Creating and evaluating a learning lab - FINAL


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As presented at School Moot 13, Sydney

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Creating and evaluating a learning lab - FINAL

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  3. 3. Why a Learning Lab How to Run & Assess a Lab Activity What So What Now What Ideas for Labs Goals for today @soozietwits
  4. 4. Why a Learning Lab? @soozietwits
  5. 5. “Imagination is the Discovering Faculty...” Countess Ada Lovelace (1815- 1852) Mathematician & Programmer @soozietwits
  6. 6. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.” Martin Luther King Jr. (1929- 1968) Pastor & Activitst @soozietwits
  7. 7. “We want to take that Kindergarten approach to learning – where kids are creating and designing and experimenting – and bring it to learners of all ages.” Mitchel Resnick Lifelong Kindergarten Group, MIT Media Lab @soozietwits
  8. 8. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Physicist and Mathematician @soozietwits
  9. 9. “... in the 1890s, 58 % of STEM students were girls. ... the reason why girls are not in STEM now is cultural, not due to their natural ability. ” Ainissa Ramirez scientist, inventor, author, TED speaker, TED-Ed educator, & advocate for science education @soozietwits
  10. 10. STEAMScience Technology Engineering Arts Maths From STEM to STEAM! @soozietwits
  11. 11. How to Run & Assess a Lab @soozietwits
  12. 12. Activity What So What Now What Running & Assessing the Lab @soozietwits
  13. 13. Activity Tinkering with hands-on materials PLAN AHEAD • Keep it real with authentic products • Don’t overlook soft skills • Learn from big thinkers ASSESS • Creation of a hypothesis (big question) @soozietwits
  14. 14. What How-to Videos Informational Websites Online Chats LAUNCH INTO LEARNING • Formative strategies to keep projects on track • Gather feedback— fast • Focus on teamwork • Track progress with digital tools ASSESS • Depth of research • Critique of sources • Organisation of facts @soozietwits
  15. 15. Audio-Video Reflections Photo Essay Blogging Other Web 2.0 Tools So What SHARE WHAT STUDENTS KNOW • Grow your audience ASSESS • Reflection on hypothesis • Reflection on experience • Articulation & construction of learning @soozietwits
  16. 16. Demonstration & Application REFLECT, REVISE, REVISIT • Do-it-yourself professional development • Assess better together Now What ASSESS • Demonstration • Peer & Public Review of Project • Peer, Public & Teacher feedback @soozietwits
  17. 17. 8 y.o. shows a creation from a Puppets to Robots topic 9 y.o. demos a windmill he designed 12 y.o. shows love of reading & desire to learn t-shirt design Examples of Work @soozietwits
  18. 18. Ideas for Labs @soozietwits
  19. 19. The Truth idea possibility possibility ideapossibility The Question idea idea possibility possibility possibility idea possibility possibility idea Creativity & Exploration Divulgence Convergence @soozietwits
  20. 20. Write an open letter to the local council about issues effecting the environment around the school. In what other plausible ways could Shakespeare have ended Romeo and Juliet? If you saw an alien, how could you communicate that you mean it no harm? What criteria would you use to determine if an artistic painting is of high quality? Think of as many principles of physics you could investigate using an egg. What common household objects could you use to make pond water drinkable? What criteria would you use to select the most aesthetic of several different (and safe) bridge designs? Big Question Ideas @soozietwits
  21. 21. Flipped The Flipped Classroom by J.Gerstein Edudemic on Flipped Classrooms – Case Study: Wiki - Connecting Students - Maker Maker Education Initiative – Brightworks School - NYSci Maker Blueprint – Tech From STEM to STEAM by Sousa & Pilecki Teaching the iGeneration by Ferriter & Garry Hackety Hack - Edudemic Teacher Tech Guides – Teaching Resources @soozietwits
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