will gross the attention of many;most importantly the ‘here and now’ generation.
  20. 20. The setting was minimalistic reinforcing the attitude and perspectivesof Cindy alongside her thoughtless attire as she unwillingly gets out ofbed. The actions presented in the first 27 seconds, engages the audiencedue to the suspense created when she takes another swig of a halfempty bottle after a suggested hangover. The multiple shots convey alack of organisation and present disorientation as Cindy paces over toher make-up desk soon after waking up and re-drinking, this willfirstly, show Cindy’s normality in doing these actions regularly whichshould initially cause shock for the audience but dissimilarly create a‘live fast, die young’ connection with the audience.
  21. 21. The variation of pace in the film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.Initially, the establishing shot last a lot longer than the shots after the light switchhas been turned on. This is so the audience are subjected to a journey throughCindy’s mind. When she is asleep, everything is much slower and calmer, but assoon as Cindy wakes up, the audience is thrown into her rollercoaster lifestylewhich is staged through hasty shots and impulsive movement.The mirror shot is used to delay the audience’s judgement on Cindy as it is used asa metaphor to show how an innocent girl is whorl-winded into an image consciousculture. Addressing the audience through a subject that is universal.The change in light indicates to the audience that something is going to change andsymbolises that it is going to be a rapid change. This keeps the audience engrossedwith the film due to them wanting more, and also grabs their attention as it acts likean alarm.
  22. 22. Looking back at the preliminary task, what doyou feel you have learnt in the progressionfrom it to the full product?
  23. 23. When I first started, I went about presenting subject mattersin the wrong way. I was too focused on heavily representing amatter that I ended up giving too much of the narrative away.As I progressed I realised that subtlety was the key and that anopening title should only hint about the narrative to make thefilm more inviting and understandable. By doing this in thefinal product we managed to create a journey so the audiencecould gain a connection and become engrossed with thecharacter and narrative. By making the issues appear in amore subtle light, it enabled the title to have more of animpact due to it not being overridden with a complicatedscene. This enabled the audience to grasp the situation andleave them wanting more.
  24. 24. When we gained more understanding of theforms and conventions of ‘real media products’we discovered not to override the openingscene with lots of credits, as that would distractthe audience from what we want them to see.
  25. 25. Furthermore, the most difficult thing to achievewas continuity. But after hours of payingattention to detail, we finally managed to createan opening scene where there were nocontinuity errors. Through the process ofconstructing my product I learnt that in order toacquire a perfect shot, you needed multipleangles of the shot, so you can have the choice ofwhat looks more fitting for what you want tosignify.
  26. 26. What have you learnt about technologies fromthe process of constructing this?
  27. 27. To view my video about new technologies,please click the video below this evaluation.