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Ronak ppt

Smart Grid

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Ronak ppt

  1. 1. TOPIC:- SMART GRID SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Kamal Arora Dean, B.Tech Dpt. SUBMITTED BY:- Ronak Masar B.Tech, Electrical 5th Sem. K11751 CAREER POINT UNIVERSITY,KOTA
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION What is smart grid? How we upgrade the grid in smart grid? Smart Grid Attributes Advantages of smart grid Disadvantages of smart grid Conclusion
  3. 3. In this presentation we study about smart grid technology, features of smart grid and advantages or disadvantages of smart grid.
  4. 4. An automated, widely distributed energy delivery network characterized by a two- way flow of electricity and information, capable of monitoring and responding to changes in everything from power plants to customer preferences to individual appliances.
  5. 5. Uses information technologies to improve how electricity travels from power plants to consumers Allows consumers to interact with the grid Integrates new and improved technologies into the operation of the grid
  6. 6. Information-based Communicating Secure Self-healing Reliable Flexible Cost-effective Dynamically controllable
  7. 7. Economic development:- New jobs Innovation Lower cost Improved reliability Customer energy/cost saving
  8. 8. Some types of meter can be hacked. Not simply a single component. Expensive in terms of installation.
  9. 9. Smart Grid provides intelligent, advanced power control for the next century Many new technologies involve for supporting sensing, controlling, human interfaces. Charging electricity cost is funder mental infrastructure can be implemented similar to stock market in smart grid.