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Moodleposium13 - Mutate Your Moodle with FRE


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Presentation and workshop discussion slides used at Moodleposium 2013 at Australian National University, Canberra.

Mutate Your Moodle - using combinations of Moodle Tools, Add-ons, etc to make it work for a different pedagogical model

FRE - Fontan Relational Education is a Connectivist system grown in Columbia primarily for K-12, works very for disadvantaged (socio-economic, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, etc).

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Moodleposium13 - Mutate Your Moodle with FRE

  1. 1. #mutatemdl
  2. 2. Soozie Bea KISS Keep It Simple (for) Students “Tools should never get in the way of the Learning; make the technology assist.” #mutatemdl
  3. 3. Preparation for the post-industrial world Why Mutate? #mutatemdl
  4. 4. #mutatemdl Perpetual Beta “the ability to learn is the only lasting competitive advantage for any organization” -- Jarche #mutatemdl
  5. 5. Evolving Education Technology Supports Mutating Moodle Explore ways of using Moodle using a Relational Education structure #mutatemdl
  6. 6. #mutatemdl#mutatemdl
  7. 7. #mutatemdl Universal Design for Learning Constructivism Relational Education Teacher provides • Content • Learning Tasks • Assessments • Schedule • Content • Learning Tasks • Facilitation • Assessments • Schedule • Supports Learning & Org Skills • Objectives Student provides • Attendance • Homework, projects & tests • Fulfill tasks • Content • Learning Tasks • Assessments • Schedule Names • CAST • Meyer • Rose • Dewey • Vygotsky • Montassori • Fontan • Otero • Taos
  8. 8. Intellectual Personal Socio- emotional Three Basic Competencies #mutatemdl
  9. 9. Reflect on a new unit of study Investigation of new information Interpretation and internalisation Relating the study Autonomy&LearningMethodology #mutatemdl
  10. 10. #mutatemdl
  11. 11. #mutatemdl Learning Plans Parent Interview Form Student Interview Form Previous School Records Entrance Assessment & Grade Assessments Monitoring Information Australian Curriculum standards #mutatemdl
  12. 12. #mutatemdl Research & documentation Summarising & Notetaking Cooperative learning Generating & testing hypotheses Cues, questions & relationships Non-linguistic representations Advance organisers
  13. 13. #mutatemdl Portfolios Community/Vocational AcademicPersonal
  14. 14. #mutatemdl Student-Educator Interactions
  15. 15. #mutatemdl Feedback Assessment Criteria Quality Reach Effort Conduct
  16. 16. #mutatemdl Parent participation
  17. 17. Technology Platform Supports preparation of Learning Plans Monitors research & documentation Retains portfolios Facilitates student- educator interaction Systematic feedback Parental participation & performance tracking #mutatemdl
  18. 18. #mutatemdl
  19. 19. #mutatemdl Moodle+ as Tech Supports Supports preparation of Learning Plans • MOODLE • Feedback • Wiki • Database Monitors research & documentation • Workshop! Retains portfolios • ePortfolio (such as Mahara) Moodle can’t do this alone!
  20. 20. #mutatemdl Moodle+ as Tech Supports Facilitates student- educator interaction • MOODLE • Forums • Messaging • Chat Systematic feedback • MOODLE • Grades • Scales • Outcomes • Add-on “Multi Course Grader” Parental participation & performance tracking • MOODLE • Parental Role • Choice or Add-on for Appointments • Feedback
  21. 21. TASK ONE List tools & activities for your methodology step TASK TWO Select tools & activities that can be reused across whole cycle TASK THREE Critique the tools & activities based on science & humanities TASK FOUR Select the team’s top three tools & activities, why? – prepare to share! Workshop! Reflect on a new unit of study Investigation of new information Interpretation and internalisation Relating the study #mutatemdl
  22. 22. References Alan Toffler quote from powershift/ Jarche’s Perpetual Beta pic, quote & diagram from Occam’s Razor from server/v1/compositions/19124920/views/1,width=280,height=280,a ppearanceId=63.png/occam-s-razor_design.png Right Brain-Left Brain from content/uploads/2012/03/HiRes.jpg One to One from one/images/learn_2x.jpg Lakes’ Organic Approach from b9b5-4f1c-8c8d-d96d2654c2d8.jpg • Links and annotations available from PearlTrees: