Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program Overview


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Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program Overview presented by Sonoma Raceway.

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Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program Overview

  1. 1. The Next Generation of Motorsports Sponsorship ! November, 2012"
  2. 2. About Sonoma Raceway! 2 Ø  World-class motor-racing facility with 350 days of on-track activity for more than 700,000 fans and participants each year Ø  Hosts every major form of motor-racing – the only track in the world with NASCAR, IndyCar, FIA WTCC, NHRA and Historic Car events Ø  Reaches 50M+ viewers through national and international televised events; ranked #1 in TV exposure for all U.S. racetracks Ø  HQ of the Simraceway Performance Driving Center and the only North American location for the Audi Sportscar Experience Ø  International R&D destination for myriad auto manufacturers and transportation technology companies
  3. 3. Ø  The racetrack for all of Northern and Central California, including the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and beyond Ø  Reach extends nationally and internationally due to its unique layout, media relationships and parent company, Speedway Motorsports, Inc. Ø  An ideal setting for B2B entertainment for dozens of major companies that use the venue for meetings and exclusive hospitality Ø  Attracts a wide range of demo groups because of diverse event schedule Ø  Custom events and exclusive experiences Raceway Facts! 3
  4. 4. Fortune 500 and multinational companies use the raceway for major branding and promotion, to entertain customers, develop new relationships and enjoy an array of exclusive experiences. 44 Business Network
  5. 5. A Sustainable Racetrack?! 5 The “Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program” is grounded in the belief that it is possible to reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. By partnering with companies who share this belief, our goal is to: Ø  Showcase green technology from a performance perspective by demonstrating clean-performing technology and vehicles including cars, electric motorcycles and dragsters, green performance events and summits for industry leaders Ø  Promote the adoption of new and existing sustainable business practices such as enhanced transportation management, recycling programs, increased energy efficiency and the installation of renewable energy systems Ø  Raise awareness among a large and engaged performance driven audience of race fans, car enthusiasts and our network of partners, both established and prospective
  6. 6. Sustainability in Action! Ø  Environmentally-sensitive venue redesign Ø  Award winning recycling programs Ø  Natural land care using sheep to maintain grounds Ø  Owl boxes providing pesticide-free rodent control Ø  Green cleaning with environmentally safe products Ø  Water conservation drawing from well systems Ø  All used tires recycled Ø  A highly visible 357 kw Panasonic solar system that accounts for more than 41% of the facility’s energy use and includes a 100% solar powered LED message board on heavily traveled Highway 37 Ø  Amyris, the Raceway’s Official Renewable Fuels Provider, powers all track-operated diesel-powered vehicles resulting in fewer emissions. The raceway in Sonoma is already one of the greenest tracks in the country. Consider:
  7. 7. Annual Sustainable Performance Summit! In September of 2012, we hosted our second annual “Accelerating Sustainable Performance Summit.” The one-day summit attracted nearly 200 industry leaders and media members, and featured partners such as Amyris, Panasonic, Safety Kleen, Yokohama and Pacific Gas & Electric. In collaboration with Dominican University the Raceway unveiled a system that ranks cars based on both their environmental qualities and performance. Each vehicle receives a single grade that reflects its fuel efficiency and greenhouse-gas emissions as well as its horsepower and torque, allowing consumers to see which cars give them the biggest bang for the least gas. The Summit also featured a variety of on track demonstrations including the inaugural EV track record set by Kleenspeed Technologies, Inc.
  8. 8. 8 Sustainability Partners will continue to be integrated into a series of actions designed to promote green technologies and adoption of new sustainable business practices. Some of these exciting planned actions and sponsorship platforms include; Ø  Enhanced Recycling/E-Waste Ø  Collaborative Transportation Programs for Major Events Ø  Carbon-Free/Alternative Racing Exhibitions During Major Events Ø  Green Pavilion/Fan Engagement Ø  Smart grid/electric vehicle R&D platform Ø  Education Platforms New Sustainability Actions!
  9. 9. ! Levels of Engagement! Three tiers of participation: Ø  Visionary – integration throughout entire program, all related media, ownership of one major platform; traditional sponsorship assets also include branding, suite, private hospitality assets and VIP access across all major events Ø  Leaders – linkage to multiple actions, targeted media integration, co-ownership of a platform; this is a substantial position that will allow a company to be seen by all who visit the raceway and to be positioned in extensive regional and online media Ø  Associates – targeted integration, shared platforms, and fully customized role for existing partners, government, non-profit, media partners, start-ups and individuals 9
  10. 10. 10 Partnership Benefits! Benefits provided to companies participating in the Sustainable Performance program include: Ø  Entitlement/naming of individual platforms Ø  Onsite product integration, deployment and promotion Ø  Sustainable Partnership website integration,, email blasts, social media Ø  Inclusion in Sustainable Partnership signage throughout venue Ø  Demo and sampling opportunities in Green Pavilion, Panasonic Media/Business Center and elsewhere on site Ø  Engagement in what is a high-profile, widely covered sports program
  11. 11. 11 Other Benefits! Sustainable Partners will enjoy a range of standard sponsorship benefits to help bring the partnership to life including: Ø  Direct access to large corporate executive audience Ø  High-profile track signage Ø  Tickets and discount promotions Ø  First-class hospitality Ø  Track experiences, garage/pit access
  12. 12. 12 Media and Promotion! Actions driven by Sustainable Partners will be promoted through Raceway media, web actions, and on-site. Media partners are being sought for the program with TV, online and print media expected to participate. As the primary race venue in all of Northern and Central California with a well established network of media relationships, it is expected that the program and related actions will generate extensive regional and national media coverage.
  13. 13. 13 Online Visibility! Raceway communications staff will drive Sustainable Partner-led actions out through web channels including social media outlets. The Raceway’s high-impact website receives millions of visitors throughout the year, and provides excellent visibility for major partners. Frequent email blasts to the Raceway’s list of 80,000+ subscribers provide the opportunity for major partners to reach an avid fan base. The Raceway’s recent forays into mobile marketing will also boost partner visibility.
  14. 14. 14 Targeted Categories! We seek to partner with companies committed to sustainability and/or those with products that serve the green movement: Ø  Cleaning Supplies Ø  Waste/recycling Ø  Beverages Ø  Associations Ø  Healthy foods Ø  Insurance Ø  Energy Ø  IT Ø  Electronics Ø  Home Improvement Ø  Lighting Ø  Retail
  15. 15. 15 Desired Results! The Raceway in Sonoma’s Sustainable Performance program aims to achieve the following: Ø  Reduced environmental impact of the raceway, its events and fans Ø  Greater awareness of environmental matters among audiences reached Ø  Well-positioned partners with high profile demonstration of products, services and commitment to the environment Ø  Enhanced community presence and linkage Ø  International recognition as the most progressive race venue in the world
  16. 16. 16 Contact! For more information and to discuss this opportunity, please contact: Matthew J. Ellis Director, Business Development 707-933-3903 Direct 707-334-9807 Mobile