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Diplomacy Reporting


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Diplomacy Reporting

  2. 2. What is diplomacy?• Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states on issues of peace- making, trade, warm, economics, culture, environment and human rights.• In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage or to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge in a non-confrontational manner.
  3. 3. Basic functions of a diplomat• Represent the home country in the host country• Protect the interests of the home country and its citizens in the host country• Negotiate with the government of the host country• Monitor and report on conditions and developments in the commercial, economic, cultural, and scientific life of the host country• Promote friendly relations between the host country and the home country• Develop commercial, economic, cultural, and scientific relations between the host country and the home country.• Issue passports, travel documents, and visas
  4. 4. Ping-Pong diplomacy• US sends table-tennis team to china in 1970• Five Americans were also invited to cover the team’s visit• US lifted embargo on trade with China immediately• Henry Kissinger secretly visited Beijing during a trip to Pakistan in 1972• Nixon became the first US president to visit China while in office• Upon meeting Mao Zedong said "I believe our old friend Chiang Kai-shek would not approve of this"• Ping-Pong was "an apt metaphor for the relations between Washington and Peking" - TIMES
  5. 5. Camp David Accords• Signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on September 17, 1978• Witnessed by US President Jimmy Carter at White House• This led to the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty• Both Sadat and Begin shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize• Established relations between Egypt and Israel• Egypt receives $1.3 bn of military aid annually• Controversy after Sadat was assassinated during a parade in Cairo in 1981
  6. 6. Oslo Accords• The "Declaration of Principles“ secretly negotiated in 1993 in Oslo, Norway, guided by Norwegian Foreign Minister Johan Jorgen Holst• Signed between Yasser Arafat of Palestine and Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin arbitrated by US President Bill Clinton• Israel recognized PLO as the representative of Palestine and withdrawal from Gaza Strip and West Bank• PLO recognized Israel right of existence as a independent state• Both committed to peaceful solution of all problems• Controversial and leading to assassination of Rabin in 1995
  7. 7. Track II diplomacy • “is that actual or potential conflict can be resolved or eased by appealing to common human capabilities to respond to good will and reasonableness” • UNITED STATES AND NORTH KOREA • CHINA AND ITS NEIGHBOURS • KASHMIR ISSUE – PAKISTAN AND INDIA
  8. 8. Cultural diplomacy• the exchange of ideas, information, values, systems, traditions, beliefs, and other aspects of culture, with the intention of fostering mutual understanding”• Visit of New York Philharmonic Orchestra to North Korea• George Bush playing cricket during visit to Pakistan• Obama dancing with children during visit to India• Hillary Clinton frequent meetings with journalists and youth in Pakistan
  9. 9. Panda & Cricketdiplomacy• China gave pandas as gifts to soften relations• Sent pandas to Japan and Taiwan• Stopped practice after WWF/CITES cases and extinction threat• India and Pakistan cricket diplomacy• Zia-ul-Haq visited Jaipur in 1987• Pervez Musharraf visit to Delhi in 2004• Gillani- Manmohan Singh watched World Cup 2011 semifinal
  10. 10. Diplomacy reporters • If negotiations is the most important function of diplomacy, then reporting is the most important product of diplomacy • Foreign correspondents shape the image of a country in the eyes of foreign audiences • Government officials and diplomacy make decisions on the image made by foreign correspondents
  11. 11. What diplomacy reporter should know? • Know the famous leaders of the world • Know the various treaties affecting diplomats • Know the various UN resolutions and agencies • Well-versed in international relations and politics • Experience of at least 10-15 years • Meetings with VIPs and ambassadors • Well groomed decent appearance and style