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We are licensed Custom Brokers offering best services in Custom Clearance, Freight Forwarding and other Value Added Services our customers for efficient execution of their logistic needs.

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P. G. GOSWAMY - Company Profile

  1. 1. P. G. GoswamyIntroduction and OverviewLogistic SolutionsEstd. 2008
  2. 2. Company1 Overview
  3. 3. About P. G. GoswamyP. G. Goswamy is a firm established in the year2008 with an aim to offer the best services to thetrade for efficiently handling and execution ofexport and import shipments.P. G. Goswamy is a proprietorship firm headed byMs. Preceilla G. Goswamy, having an experienceof over a decade in handling customclearance, freight forwarding, licensingconsultancy services.We are based in Mumbai and licensed by NewCustom House, Mumbai to act as Custom HouseAgents and execute the import/ exporttransactions in all customs offices of India.Enriched by operations expertise, we combineextensive customs clearance and forwardingexperience with the latest e-commercetechnology. We strictly adhere to customscompliance and have a quality policy for handlingoperations; thereby eliminating delays andproviding reliable service to our customers.We specializes in handling Custom Clearance, SVBConsultancy, International FreightForwarding, DomesticTransportation, Warehousing, Insurance, Export/Import Licensing and related Value AddedServices.
  4. 4. About The ProprietorPreceilla G. Goswamy, holds 12 years of experiencein handling custom clearance of Import and Exportshipments, guiding customers in fulfilling thedocumentation requirement of custom office andproviding consultancy for establishment andfinalization of SVB Orders from GATT Valuation Cellof Customs.Education qualifications:• Diploma in Custom Clearance and Freight Forwarding• Bachelor in Commerce• Masters in Business Administration (Marketing)• Qualified Custom House Broker (Regulation 8)• Diploma In Dangerous Goods (DG) Regulations from IATA Training and Development InstituteP. G. Goswamy is a firm which has been incepted inyear 2008 by Preceilla G. Goswamy. Prior toinception of P. G. Goswamy, Preceilla has workedwith G. P. Goswamy, a Custom House Agent, DHLExpress (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Gati International inthe capacity of Import Manager.
  5. 5. Our Offices Head Office Mumbai • Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India • Head Office located near Air Cargo Complex, Andheri (East), Mumbai • Branch Office located near Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House (JNPT) at Nhava -Sheva, Navi Mumbai Branch Office Navi Mumbai * Graphic does not illustrate exact location
  6. 6. Our Value2 Proposition
  7. 7. Our Value Proposition Energized Information & Reliability & Customer People Technology Accountability Satisfaction•Experienced •Meet the latest •Our offices are •Maintain a personal standards implemented strategically located touch with customers•Trained by customs for near the Sea Ports and from large MNCs to registration of shipment Air Port of Mumbai small independent documents for clearance importers/exporters•Motivated •Ensure reduction in •Computerized costs & turn around •Keep customers•Committed Documentation & time of shipment updated with latest Interaction with clearance shipment•Customer focused Customs through EDI status, thereby maintaining shipment •Customer support for visibility•Custom Qualified •Online tracking of implementation of new shipment arrival & processes & procedures •Tailor-made services•Updated with latest trade clearance progress laid down by Customs to suit customer needs policies & through procedures, Customs and customs, airlines & •Monitoring & analyzing •Proactive information Central Excise custodians’ web portals the clearance turn to our customers for Notifications, Circulars, R around time for further documents, catalogues egulations, etc. service improvement & literature required for speedy & smooth custom clearance & availing custom duty benefit, if applicable
  8. 8. Organizational StructureEngagements at different level of hierarchy ensures effective and efficient execution of the solution P. G. Goswamy Customer Preceilla Goswamy Executive Sponsor (Proprietor) (Senior Management Level) Import/ Export Coordinator Customer’s Logistic Department (Sr. Executive) Set-up Customs Documentation Accounts Clearance Executive Executive Executive Custom Custom Clearance Clearance Associate Associate (Back-Office) (Field Operations)
  9. 9. Products and3 Services
  10. 10. Products and Services Custom Clearance International Freight Forwarding Domestic Transportation (Import/ Export) (Air & Sea) Warehousing & Insurance Export Import Licenses Value Added Services
  11. 11. Products and Services Custom Clearance Custom Clearance International Freight Domestic Imports Exports Forwarding (Air & Sea) Transportation ● Complete documentation We cater to strategic● Guidance for preparing ● Under Free Shipping Bill & customs house destinations like: import and export related ● Under Claim for Duty brokerage services under ● Delhi documents as per customs Drawback. (All Industry one roof ● Kolkata compliance Rate / Brand Rate) of ● Warehousing & ● Silvassa● Appraisement and dutiable goods distribution ● Bangalore examination procedures ● Under DEPB Shipping ● Expedited deliveries ● Surat and payments received Bill (Duty Exemption ● Cargo monitoring with ● Ahmedabad from customer Pass Book) complete vessel detail ● Kalol● Routine shipment, Home ● Under EPCG (Export ● DDU & DDP processing consumption (Duty paid) ● Nagpur Promotion Capital ● Worldwide network of● In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment ● Nashik Goods) agents servicing every● DEPB / EPCG / DFCEC / ● Jalgaon ● For E.O.U/ EPZ / STP / major airport / seaport in Advance License shipments ● Aurangabada EHTP the world● 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / ● Ratnigiri ● Co-ordination with ● Single source clearance TP for ships spare-parts / various authorities such for ● Goa R&D Certificate / Pass- as Inspection transportation, customs ● Solan baddi Book scheme Agencies, Consulates, Q and delivery requirements ● Gurgaon● Project import clearance uota ● Efficient customer support ● Jaipur● Direct delivery for Authorities, Insurance ● Competitive rates perishable & specific cargo companies etc. ● Flight details/ pre-arrival We offer:● Re-import after repairs / ● Securing export benefits notice ● Standard trucks and exhibition on behalf of shippers ● Confirmed free time at trailer● Third country export seaports ● Refrigerated Vehicles for clearance ● Container temperature sensitive and● High seas sale shipment unloading, palletization perishable cargo● ATA carnet clearance and trucking to any ● Reefer vehicles● Second hand capital goods destination in India● Courier clearance
  12. 12. Products and Services Inventory Post Shipment Export/ Import Licences Value Added Services Warehousing Activities Applications for:● Container storage ● Claiming duty ● Consultancy & handling of ● New import-export code (IE● Pallet storage (racked drawbacks adjudication cases at code) number and block stacking) ● DEPB verification Custom & CESTAT ● Modification/ Duplicate of IE● Container packing / ● DEEC audit ● Establishment & Finalization code unpacking ● DFRC verification of SVB Order ● Updation of IE code● Palletizing ● Bond/BG ● Insurance of Goods ● DEPB license● Stretch wrapping cancellations and ● Chartered Engineer ● EPGC license/ Redemption of● Shrink wrapping more Certification for engineering advance license● Fumigation ● 4% additional SAD & electrical goods and EPGC license● Inventory reporting refund claims ● Phytosanitary certificate / ● Transferable duty free and MIS ● Liaison with bankers Fumigation certificate authorization● Order picking for import, export ● Freight Packaging ● Duty script license for service● Storage pending clearance, remittanc ● House stuffing consignment ● Export house certificates delivery (long and es, establishment of ● Palletizing Advanced Licenses for: short term) LCs, etc. ● Survey ● Cases where standard input-● Labeling ● Assisting SGS inspection output norms are fixed● Pallet control and CRF report ● Cases where standard input-● Surveyors reports ● Octroi exemption facility output norms are not fixed● Full range of specialist and refund claim ● Terminal excise duty for materials handling procedures export under deemed export equipment ● Processing Certificate of (refund procedure also Origin undertaken) ● Documents legalization Special Cases Falling Under: from consulates ● Vishesh Krishi Yojna duty ● Management Information script Systems Reports (MIS) ● Focus - Market or Focus - ● Other services related to Product scheme import and export ● Restricted lists
  13. 13. Contact Us Preceilla G. Goswamy (Proprietor) Mobile: +91 98205 04619 Phone: +91 22 2681 7797 Phone: +91 22 26828619 E-mail: pggoswamy@gmail.com Registered Office: Branch Office: 11, Krishna Bhavan, 2nd Floor, 36, 3rd Floor, Sutar Pakhadi Road, Sahar Village, Port Users’ Building, Near Air Cargo Complex, Near Jawaharlal Nehru Custom Sahar, Andheri (East), House (JNCH), Mumbai – 400 099. Nhava-Sheva, Uran Maharashtra. INDIA. Maharashtra. INDIA.
  14. 14. Thank You