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  1. 1. Government/Economics Final Project Tessa Sontheimer Mod 1 Semester 1-2012
  2. 2. My experience My experience with this project was very fulfillingand informative. I invited my grandmother to come into class and speak. She spoke about her 20 yearsserving on the Gettysburg Borough Council, how ourlocal government operates, and her personalmotivation and experiences. Not only did I learn moreabout how my local government works and how I canplay a part in that, I also learned things I didn’t knowabout my grandma. I also felt good about my projectbecause it gave my grandmother a chance to spreadher vast knowledge to an interested and informedgroup of students.
  3. 3. Current Gettysburg Borough My grandmother, former Council (my grandmother is notCouncilwoman, Holly Giles included because she choose not to run)
  4. 4. Left: First settler of Gettysburg, John TroxellRight: Current Mayor Troxell, relative of the first founder of Gettysburg
  5. 5. What did I learn? I learned specifics about the boroughgovernment. Specifics include:– how the police forceis funded by Borough taxes– how college kids cause the most crimes– how much Borough occupants pay in taxes– how much power the Borough Council members have– how the Borough Council members’ political affiliation doesn’t come into play
  6. 6. What did you do to make this meaningful to you? It was meaningful to learn new things about thetown I’ve always lived in. It gave me a new appreciationfor all of the little things that occur - from parades, topolice, to fireworks. It also gave me a betterunderstanding of all the work, deliberation, andmeetings that go into making these events happen. This project was especially meaningful to mebecause it involved my grandmother. I got to learn newthings about her and that experience is invaluable.
  7. 7. What could you have done better? I am pleased with how my project turned out. I could have done certain things better. Maybe if I had planned a bit more in advance, other members could of possibly come in and spoken in addition to my grandmother. It could of also been possible to do a PowerPoint prior to my grandmother’s speaking to give my classmates more background information.
  8. 8. Photo sources• es/headline_art/2009/march09/mayortroxellpic2.jpg• 60/• 8af2bf2a-83ca-11df-a529- 001cc4c002e0/4c2a75dd1cb0a.preview-300.jpg• http://gettysburg-
  9. 9. Special thanks to my Grammy Holly for coming in and speaking!