Facebook Page Set Up for County Extension


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Learn how to set up a Facebook Page. Focus is on County Extension offices but can be adapted to other Extension programs or any organization.

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Facebook Page Set Up for County Extension

  1. 1. Facebook Page Set Up Being an Admin for Your County Facebook Page
  2. 2. Do you have a personal profile on Facebook? • If no, sign up for Facebook here: www.facebook.com – You must have a personal profile to post as an organization – Once your personal profile is created, you can proceed to the next step • If yes, you can create a Facebook Page for organizations – https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ – Page Type: Company, Organization or Institution – Category: Education – Company Name: NDSU Extension - (county name) County. Example: NDSU Extension - Mercer County
  3. 3. Brand your Facebook Page with Photos • You need at least two photos to make your Page recognizable and local: Cover Photo (larger, rectangular) and Profile Picture (smaller and square) • They have already been optimized for the web and sized appropriately. You can even get them localized to your county name Cover photo • Get your Facebook Page Cover photo here • Most of you already have a localized profile picture and for those that don’t, they will be ready soon. Profile picture
  4. 4. Tell them what Extension does in your county - Step 1 • Click on “About” under your cover photo to tell people who you are and what you do
  5. 5. Tell them what Extension does in your county - Step 2 • Address – a map will be generated • Short Description • Long Description • Company Overview • Mission Statement • Contact info (email and phone) • Website
  6. 6. Other Admins for Your Page • This video shows how to add other Admins to your Page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJR6BFP2AmE • You will need to know their email address they use for Facebook (not necessarily their NDSU email address) • There are different levels of access you can give. “Manager” gives you the most access – you can post, get analytics, make others admins, etc. • Please make Bob and Sonja admins for your page use. Our emails are: rjbertsch@gmail.com and sonyk728@yahoo.com – As admins of your Page, we will be better able to help you troubleshoot problems and answer your questions. We will also be able to incorporate your Facebook insights (analytics) into the overall evaluation of projects like Nourishing Boomers and Beyond. Finally it will ensure that someone at NDSU has access to your Page, if you leave NDSU or are not able to access the Page. We will never post to your Page, respond to comments or otherwise act on behalf of your Page, without your permission.
  7. 7. Next Steps • Get Likes by Liking other Pages • Suggest your page to your personal Facebook friends • Start posting content. Learn how to schedule posts to save time!
  8. 8. Need Help? Contact Web Technology Specialists: Sonja Fuchs or Bob Bertsch