The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing In Senior Living


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Our seniors, and adult children, face unique challenges - many of which have been brought on in large part by the economy. Staying stuck in old paradigms, as well as overlooking timeless techniques are paramount to your success. Check out these "7 Deadly Sins" and see if you are a "sinner"!

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  • I’m Sonya Sullins, my “family” business, Harbor Senior Concepts, has provided Long Term Care services for 20 years. Also, I’m the owner of Human Capital Management Institute – where our mission is to inspire professionals and organizations to achieve peak performance through people, planning and purpose.What makes me different as a consultant is that I bring to the table the provider side perspective…and when I work as a consultant in the SL industry, I bring a deep understanding of your challenges.Since my true inspiration is in developing people and organizations, I am a qualified practitioner of multiple employee and organizational development assessments. I’ve had the privilege to study with Gallup University to hone my leadership and human capital development skills. And I’m a published author in CEO Refresher, Ezine Articles, and various others. I have enjoyed 20 years of training, facilitating workshops and developing content for cutting edge learning. Over the past 12 years or so I've been consulting with organizations and coaching professionals. Thank you for joining me today – as I’m deeply passionate about the topic of “Customer Devotion” and YOU ALL must be to if you are here with me today!
  • Complaint handling has serious negative connotations; whereas, service recovery has positive connotations.  Complaint handling is placating people, minimizing a negative.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing In Senior Living

    1. 1. The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing in Senior Living<br />Presented by <br />Sonya Sullins, MBA<br />Human Capital Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker<br /> or<br />
    2. 2. Current Challenges:<br />Adult children have lost jobs (or are underemployed)<br />Adult children and seniors have lost value in their retirement assets and/or homes<br />Adult children are shouldering the burden of care<br />Home Health options are more highly utilized<br />Private pay is more of a necessity than ever<br />No matter how you slice it, <br /> Toll Free: 877-HUMAN10<br />
    3. 3. New Attitude: <br />Expectations are higher than ever<br />“Back to the basics”<br />VALUE!<br />Taking longer to make a decision<br />Comparison shopping more than ever before<br />Higher chance of “buyers remorse” <br />Willing to make demands<br />Less loyalty; will seek best option always<br />Technology is here to stay<br />Quality/Safety is a baseline, not a tagline<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    4. 4. Paradigm Shift <br />Savvy buyers have done their homework<br />Researched on internet<br />Benefits vs. Cost Comparison<br />Seeking Relationship (coming from low trust)<br />Will see through a “sales pitch” from a mile away<br />Who cares about the walking path if mom does not ambulate, or if my fear is her falling…<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    5. 5. The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Senior Living:<br />Sin #1: Inadequate or Ineffective Training<br />Sin #2: You Can’t “Walk” Your “Talk”<br />Sin #3: Not Getting “Personal”<br />Sin #4: Lack of Follow Through<br />Sin #5: Not using the right “tools” and technology<br />Sin #6: No Service Recovery<br />Sin #7: Being “Out of Touch”<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    6. 6. Who Am I?<br />Sonya Sullins – “family” business in Senior Living for 20 years<br />Founder of Human Capital Management Institute<br />Specialists in helping organizations select, motivate and retain top talent, and create fiercely loyal and devoted customers.<br />20 years experience as a trainer, speaker and workshop facilitator<br />Over a dozen years experience consulting and coaching in healthcare and senior living<br />Gallup Trained in Leadership, Management, Strengths<br />Employee Engagement Specialist<br />Organizational Behavior Background<br />MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Qualified Practitioner<br />Franklin Covey Certified<br />BBA Finance and Marketing MBA Business Strategy<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. 877-HUMAN10<br />
    9. 9. 5 Stages of Grief <br />Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance <br />Recognizing and managing the phases<br />Don’t take it personal<br />Family members each in their own stage<br />Attend to their psychosocial needs<br />Consultative, Social Worker – not Sales<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    10. 10. 15 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence<br /> Toll Free: 877-HUMAN10<br />
    11. 11. Sin #1: Inadequate or Ineffective Training<br />Sales/Marketing Training needs to be ongoing. <br />Include training on “Service Recovery”<br />Don’t just train sales techniques, train interpersonal skills<br />5 Stages of Grief<br />Emotional Intelligence<br />Your “concept” – how are you different?<br />Webinar: Cost Effective<br />Face-to-Face: Most Effective<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    12. 12. Learning/Training Curve<br />
    13. 13. Sin #2: You Can’t “Walk” Your “Talk”<br />If operations are NOT supporting your promises…Hello! Credibility Killer!<br />First Impressions Are Key: See your Community with Fresh Eyes<br />Consistency is also Key: Don’t Drop the Ball<br />Phone<br />In person <br />Who is there to greet?<br />Smiles?<br />Know residents by name?<br />Genuine caring?<br />Lively environment<br />Positive energy<br />Physical <br />Tidy<br />Attractive<br />Clean<br />Odor-free<br />Home-like vs. sterile <br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    14. 14. Sin #2: You Can’t “Walk” Your “Talk”<br />Staff are Disengaged and the Morale is Low<br />Residents and families are obviously affected by low morale and staff that are just collecting a paycheck…<br />Did you know that prospects are just as affected?<br />Go back to “first impressions” – if this isn’t genuine, if staff are “faking” it – prospects will know. And that’s almost worse.<br />It's crucial to develop the level of engagement of all staff members, in particular, the care team: The one-to-one interaction between care giver and resident/family member is critical. <br />Having an engaged staff with a focus on delivering the exquisite experience to residents and family members at all times will develop your internal marketing strategy. <br />The excellent word of mouth and stellar reputation will help your community sell itself. <br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    15. 15. Sin #3: Not Getting “Personal”!<br />Your prospect is a person with fears and feelings, not just a checkbook! <br />Develop the relationship with the prospect (resident/family) Build rapport with the prospect. Take the time to develop that rapport, trust and credibility.<br />Ask open-ended questions. Identify the true needs of the prospect.  Don’t sell! Uncover need and discover how you can become a solution<br />Discover the urgency behind the need. Nine times out of ten, there is an urgency. Find it!<br />One of the worst sins is to forget that the "move-in" decision is a compromise for the senior. <br />They are giving up some degree of independence and successful marketing must identify the specific values that individual will receive to balance the value proposition equation.<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    16. 16. Sin #3: Not Getting Personal<br />Customer Service is Critical<br />Keep the resident and family highly engaged, loyal, ecstatically happy AFTER the move it!<br />At no point should you let “process and procedure” get in the way of personal attention<br />At no point should you go on “auto pilot” – <br />We know you know what you’re doing<br />We know you know what the resident needs<br />…but the resident/family member may not have the same perspective!<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    17. 17. Don’t let your organization (or you) fall into this trap!<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    18. 18. Sin #4: Lack of Follow Through<br />Mystery Shop Your Community:<br />How many call me back when I mystery shop?<br />Other things I’ve noticed…<br />Lack of follow through with referral sources is the kiss of death for a marketer. Be sure to go back to call on those that are not actively referring to you.<br />Refine your process for capturing inquiries and following up with them…<br />Follow through after the move in<br />Be creative and be personal<br />Use technology to facilitate follow through<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    19. 19. Sin #5: Not using the right “tools” and technology<br />Lead management system <br />There are some great, web-based options out there that will ensure you never let a prospect fall through the cracks. <br />The “art” of follow-through made into a “science” using technology<br />Testimonials<br />Obtain - and use - resident and family member Testimonials. <br />Nothing works better than word of mouth! <br />It is extremely effective to put together a list of those who are willing to be called by a prospect. <br />PR: It's free and it's effective. <br />Send out press releases on upcoming events, on latest research, etc. <br />Social Media: <br />Go to where your prospects are! Develop relationships online<br />Customer Feedback Database<br />Your Company Website: It is a marketing tool for you?<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    20. 20. 877-HUMAN10<br />
    21. 21. Sin #6: No Service Recovery<br />Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.<br />They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.<br /> ~DONALD PORTER<br />
    22. 22. Some Statistics to “Set the Stage”<br />96% of those who are dissatisfied will never – ever – tell you why!<br />Yet, they WILL tell everyone else!<br />“Replacement Costs”…<br />(Costs you incur to keep one resident) X (10)= <br />the cost to you to replace that resident if they leave<br />
    23. 23. Why Service Recovery?<br /> Research proves time and again that customers who have had a service failure resolved quickly and properly are more loyal to a company than are customers who have never had a service failure -- significantly more loyal.  <br />
    24. 24. Sin #6: No Service Recovery<br />Establish a formal system for making right what goes wrong…Service Recovery: <br />Things will go wrong. Even in the best community, someone might make a mistake. <br />And even if nobody does, I can guaranty there will be residents and/or family members (or other customers) that are unhappy with you for some reason anyway. <br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    25. 25. Service Recovery “Requirements”<br />Service Recovery training of all staff <br />Fix the person first, always…then decide how to fix the problem<br />Promptly resolve smaller issues: empower staff to find solutions without asking permission, without delaying the solution<br />Embrace and Collect Feedback:<br />Multiple ways to collect feedback (phone, email, website, comment cards, etc.)<br />Culture of a “Complaint is a Gift”<br />Database to manage feedback<br />Timely follow through on all feedback<br />
    26. 26. 4 Basic Steps to Service Recovery:<br />Apology<br />Reinstatement<br />Atonement (Make Amends)<br />Follow Up<br />*Handout<br />*Take Home Exercise<br />
    27. 27. Sin #6: Not Knowing the Benefits of Service Recovery<br />Key Value to effective service recovery and complaint handling: customer retention.  <br />One way to think about service recovery is that it is a positive approach to complaint handling.<br />It creates positive word-of-mouth about your company, and minimizes the bad spin that lack of service recovery can create.  <br />
    28. 28. Sin #7: Being “Out of Touch”<br />Know your “Community” and Know your “Community!<br />Two-hats: Operations/Marketing need to spend at least one-day per week out of the office visiting referral sources. <br />All too often I hear marketers say they are so busy they just don't have the time. <br />One-Hat: Marketers need to know the staff and the residents within their community. <br />A features/benefits talk without genuine caring for the current residents and a connection with current staff is seen as cold and sales-y. <br />How will your prospect trust you have their best interests in mind if you are NOT genuinely connected to those in your community? <br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    29. 29. Sin #7: Being “Out of Touch”<br />Who are your top referral sources?<br />What if they aren’t referring?<br />Has the economic shift changed anything for you?<br />Do you have the financial savvy needed to have a conversation with the adult child about funding options?<br />Are you able to have an “apples to apple” conversation rather than “apples” to “oranges” when it comes to comparing options?<br />What other professional resources can you utilize?<br />Where else might you need to shore up your skills?<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    30. 30. The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Senior Living: RECAP<br />Sin #1: Inadequate or Ineffective Training<br />Sin #2: You Can’t “Walk” Your “Talk”<br />Sin #3: Not Getting “Personal”<br />Sin #4: Lack of Follow Through<br />Sin #5: Not using the right “tools” and technology<br />Sin #6: No Service Recovery<br />Sin #7: Being “Out of Touch”<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    31. 31. Are You A “Sinner”?<br />List the areas where you or your organization can do a better job of marketing:<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br />_____________________________________________<br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    32. 32. Real People. Real Success.<br />
    33. 33. Services<br />N-Gage Assessment<br />Outcome-Based Action Plans<br />Executive Coaching/Consulting<br />Key Note Speaking<br />Workshops and Training<br />
    34. 34. Areas of Expertise<br />Employee Engagement<br />Customer Devotion & Service Recovery<br />Attracting & Selecting Top Talent<br />Motivating & Retaining Top Talent <br />Leadership/Management Development<br />Effective Communication<br />Emotional Intelligence <br />Improving Teamwork<br />Performance Planning<br />
    35. 35. Workshops/Keynotes/Training<br />S.T.E.P. into Success…Customer Devotion in 4 Steps!<br />Are you Plagued With a Couple of “Bad Apples” in Your Employee Bushel? Retain the Best and Get Rid of the Rest!<br />Customer Devotion: Make Your Customers Fall in Love With You!<br />Service Recovery: Turning “Raging Mad” into “Raving Fan”<br />Change Management: Turn Change into Your Advantage<br />Trust Quotient: Character and Competence – Keys to Your Success<br />Emotional Intelligence: Personal and Professional Transformation<br />Effective Communication: Keeping Your Cool When Your Temperature’s Rising<br />Compassion Mastery: Nurturing Others While Keeping Yourself in Balance<br />Leading Edge of Leadership<br />7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Senior Living<br />
    36. 36. 3 Solution Paths<br />
    37. 37. In-House: HR/Internal<br />
    38. 38. In-House: Hire FTE<br />
    39. 39. Outsource: Contract with Specialist<br />
    40. 40. How You Can “Hybrid”…<br />Use the Specialist to:<br />…Train your HR person/team<br />…Select your new hire and mentor<br />…Partner with you – your internal resources<br />objectivity, gap analysis, accountability partner, “prioritizer”<br />Provide a variety of workshops, trainings, webinars …<br />“Picking up the slack so it stays on track”<br />Because, even with great systems, a complementary partner will add value and improve your outcomes <br />Hassle Free Option: Outsource it all! <br />
    41. 41. This Helps Me Meet My Objectives!<br />Write down your Favorite “Take-Aways”: <br />The things you most enjoyed hearing about or learning about today. Or the things you think will be most useful to you in the “real world”….<br />And any questions that did not get answered…<br /> This information helps me learn what is most valuable for participants and allows me to get back to you with answers to any questions you may have!<br />
    42. 42.
    43. 43. If you would like to learn more:<br />Workshops are being held in Middleton<br />Monthly Webinars (National audience, variety of topics, many are complimentary)<br />Rather not travel? I can do the workshop at your facility!<br />½ Day Version – 4 hour<br />2 (1/2) Day Version - 8 hour<br />Also available: One-on-one coaching <br /> 877-HUMAN10<br />
    44. 44. For more information on this program, other programs, or to schedule a complimentary strategy session:<br />Contact: <br />Sonya Sullins, MBA<br />Human Capital Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker<br /><br /><br />Toll Free: 877-HUMAN10 or (608) 279-0691<br />"We inspire professionals and organizations to achieve peak performance through people, passion and purpose."  <br />  <br />
    45. 45. Sonya Sullins, MBA<br />Human Capital Consultant, Executive Coach and Speaker<br />