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Teaching Music with Technology


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Simple technology tools any music teacher can use to stay organized in the classroom and enhance learning for all students.

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Teaching Music with Technology

  1. 1. Tools ANY music teacher will find useful…
  2. 2.  To reduce prep time. To get (and stay) organized. To reinforce the skills you are teaching. To enhance assessment. To keep students engaged in learning. To expose students to audio/visual examples ofmusical excellence. To assist students with learning disabilities.
  3. 3.  UseWord to create all kinds of classroomdocuments, like parent letters, choirhandbook, permission forms, worksheets forhomework, tests….ANYthing you need.
  4. 4. Spreadsheets help you stay organized in theclassroom. Create class rosters for attendance andgrading, keep track of uniforms, equipment, andmusic library, and monitor your budget andfundraising.
  5. 5. High Definition Audio/Visual Recorders are anexcellent way to give your ensembles immediatefeedback on their rehearsals and performances.You can also allow students to recordindividually, giving them a sense of immediateaccountability.
  6. 6. There are MANY websites that will enhanceclassroom instruction in the areas of music theory.Some excellent sites are:
  7. 7.  gStrings – an excellent tuning app L&M Guitar – serious guitar instruction and tuning Metronome Beats – useful metronome thatsubdivides and has many options Theory, Practice! – ear training and intervalpractice ClefTutor – teaches how to read music, memorizekey signatures, and music theory. Perfect Piano – teaches piano and drumkit
  8. 8.  Charms Office Assistant Music Librarian CATraxx DeMoulin Uniform Management System MediaMonkey
  9. 9.  Finale Music MuseScore Music Maestro Sibelius Encore Scorewriter
  10. 10.  Decide an area that you’d like to improve upon andfocus on that one thing to get started. Choose technology that fits the area you want toimprove. ASK other teachers if you’re not sure. Get some basic training on the technology youwant to utilize. Implement the use of that technology in smallsteps. Once a step is mastered, add another piece oftechnology to your “bag of tricks”.