Cloud Drives at NDSU


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Use Google Drive and SkyDrive Pro at NDSU to collaborate, store and share

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Cloud Drives at NDSU

  1. 1. Cloud Drives at NDSU Presented by: Sonja Fuchs – Web Technology Specialist Support Staff Conference April 2014
  2. 2. What is a Cloud Drive? A place “in the cloud” that gives you the ability to store, work with and share data • One place for all your files • Files are always up to date • Can access and work within all devices • Instant updates • Can work collaboratively Image credit:
  3. 3. Google Drive •
  4. 4. Microsoft OneDrive 859e-97c90db9b7f0.mp4
  5. 5. Better Alternative to Sharing and Storing on Email • Inbox overload • Slow connection • Share entire folders • Easier to keep track of Image Credit:
  6. 6. Allows You To Work Remotely Image Credits • Blizzard • Sneezing
  7. 7. Allows You To Collaborate in Real Time • others can edit a file at the same time • revision history is available
  8. 8. Nothing to Lose Problems with storing on a physical device - Can lose it - Can break it - Can’t use on mobile devices or tablets - Can save to your computer, but you’ll need to take extra steps to share Image Credits
  9. 9. Create or Upload Microsoft Office Google Drive Word “Document” PowerPoint “Presentation” Excel “Spreadsheet” n/a Form (survey) Paint “Drawing”
  10. 10. Share
  11. 11. Compare NDSU Cloud Drives Characteristic Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive Space 25 GB 30 GB Data Suitable Not yet approved by NDSU's General Counsel for storing data protected under FERPA or HIPAA or for data impacted by export control restrictions. Suitable for data protected by FERPA. Not suitable for data protected by HIPAA or for content impacted by export control restrictions Device Accessibility Works on most devices, including Windows Phones Works on most devices, but NOT Windows Phones Seamless with Microsoft Office Yes No – need to login and upload How much is 25GB? • The complete recorded works of the Beatles and Michael Jackson (310 and 750 songs, respectively) • Pictures from 100 rolls of film • The complete Lord of the Rings Trilogy with Extended Cuts (681 minutes) • The complete Harry Potter Series and Twilight Trilogy (if each page-3,407 and 2,379, respectively, were saved on a separate document) • A presentation for each county in the United States (3,141) • A spreadsheet for each McDonalds restaurant (30,000-ish) Source: http://online-data-backup- visualizing-25gb-of-storage.html
  12. 12. Let’s Give it a… Image Credit:
  13. 13. Next Steps Review - Cloud Drive Options – Let’s Communicate - Collaboration and Storage Options (NDSU ITS) Login to either/both options and test them out Need Help? - Sonja Fuchs (701) 231-6403/ - Bob Bertsch (701) 231-7381/