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TRAI_Mobile Mags

  1. 1. BPO News aims to be the commercially successful equivalent of a Knowledge Body in the BPO business [email_address]
  2. 2. ! Bid4 BPO News … We will be the first MobMagz ® in the BPO business Write to us at [email_address] and tell us how you can contribute to our success
  3. 3. ! Are you looking beyond Telecom/ Mobile companies? Online Publishers/ Mags your next big opportunity? (research indicates it to be a $100 mm business) We are willing to get onto the next big thing: MobMagz® Seeking out partners who fit into our start-up status YOU US
  4. 4. ! Simple - very few clicks - keeps competition away High Speed experience - always brings in more traffic Low Cost operation - translates to higher value for customers Secure Transaction means M-business Do we need a different kind of content for a MobMag® OnMobile advertising - profits Large amounts of traffic - is it robust/ stable Location independence is important to us
  5. 5. ! Inspired by madness ... Executed by reason!