Choose the right


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Choose the right

  1. 1. Luis Perez Samantha Arevalo
  2. 2.  Choose the right can mean many things for example not stealing, lying, cheating on test. Choosing the right means to always be honest and respectful. For example if your at a party and your friends are drinking you choose the right and you don’t drink your honest to yourself.
  3. 3.  Its always important to choose the right because it can make you a good citizen. You can also make your community better. For example if people see you choosing the right then other people will also choose the right. It will make your community better.
  4. 4.  Choosing the right can lead to many great things. For example it can lead you to achieving your goals. It will also make you feel better about yourself because you know your doing the right thing. If you always choose the right you can be rewarded.
  5. 5. Its important to choose the right because if you choose the wrong it can lead to many negative consequences. For example if you decide to drink and smoke with your friends and then you drive you can get into a car crash. Also if you sell drugs you can be taken to jail just for choosing the wrong. CTR=  CTW=
  6. 6.  There are many rewards for choosing the right. But the best reward is that you just feel good about yourself. Further more, choosing the right can get you closer to your dreams. Also if you choose the right people will always believe you you’ll get more credibility. Its easier to trust someone who ctr than someone who ctw.
  7. 7. Be:  HONEST  Patient  Friendly  Humble  Responsible
  8. 8. Be:  DISHONEST  Mean  Use Cussing words  Hateful  Uncooperative
  9. 9.     You’ll feel bad about yourself It will be left on your conscience for a very long time You wont live a happy life Will be hard to follow your dreams
  10. 10. Honesty Caught On Camera
  11. 11.  Loyalty is choosing the right because your always there for someone and you never back stab them. For example if someone tells you a secret and she/he tells you not to tell anyone you don’t tell anyone, you keep the secret.
  12. 12.  Being honest is choosing the right because people can depend on you. They’ll see you as a trustworthy person and will trust you with things because you’re honest with them and don’t lie to people. You’ll also feel good at the heart because people can put their complete trust in you.