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Presentation about the Present Simple for Elementary of Pre-Intermediate students of English.

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Present simple

  1. 1. Department of LanguagesTec hnical University of Košice Present Simple Mgr. Soňa Polakovičová
  2. 2. Present SimplePresent SimpleImportant facts- The fundamental tense in English.- Commonly used.- Exists in every language.- Without it you can´t learn anything else in English.
  3. 3. Present SimpleI Positive sentence Subject + verb + object I travel to work by bus. 3rd person singular - Add “s“ to the verb She travels to work by bus. Exceptions: Verbs ending in“y“after a consonant – change y to i and add – es I cry – she cries BUT! I play – he plays Verbs ending in “o“ – add “es“ I go – he goes Verbs ending in “ss“, “sh“, “ch“ or “x“ take on –es kiss – kisses, wash – washes, watch – watches, mix – he mixes
  4. 4. Present SimpleII Negative sentenceWe use auxiliary (helping) words “do not“ and “does not“I like chocolate – I do not (don´t) like chocolate.We watch TV every evening – We don´t watch TV every evening.3rd person singularEmma likes pop songs - Emma does not (doesn´t) like pop songs.He knows many people – He doesn´t know many people.
  5. 5. Simple Present III QuestionWe again use “do“ and “does“I like cars.Do you like cars?Yes, I do.No, I don´t.3rd person singularShe likes cars.Does she like cars?Yes, she does.No, she doesn´t.
  6. 6. Simple Present Usage1) Repeated actionsI go to the gym every Friday.Every morning I have a big breakfast.2) General truthsThe moon goes around the earth.Cats like milk.(They don´t have to be true, but we claim them to be):Politicians are greedy.
  7. 7. Present Simple3) Permanent actionsMy mother works in a post office.We are students.Our grandparents have three cats.4) Timetables, schedulesThe train to Toronto leaves at eight a.m.Our film starts at seven.
  8. 8. Present Simple Adverbs commonly used with Present Simple Always Often Sometimes Occasionally Rarely Seldom Never Every... (day, morning, summer, year, etc.) It stands before the verb - I often go.., she never reads.. If used with “to be“, it stands after it – I am never late, she is sometimes tired.
  9. 9. Present SimpleQuestion words used with Present SimpleWhen..?Why..?Where..?Who..?What..?Which..?How..?They stand at the beginning of the sentence.
  10. 10. Present Simple Revision Translate these sentences: Nepracujem v banke. Máš rád deti? Nehovorím po francúzsky. Pochádzame z Ázie. Moja sestra nikdy neraňajkuje. Čo robievaš cez víkendy? Talk about your daily routine. What do you do with your mobile phone?
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention