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Global Blister Packaging Market Trends Growing


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Finally, you can truly faster, accurate, smarter and automate your blister packaging. A flexible system that can pack various kinds of blister packs with individually checked. For more information please visit our website at:

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Global Blister Packaging Market Trends Growing

  1. 1. Blister Packing Machine is expected to expand worldwide Demand for Blister Packing Machine is expected to grow worldwide as industry has forecasted in upcoming years. In near future, pharmaceutical market will grow up to 7000 million and it also promises lots of opportunities for manufacturers and exporters. Based on stats, The Companies manufacturing packaging and filling machines have earned revenue more than €1.1 billion in 2013 only. By 2015, experts have noticed 10 percent increases in sales and overall revenue. In most of cases, blister packing machineis utilized by foodsectorandpharmaceutical industry that generatesmorethan 90 percent of revenue for machine manufacturers. Market Analysis for packaging machines Special packaging machines have increased production speed up to 25 percent that led to attractive profits too. It does not take more time to master packaging machines. They are easy to use and install and packs more precisely than manual packaging. It reduces labor costs too significantly. The industries are expecting constant improvement in near future with increased demand of products.
  2. 2. If we focus on food sector, large packaging ofliquid and solid food needs to be done every day. There is emergence need of packaging machines that could complete this work automatically. This is the reason demand of machine manufacturers and exporters have increased dramatically. In next few years, the project sale is expected to increase almost four times. Global demand for blister packing machine Not only in India, but blister packing machines have made good share across worldwide. Machines are manufactured using latest tools and technologies to increase sales volume and overall profits. It enables industries not only to double their production but profits too. In near future, almost every industry would rely on packaging machines instead of adopting any manual procedure. To order your blister packing machine, contact Sonus International now. We also help you with custom orders and packaging machines can be availed with us at most affordable prices.