[New media] Facebook case analysis "ELLE"


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-About ELLE
-ELLE’s Facebook
-Competitor’s Facebook
-ELLE’s SWOT & Insight
-Recommendation for ELLE

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  • Elle focus – 1주일정도에 한번씩 패션이나 뷰티정보를 제공하거나 스타인터뷰를 정보지 형식으로 제공 .페이스북에 간단한 정보소개 후 엘르 공식홈페이지로 연동하여 게시글 읽는 방식으로
    Elle today – 하루에 한번 정도 페친들에게 일상을 묻거나 간단한 정보제공
    Elle today special – 이벤트 페이스북에서만
    Elle online event – 이벤트 홈페이지에서 진행하는 것 알리기
    Elle recommends – 제품추천 & 이벤트를 통해 그 제품 증정
    Elle try it – 뷰테체험기/페이스북 이벤트 페이지 활용
    Elle live – 에디터들의 일상적인 이야기
    Ask julia/julia’s answer- 질문.답 편집장
    Eliea bolgger – 엘르 블로거
  • [New media] Facebook case analysis "ELLE"

    1. 1. https://www.facebook.com/ellemagazine.kr NEW MEDIA ADVERTISING SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT PR&AD 1212850 Sookyung Park
    2. 2. Table of Contents  About ELLE  ELLE’s Facebook  Competitor’s Facebook  ELLE’s SWOT & Insight  Recommendation for ELLE
    3. 3. ELLE MAGAZINE IS… Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle is also the world's best selling fashion magazine. It was founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon in 1945. The title, in French, means "she". Elle Editorial Concept ELLE’s fashion & beauty section, produced by top editors, photographers, and stylists in their fields, are renowned as guides in providing readers with inspiring and credible shopping information. ELLE’s enriched contents lead readers to reasonable shopping and give them a right to choose the best items. Through refined design renovation, items ELLE delivers the most premium quality visuals to readers.
    4. 4. • Elle was founded in France in 1945. In the 1960s, it was considered to "not so much reflect fashion as decree it", with 800,000 loyal readers and a then famous slogan: "Si elle lit elle lit Elle (If she reads, she reads Elle)". • In 1981, Daniel Filipacchi and Jean-Luc Lagardère purchased Hachette magazines, which included the then-struggling Elle. Elle was then launched in the U.S. (News Corporation owned a stake in the US edition until 1988, followed by 25 other foreign editions. • Today, it is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 43 international editions in over 60 countries. Technologically speaking, the Elle brand is a global network encompassing over 33 websites. • The vast majority (82 percent) of Elle's audience are women between the ages of 18 and 49. Elle readers have a median age of 34.7 years. Forty percent of readers are single.
    5. 5. • ELLE fanpage was opened Feb. 01. 2011. It post many contents about fashion & beauty for its readers. July.2013, ELLE fanpage reached 10,000 likes. Then, Sep.2013, ELLE fanpage reached 20,000 likes. Finally, Oct.2013, : ELLE fanpage reached 30,000 likes. • In previous 6 months, Elle fanpage posts 2 or more than contents daily. • Elle fanpage posts many kinds of contents : Videos, Photos and Texts. Also, its tone is usually informal type. • Elle fanpage categorizes its contents into 9 types like Elle focus, Elle today, Elle online event, Elle try it, Elle live, Elle today special, Ask Julia / Julia’s answer, Elle recommend and Ellea blogger. [ Elle fanpage has 9 sections but we can divided them into 3 categories. ]  Information offering : [Elle focus] , [Elle live], [Elle today] and [Ellea blogger]  Event : [Elle today Special], [Elle online event], [Elle recommend] and [Elle try it.]  Interaction : [Elle today] and [Ask Julia / Julia’s answer] * [Elle today] this section have both information offering and interaction characteristic.
    6. 6. Information offering GOOD : Many fans like information on Elle focus and share records 17. Also, Elle fanpage responses frequently. Elle focus give information about Fashion & Beauty or sometimes post celebrities interview. It is fashion-conscious and useful for Elle’s target. •This URL leads ELLE homepage for readers wants to get more information about leopard designed fashion items. ELLE readers have a median age of 34.7 years who are interested in fashion trend information.
    7. 7. Information offering GOOD : This post offer ‘Hangul Festival’ information. These days, Most of fanpages tell cultural art event so many people receive variety cultural art event news. However, when fanpages offer information like this type , many of them are sponsored event that has commercial purpose. On the other hand, ELLE posted a meaningful ‘Hangul Festival’ explanation, so ELLE fanpage performs platform of cultural news.
    8. 8. Information offering BAD : 86 people likes this post but the post of ‘Ellea blogger’s is only one until now. Even though, Elle fanpage said we are continuously upload article, there are no more upload it. It may be lost trust by Elle fanpage readers. I think it can be better to remove Ellea blogger section and this post include into ‘Elle focus’ or ‘Elle live’.
    9. 9. EVENT GOOD : This Event recorded the most likes and share in previous 6 months. Elle recommend usually upload once in a week and mostly recommends beauty items. Especially, the end of September that this event posted is period of dry weather, so people need vibration cleanser to remove their dead skin cell. Event timing was appropriate.
    10. 10. EVENT BAD : Although this bag called Jun Ji Hyun Bag is the ‘It bag’ girls want to buy, event participation rate is lower than other events on Elle fanpage because there are some procedure, register elle homepage, login and enter number into event page to participate this event. These days people dislike complex steps so this event is felt tiresome by readers.
    11. 11. Interaction GOOD : This post increase likes number a short period of time. Most girl love delicious dessert like chocolate, ice cream and etc. so this Godiva chocolate ice cream is the dessert girls very very wants. Also, Elle fanpage ask to readers ‘What kind of dessert do you like?’. It cause to write many comments.
    12. 12. Interaction BAD : There are 4 event sections on page timeline. [Elle today Special], [Elle online event], [Elle recommend] and [Elle try it.] However, these sections are grouped ambiguous standard, so readers confused which section is event. Also, it makes to decrease readers attention.
    13. 13. Interaction GOOD : Between readers and fanpage manager, comments interaction is really active. Most of people want to communicate with their interest, ELLE’s information or fanpage can be that. Also, active interaction be attracted to reading ELLE’s timeline and motivate push like button to potential readers.
    14. 14. Interaction later… E Month ON GOOD : Chief Editor answer personally about Elle fanpage reader’s question is good way to interact consumers. People want more professional answer and know-how, so Chief Editor Julia’s answers are benefits to readers. BAD : However, julia’s answer was too late. It spends almost one month. One month is very long time in SNS world.
    15. 15. ELLE’s COMPETITORS • Vouge fanpage started July.2011 and now it has 43.955 likes. • Its fanpage has fewer enents than Elle and Ceci. It mostly post Fashion and Beauty information. • Ceci fanpage started Decenber.2011 and now it has 68.169 likes. Its likes are the most number of fanpage among Vouge and Elle. • Its fanpage use English for foreigners. •The post about celebrities are the most popular to readers.
    16. 16. Information offering GOOD : Vogue fanpage offer global fashion information. When the global post upload, the number of likes increase quickly and largely. It means people who is interest in fashion want to know world wide news. Vogue satisfies their Wants. Especially, Vogue upload post the most among Elle and Ceci. Usually, 5 or more Posts upload a day.
    17. 17. Information offering GOOD : Vogue uploads various types of content like video , behind cut and etc. Especially, this video is making film of collection show ground in PARIS. People can experience show ground more vivid.
    18. 18. Information offering BAD : Frequently post upload is good thing but Vogue post’s content is sometimes poor and weak. Then, likes decrease. Furthermore, if weak contents are more in comparison with uploads frequently, people cancel likes of fanpage.
    19. 19. Interaction BAD : These posts are question to vogue from readers. However, there is no one to answer. Weak interaction decrease brand’s image and fanpage does not improve anymore. Especially, both 2 question points are similar, so fanpage manager upload the post that information and answer of matters for inquiry .
    20. 20. Information offering GOOD : Ceci upload English video post for foreigners. These days most of foreigners are interested into Korean wave called ‘HANRIU’, so these kinds of post can satisfy them. In addition, Ceci Korea can have more readers and become the best Fashion Magazine.
    21. 21. Interaction GOOD : When post about Ceci app uploaded, people question errors of that. Then, fanpage manager answered quickly and professionally to solve the error.
    22. 22. Recommend !!!!!! BAD : All of posts has title like [CeCi BF Recommend], but some posts are not suitable with title. Left post is recommendation of guesthouse, but right one is too ambiguous to categorize recommendation. Recommend ??????
    23. 23. SIMILARITIES 1. Between the ELLE fan page and that of their competitors’ has many event and Promotional type posts. 2. They avoid post as constituted only text. Almost of post type they prefer is text with photo or video or poster. Then, people react quickly and more actively. 3. Most of posts are about Fashion & Beauty, but there are many information about cultural event or promotion. 4. Posts are categorized by title like [ELLE Recommend],[CeCi Campus], [Paris diary] and etc.
    24. 24. DIFFERENCES 1. ELLE has the most event post of the three. 4 sections concentrates Event by using likes, comments and shares. 2. CeCi seems to choose target twenty, so it post campus life and street fashion that prefer to fashion-conscious twenty. 3. Vogue post many global fashion new and information used video and photos. Especially, readers can experience fashion show that held in other nations vividly.
    25. 25. SWOT • Frequent Event arouse readers reactions(like, share, comment) • The timing of event upload is proper.(winter-lip balm event) • Offer the professional fashion & beauty information on ELLE focus section and Ask Julia section. STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES • The young generation wants professional Fashion & Beauty data. • Many people are interested into cultural information more than the old day. • Most of people are concerned event promotion. • Too many Event sections cause readers confuse. • Some of event need complicated process to participate. • Too many Sections. Some sections are almost forgotten and does not use anymore. • Video post is lack. • Lack of Fashion & Beauty information that people can try easily. WEAKNESSES TREATS • People who read Fashion magazine wants and are concerned international Fashion news. They do not satisfy only Korea fashion news. • Various professional Fashion & Beauty fan page appears on SNS. • People wants to try trendy Fashion in their daily life.
    26. 26. INSIGHT • People become a fan because of contents related with fan page. • Visual contents like video or picture return many fans reactions. • More Post with interaction factors, More fans participation. factors • Professional information and Practical information are loved by fans, but they must be access and understand easy.
    27. 27. RECOMMENDATIONS Information Offering • Increase Video contents • Post Fashion styling or Beauty Tips that people can try it their daily life. • Update ELLE’s Global news ( PARIS Fashion show ) Event • Decrease Event section 4 to 2. [ELLE Recommend],[ELLE try it] → [ELLE Recommend Event] [Elle Today special],[Elle online event] → [ELLE Special Event] • Simplicate event participation process. (like, share and comments are enough) Interaction • Make ELLE’s Story with fans by holding ELLE contest. • [Julia’s Ask] this section is responding well, so [Julia’s Answer] must be upload done up to a week.
    28. 28. [ELLE’s STREET STYLE] EX ) Introduce Easy Styling for ELLE’s reader who want to know fashion tip. Find Fashion people and take a picture his/her styling. Interview with he/her today’s concept and where can get his/her clothes and fashion items. Then, upload [ELLE’s STREET STYLE] with picture and information. Upload once in a week. Ex) every Monday is STREET STYLING day!
    29. 29. [GLOBAL ELLE] Upload Global fashion news. [ GLOBAL ELLE ] 2013 F/W New York Fashion Week 뉴욕 패션위크에서 주목할만한 패션을 여러분께 공개합니다 ! 고급스러운 Fur 와 톤 다운된 color 가 돋보이는 스타일이네요 . 더 많은 사진이 궁금하다면 www.asdf.asd.com/12cdsfs In Newyork, What is best item? How about PARIS Fashion Week? There are many fashion issues in every nations, so ELLE introduce various international fashion information or situation first of all. It is good to pictures or videos taken at a scene
    30. 30. [YOUR ELLE] Make elle’s story with people. Elle’s story can be started as new ELLE logo. For active interaction with people, ELLE can hold “Logo contest”. People upload logo designed by themselves on their Facebook timleine. Upload new designed logo and tag(@)ELLE KOREA. That the way to participate Logo contest. ELLE Manager select ‘ELLE LOGO- of-themonth’. Then, That logo is Elle’s facebook profile Photo during one month!