SXSWi 2012 - Your Social Media Job is Dead. Now What?


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Our panel at SXSWi 2012 | Angeline Vuong (Sr Strategist, Huge), Ana Andjelic (Digital Strategist, Droga5), Sonny Gill (Social Media Mgr, U.S. Cellular), Natalie Rodic Marsan (Account Supervisor, VaynerMedia).

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SXSWi 2012 - Your Social Media Job is Dead. Now What?

  1. 1. March 13, 2012Your Social Media Job is Dead: Now What?Ana Andjelic – Droga5Sonny Gill – US CellularNatalie Rodic Marsan - VaynerMediaAngeline Vuong - HUGE
  2. 2. #SXSMJOBS
  3. 3. @angelineasaurus @sonnygill @andjelicaaa @rodicka
  4. 4. Whywe’re here.
  5. 5. +75% social media-related job postings in 2011.Source: #SXSMJOBS
  6. 6. Social Media ManagersCoordinators Strategists Editors Evangelists Directors VPs Developers Experts Gurus Ninjas Mavens etc…
  7. 7. But… How much room is therefor specialization? And is it sustainable?
  8. 8. Everyone was dying to have a Flash guru. Now, interest is dying…Source: Google Insights #SXSMJOBS
  9. 9. Digital strategist. Planner. Marketing analyst. Account director. Communicationsdirector. Marketing manager.Product manager. Customer insights manager. User experience lead. Content strategist. #SXSMJOBS
  10. 10. 2 years as OMMA’s 0 strategists with thesocial media agency words “social media” of the year in their titles #SXSMJOBS
  11. 11. Re-thinking social mediaas a profession.
  12. 12. Good marketers& communicators developamazing experiences thatmeet brand objectives and make customers happy. That’s it. #SXSMJOBS
  13. 13. #SXSMJOBS
  14. 14. Social spans many departments incompanies with mature programs. Research Customer & Support Analytics Social Media Team Marketing Product & Development Comm. #SXSMJOBS
  15. 15. So, is this industry really obsolete?
  16. 16. Sonny.@sonnygill
  17. 17. Yes.(well, sort of…) #SXSMJOBS
  18. 18. My social roots:Digital Jack of all TradesSocial Media Career Development –  Infancy > Working Knowledge > AdoptionBusiness acumen evolution –  Understand internal functions –  Bridge social & business #SXSMJOBS
  19. 19. Social career plateaus & pitfalls:•  Tactical•  Platform dependent•  Siloed in community management #SXSMJOBS
  20. 20. Depends on…Willingness to EvolveChange in Organizational DNA – Culture – InnovationAccepting Greater Responsibility – Business decision maker – Leadership – Governance #SXSMJOBS
  21. 21. Ana.@andjelicaaa
  22. 22. Yes.(definitely) #SXSMJOBS
  23. 23. #SXSMJOBS
  24. 24. #SXSMJOBS
  25. 25. #SXSMJOBS
  26. 26. #SXSMJOBS
  27. 27. #SXSMJOBS
  28. 28. #SXSMJOBS
  29. 29. Natalie.@rodicka
  30. 30. No.(simply evolving) #SXSMJOBS
  31. 31. #SXSMJOBS
  32. 32. Social media is just an extension of building community. #SXSMJOBS
  33. 33. 2 major aspects:Campaigns are marketing.Community management is a lifetime. #SXSMJOBS
  34. 34. Some role specialization is necessary(this isn’t unique to social media)•  Strategists: What’s the point we’re trying to convey? What’s the right thing to do?•  Community Managers: Real-time interaction & analysis; amplification•  Analysts: Deeper analysis of efforts & how they tie back into business goals•  The Generalist / Manager: Someone who knows how to manage all of the above and ensure they ladder back to overarching business objectives #SXSMJOBS
  35. 35. Evolution:Community Roles spread across organizationManagers BecomingStrategists intelligence collectors Work with all businessAnalysts units to help fuel product development
  36. 36. In short…
  37. 37. Your social media job must evolve.•  Social media is a toolset. Customer service, PR / communications, marketing and consumer insights existed way before Facebook brand pages, sponsored tweets and Pin It buttons.•  “Social media strategy” is a myth. Specialization is focused on tactics & execution. But good social strategists & managers understand how to go beyond the silo.•  Accept greater responsibility. As digital becomes inherently social & businesses become inherently digital, expertise on digital behavior must also adapt accordingly.
  38. 38. Questions. #SXSMJOBS
  39. 39. Resources. #SXSMJOBS
  40. 40.
  41. 41. What will the career growthopportunities be? Which roles will go away? Which stay? #SMJOBS
  42. 42. What is the future of social media within organizations? How will these roles be structured? #SMJOBS
  43. 43. How do people who have social media jobs avoid being pigeonholed? #SMJOBS
  44. 44. What do you think will happen to social media agencies? #SMJOBS
  45. 45. What social media-related skillswill continue to be valuable to employers? #SMJOBS