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Anni sims presentation


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Anni sims presentation

  1. 1. + Fallon ‘Cake’ Annushka Sims
  2. 2. + Contents Slide 3- Fallon Advertising Agency Slide 4- Other products by Fallon Slide 5- Fallon website Slide 6- ‘We are Fallon’ Slide 7- Fallon Competitors Slide 8- Campaign objective Slide 9- Analysis of print based advert Slide 10- The slogan Slide 11- Televised Advert Slide 12-13- Analysis of Televised Advert Slide 14-17- Audience Research Slide 18-21- Legal and Ethical Issues Slide 22-23- Distribution Slide 24- End
  3. 3. + Fallon Advertising agency The agency for the Skoda 'Cake' advert is a company called Fallon. Fallon was born in Minneapolis in the summer of 1981, during a recession and without a founding client. The agency was established by five idealists with a shared passion for understanding consumers and their behavior, as well as shared values and common-sense organizational principles.
  4. 4. + Other products by Fallon Velvet ‘THREE TREES’ Kerry Foods ‘Cheese strings brave bones club’ Skoda ‘Cake’ Cadburys ‘Ritz and Lu’ GIFFGAFF ‘When you’re scared you’re not the boss’
  5. 5. + Fallon website address
  6. 6. + ‘We are Fallon’
  7. 7. + Fallon Competitors Ddb London Grey London Mother London Advertising Fold 7
  8. 8. + Campaign Objective To reach the core target market of the Skoda Fabia, couples aged 35+, as well as influence a broader audience in their car buying decisions. The creative TV advert allowed the Fabia to stand out from their competitors.
  9. 9. + Here are a few prints from the Skoda ‘Cake’ Advert Bright colour Dull background Suggests that everybody loves cake On a platform- makes it ‘better’ than anything else Team together ‘we did this as a team’
  10. 10. + The Slogan In the middle Skoda badge to show branding Full of Cake- everyone loves cake Proving that people like the brand Make it informal To become friendly with the audience
  11. 11. + Here is the televised advert…
  12. 12. + Analysis of Televised Advert When watching this advert which was televised in 2007, the very first element, personally was very significant: the music. This piece is called 'my favourite things' from the famous film released in 1965 ' the sound of music' This could imply that 'my favorite things' relates to the elements of the car that they're advertising- as well as referring to each part of the car being built by cake. This is also very cleverly advertised; using this song draws attention to other audiences (lovers of musicals) Not only do they now have a typical audience- car lovers and cake lovers, now they also have the viewers that enjoy music/ the older generation who watched 'The Sound of Music' as a child.
  13. 13. + Analysis of Televised advert As i continued watching the advert I discovered that each worker building the cake/car is either very concentrated to the detail of the development or they are smiling, happy with the model that they are building. This could also show the viewer that they are a friendly team at Skoda and that they enjoy their job but also portray that they take what they do seriously which could provoke the viewer to be more interested in the make of car, visually seeing the team in action. The purpose of this advert is to promote a new model of car by Skoda and make the audience feel connected in order to provoke the viewer to purchase the product which is being promoted.
  14. 14. + Skoda Target Audience Skoda was looking for mainly couples 35+ which this product would be affordable for. Couples would also be more interested as it is a smaller car and they don’t have families just get to have to have a larger car
  15. 15. + My Audience Research
  16. 16. + My Audience Research - I found that most people who were interested in the Car based on the advert was the younger generation. I think that Skoda may have advertised this wrong as they have made the car attractive by the advert to the generation which is least likely to be affordable to them. - The older generation also found this advert attractive and did want to buy the car which may be affordable to them.
  17. 17. + Audience Research Childhood favourite Everyone loves cake! A cake car?! For all the family!
  18. 18. + Legal and Ethical issues After researching the legal issues to this advert, I didn't find much wrong with the advert at all, it just states the permission that they had to be given by certain companies, particularly for the music which was used from 'The sound of music' the song being 'Favourite things'- One bit of trivia about the Skoda advert: Julie Andrews gave her personal approval to the soundtrack, following Skoda asking EMI's permission.
  19. 19. + Legal and Ethical issues In able to get the permission, the creative team would of had to determine who is the copyright owner of the material intended for use, contact the owner, and request the right to use the work in the territory and format intended, and -- in some cases -- pay the owner a fee.
  20. 20. + Legal and Ethical issues The creative team went through an enormous amount of trouble to go to for an advert - some estimates say that it cost £500,000 to make; one newspaper pointed out the comparative value of a Skoda (the advert costs 62 times as much). This is seen as a problem because it was a big risk to promote their car to the extreme; spending this much money could be seen to the public as just a way of trying to make their company look good but also greedy. They told the media that instead of disposing the cake they would donate it to charity; the cake was not edible by the time it had been sitting in the studio so the cake ended up in a compost heap.This could also be seen as them not sticking to their word which could make the company look unreliable.
  21. 21. + Legal and Ethical issues In recent research Skoda has been found to employ many prisoners in result of shortage of skilled labour that affected so many enterprises in socialist societies. They made up 90 per cent of the pressing plant, for instance. When they were freed during political amnesties in January 1990, it left a gaping hole in the factory's labour force: higher wages could not tempt them back. In one of the ironies of history, conscript soldiers were briefly ordered to fill their places but because they were less skilled, production remained far below demand and Skoda's debts, acquired in the 1980s, continued to grow. "VW has been good for Skoda," says Prof Bailey. Thanks to VW's help, it has become the only central-European engineering enterprise from the Communist era to have turned into a competitive household name - thanks to management flexibility, deep commitment and recognition of the brand overhaul needed. And Skoda has, in turn, been good for VW.
  22. 22. + Distribution Cake is a television and cinema advert launched in 2007 by Skoda Auto to promote the new second-generation Fabia Supermini car in the United Kingdom. The 60-second spot forms the centre piece of an integrated advertising campaign comprising appearances on television, in cinemas, in newspapers and magazines, online, and through direct marketing. The campaign and its component parts were handled by the London branch of advertising agency 'Fallon World wide' Cake was directed by British director Chris Palmer. Production was contracted to 'Gorgeous enterprises', with sound handled by Wave Studios. It premiered on British television on 17 May 2007.
  23. 23. + Distribution & Success The campaign was a critical, popular, and financial success. It has been credited for the significant improvements in awareness and public opinion of the brand, and received honours from a number of advertising festivals and awards ceremonies, including several from the British Television Advertising Awards, the 'Cannes Lions International advertising festival and the 'Creative Circle Awards.'
  24. 24. + END OF PRESENTATION Annushka Sims