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Apush project

  1. 1. A AND THE SEARCH FOR THE DIAMOND OF ZEUSChronicled by Alex McFadden, Period 5, may20th 2012
  2. 2. A NEW ADVENTURE• Indiana Jones has travelled in time in order to stop Dr. Heindstein, an evil Nazi scientist looking for the Diamond of Zeus• If he gets his hands on it, the Nazis will have unlimited power and will rule the world for countless centuries to come• Travelling to the present, Indiana must race to collect the shards of the diamond before Heindstein
  3. 3. THE FIRST SHARD• The first shard was found at the McCallum Theater! It’s located on 73000 Fred Waring Drive, off of Fred Waring and near Monterey• This theater was named for the famous McCallum family, an influential family in the development of the valley, and fundraised by Fred Waring• Source: Coachella Valley California (122), Clue 4: In front of the theater Jack Benny often broadcast his radio show in the 1930s• The McCallum was developed by Fred Waring in order to accomadate functions such as this, as well as better stage quality for plays and other events
  4. 4. THE SECOND SHARD• The second shard was found at the Gerald Ford’s Boys and Girls Club! It’s located on 49-995 Park Avenue, off of Park Avenue near Big Horn Trail• Established by the President in order to aid youth• Source: http://www.bgcboard.blogspot.com/ Palm Springs First 100 Years (202) Clue 102: With the bust of the only non-elected president• Gerald Ford holds this title, the bust was put up in his honor for his contribution in establishing this organization that helps youths all throughout the valley (one of many valley improvement projects he and his wife Betty took on, including Betty Ford Center)
  5. 5. THE THIRD SHARD• The third was found at Eisenhower memorial hospital! It’s located 39000 Bob Hope Drive, about a mile or so down from The River.• This hospital was founded on 60 acres of land donated by Bob Hope and named for the famous president and war hero• Source: Coachella Valley California (124) Clue 34: at the front of a building dedicated to a president- land donated by a movie star• It’s obvious who fits these descriptions given the pervious information, and since then Eisenhower has become a primary hospital in the valley
  6. 6. THE FOURTH SHARD• The fourth shard was found in front of LG’s! This is a locally owned restaurant that stands at the corner where Coachella Valley Hospital once stood. It’s located off the corner of highway 111 and Washington street.• Source: Friend’s parent Clue 37:At the corner where Coachella Valley Hospital once stood. The restaurant was build after the hospital ceased to exist.
  7. 7. THE FIFTH SHARD• The fifth shard was found on Doctor Carrean Boulevard! This is located off of Monroe.• This street was named after one of the founders of JFK memorial hospital, which is a community hospital established in 1966, in memory of the late president who symbolized the prosperity of America.• Source: http://www.jfkmemorialhosp.com/en- us/aboutus/pages/general%20facts.aspx Clue: 99: next to the street sign named for the man that donated the land for JFK memorial hospital and helped found the Coachella Valley Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce• Dr. Carrean holds the title for both these
  8. 8. THE SIXTH SHARD• The Sixth Shard was found on the grounds of Coachella Valley High School! It’s located 83800 Airport Boulevard, off of Van Buren.• This is the oldest high school in Coachella Valley, and is located next to the CVUSD office. The school was established in the middle of Coachella valley. Desert Mirage High School was established to reduce the growing number of students.• Clue: 44. at the first high school in the valley. Source: Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coachella_Valley_High_School
  9. 9. THE SEVENTH SHARD• The seventh shard was found in front of the words La Quinta! This sign is located on Calle Chihuahua, off of Eisenhower.• This is the sign of the city that was called, “The Garden of Eden” by Cahuilla Indians after the famous biblical place in heaven• Source: http://www.hotpalmspringshomes.com/la_quinta_homes.html Clue 52: Where the Cahuillas believed was the Garden of Eden• Most would find it strange given the desert climate, though it does make one wander how exactly they viewed the area to call it that
  10. 10. THE EIGHTH SHARD• The eighth shard was found in front of the Indio sign! This sign is located on highway 111, off of Jefferson.• This sign marks the city that is halfway between Yuma and Los Angeles• Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indio,_California Clue 23: at the city sign halfway between Yuma and LA• Established for trains as a stopping point between the two
  11. 11. THE NINTH SHARD• The ninth shard was found by the side of the road that has the waterline in the background! This waterline runs all around the valley• The waterline shows where the water level used to be at, showing that the land we call home was once under water• Source: http://www.la-quinta.org/index.aspx?page=53 Clue 1: at the high tide of the fresh water lake that existed 500-1000 years ago
  12. 12. THE TENTH SHARD• The tenth shard was found in front of the Well Marker! This marker lies on the grounds of city hall, which is located off of cook street near Desert Horizons Country Club• This marker indicates the first Indian well in the valley. The Indian wells have become famous in the valley as they exist as evidence left behind of a culture prior to our own here, though this marker is far from where the actual well was oddly enough.• Source: Coachella Valley California (66) Clue 14: At the historical marker designating the first Indian well
  13. 13. THE ELEVENTH SHARD• The eleventh shard was found in front of a smoke tree! This one was found outside the Smoke Tree Apartments complex off of Monroe.• This tree is the official tree of the city of La Quinta• Its Latin name is Dalea spinos• Source: http://www.la-quinta.org/index.aspx?page=53 Clue 121: With an official tree of La Quinta
  14. 14. THE TWELTH SHARD• The twelfth shard was found in a purple sand verbena! This was found on the tree in my back yard, 7920 Laurie Court bout a quarter mile from the school.• This is the official flower of the city of La Quinta• Latin name is Abronisa Villosia• Source: http://www.la-quinta.org/index.aspx?page=53 Clue: 113: With the official flower of La Quinta
  15. 15. ADVENTURE COMPLETE!• Indiana Jones has prevailed and assembled the Diamond of Zeus!• He shall now hide this in time where no one will ever find it• The Nazis are defeated once again and history is corrected