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The pioneering Web Safety Advocate in the Philippines

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Watcha Webtrap!

  1. 1. Values Mission Vision1. Proactive We exist to bring To be the authority2. Collaborative awareness of the on cyber safety and online risks, promote other related sciences3. Transparent smart use of social in the Philippines4. Buoyant leadership web and set the bar on web safety
  2. 2. Microsoft Auditorium HistoryThis project is the brainchild of Severo E. Santos, also known as“Sonnie”, a Human Resource Executive turned MicroEntrepreneur. The idea was conceptualized on June 2010, as anoffshoot to his training module “Protect Your Brand: Use SocialWeb Responsibly”.As a social web advocate, he thought “If adults are affected bytheir irresponsible or ignorant use of the web, how much more are Bkids?” He shared his idea to Facebook buddies, and support for theproject poured in. On July 10, 2010, the 1st web safety seminardubbed as “Keep Your Kids Safe Online” was held at MicrosoftPhilippines auditorium. Since then, this web safety seminarbecame a road show.!"#$%&#(&)*+&%,*-&#.$&#/01*$&2/(&3./*0$+&*#4&56$$7&84,%&9/:1;&</"$&=*1*$>&*&4%+$%&#4&*31,+$&/+,1#(&*&#.$&3/:7/0*?&@#.&#.$&+$A$147:$*#&4"&#%/**0&:4+,1$(&#4&$B#$*+&#(&%$/3.&#4&#.$&;4,#.-&7%4"$((4*/1&/*+&34%74%/#$&0%4,7(-&@$C&</"$#;&DE&$A$*#(&/%$&*42&F*42*&/(&&5@/#3./&@$C#%/7G>&(0*/#,%$&($:*/%(? C 2
  3. 3. Nulla facilisi. Mauris laoreet aliquet mi. A teacher of International The Principal of St. Jude Christian Academy opens the Coach Rowell opens the Catholic School gives welcome seminar with worship songs seminar in prayer address Victory Training Center, Greenhills, D San Juan 2010 Milestones CGF Academyo H.$&I(#&*&DE&#./#&/+A43/#$(&2$C&(/"$#;?&o J$340*K$+&C;&D.177*$&L140&!2/%+(&/(& #.$&5L$(#&L140>&*&!+A43/3;?&o M4*+,3#$+&IN&@/#3./&@$C#%/7G&<$:*/%(& /? O*31,+*0&)&7%4A*3/1&(4%#$(& C? J$/3.$+&#4&(3.441(-&;4,#.&/*+& 7/%$*#&0%4,7(&o Listed in Global Resource Information Directory – Family Online Safety Instituteo 9$/#,%$+&C;&4*1*$&/*+&#%P:$+/? 3
  4. 4. A. Aenean elit. B. Lorem ipsum. C. Vestibulum quam. (item # XXXX) $000.00D. Quisque Viverra E. Suspendisse congue.Nullam nec massa vulputateaugue laoreet laoreet.Cconsectetuer adipiscing elit.Mauris ac est a eros iaculisadipiscing. (item # XXXX) $000.00 (item # XXXX) $000.00 (item # XXXX) $000.00 St. Jude Catholic School The Watcha Webtrap! Seminars Participants @ Microsoft Auditorium• Watcha Webtrap! Parents Edition [Keep your family safe online]• Watcha Webtrap! Youth Edition [ Be smart, be safe online]• Watcha Webtrap! Professional Edition ! Leadership ! Personal Branding ! Online Reputation Management [ORM]• Watcha Webtrap! Corporate/School Edition ! Anti-Cyberbullying ! Online Brand Management ! Cyber Customer Management [CS 2.0] ! Online Philosophy and Policy [HR 2.0 v.1] ! Social Web in HR Operations [HR 2.0 v.2] ! Digital Social Advocacy [CSR 2.0] ! Cyber Security WWCF Auditorium 4
  5. 5. Participants @ HOPCC, SPECS Foundation Sta. Rosa, Laguna having a quick breakA parent @ St. JudeCatholic School asks aquestion Notre Dame of Marbel University Students line up @ Notre Dame of Marbel University, MMBC Auditorium South Cotabato 5
  6. 6. 2011This year, Web Safety PH embarks on ahigher goal to add more value in educatingthe public of the online risks, cybercrimes,and preventive measures.To jumpstart it’s 2011 campaign, Yahoo!and Web Safety PH joined forces to bringthe advocacy to the next level, collaborateon PH data, community engagement, andby making web safety materials accessible.While we will continue with the roadshows, we will also hold a cyber safetycamp or convention in partnership withother organizations. Specialized programwill be offered to professionals andcorporations too. Professionals Edition @ Baguio CityIn addition, Web Safety PH will publish abook about online safety, posters forschools, anime-comics for kids.We will partner with a school in setting upan anti-cyber bullying program.Beyond 2011, by partnering with theGovernment, we hope to1. Provide inputs to local government units in regulating Internet cafés.2. Partner w/ PNP Cybercrime unit in their web safety campaign3. Collaborate with Dept. of Education in incorporating Web Safety in primary and secondary education4. Provide input, when necessary, in formulating cyber-related laws.It is also our distant goal to launch aprocess for a “web safety seal” [an ISO type Youth Edition @ Waltermart Makaticertification] in partnership withGovernment and the private sectorFor consultation, invitation forseminars or other inquiries, pleasesend email too info@websafetyforparents.orgor connect to our social webaccounts:o Blog: www.websafetyforparents.orgo Facebook: Twitter: websafetyPHo Youtube: websafetyphil Parents Edition @ Waltermart Makati
  7. 7. A Roadshows ObjectivesA. Parents EditionBy the end of the seminar, parents should be able to 1. Understand the risks of unregulated and unguided exposures of kids on the Internet and online games, not only to the child but to the whole family. 2. Apply the built in safety features of their machine as well as to use available 3rd party application on the market [free version] to filter access to sites deemed inappropriate for kids, and regulate time on the computer. 3. Protect their privacy and protect their kids from cyber bullying by getting involve in the online activities of kids BB. Youth EditionBy the end of the seminar, the young people should be able to 1. Understand the risks of sharing too much information on the web, using cracked software, visiting sites prone to malware and phishing, and internet addiction 2. Apply social networking, online gaming and web surfing safety practices 3. Balance real life and online activitiesConsidered as top tier educational institution in their respective areas,St. Jude Catholic School, International Christian Academy and NotreDame of Marbel University gave their insights and testimonial on theseminars conducted to their parents and/or students. C
  8. 8. St. Jude CatholicSchool is one of thePremiere primary andsecondary schools inthe heart of Manila.Known for highquality education,excellence anddiscipline. 2
  9. 9. NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato, Philippines Telephone Nos.: President’s Telefax (+63 83) 228 3979 Fax No.: (+63 83) 228 2819 Trunk lines: (+63 83) 228 2218; 228 2368 loc 102 SPECIAL PROGRAM AND CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER January 28, 2011 What participants have to say on the seminar on “UNDERSTANDING THE GLOBAL LANDSCAPE OF THE SOCIAL WEB NETWORK AND WEB SAFETY” given by Mr. SonnieNotre Dame of Marbel Santos for the IT and Marketing students of Notre Dame of Marbel University, City of KoronadalUniversity is the 1st South Cotabato:Catholic and High School Overall rating on the Topic presentation: 85% Excellent Overall rating on the Resource Person (Sonnie Santos) : 92% Excellentin South Cotabato. Here are some of the comments/feedbacks:The university is 1. Congratulations because you have discuss a lot of things about Social Web Networkrecognized as one of the and many more. Thank you for the learnings. Gob bless 2. I’ve learn a lot especially on Web SafetyCenters for Excellence in 3. Thanks a lot Mr. Sonnie Santos for sharing us knowledge about the global landscape of the social web networkTeacher Education, and 4. It is good that we have experienced this kind of seminar with a good and talentedDevelopment for speaker 5. I hope there will be more seminars like this. I super love this.Excellence in Information 6. The activity contributed to my knowledge about a lot of things and I hope more of this would be available in the future.Technology 7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We learned from you what you’ve share. I hope some seminars like this will be conducted again. God Bless! 8. The seminar is good. I’ve learned a lot from the topics that we have discussed. 9. The topic was great. I have learned a lot with regards to web safety and I hope more seminars will be made. 10. It provokes us to critical thinking and widens our world view about some harmful effects of technology. The topic presented made everyone aware of the importance of being responsible in using technology. Social Networking and Web safety should be fully understood not only by the young but by the parents and other professionals as well. . MA. CONCEPCION A. URETA COORDINATOR 3
  10. 10. International Christian Academy is one of the top tier schools in PH, located South of Manila, and the 1st Christian school accredited by Association of Christian Schools International [ACSI].If you want theseseminars in yourorganization, please sendan email to:o inquiry@websafetyfor parents.orgor connect to our socialweb accounts:o http://websafetyforpa rents.orgo Facebook: Twitter: websafetyPHo Youtube: websafetyphil 4
  11. 11. Profile of the founder Severo “Sonnie” SantosMicro Entrepreneur and ConsultantFounder of Web Safety PH and Business Values 2.0Human Resource Management and DevelopmentAsst. Vice President - PH Distributor of a German madeluxury carsSenior Manager – Giant Mall and Leisure CenterOperatorSocial Web StrategistCitizen Journalist – Blogwatch/ The POCFreelance Consultant C
  12. 12. AccomplishmentsIn Human Resource Management1. Spearheaded 8 Business expansions of SM Cinema on people management and development side2. Co-spearheaded the successful holding of the 1st, 3rd and the 4th HR National Convention, held at St. Benilde College and SMX Convention Center respectively.In Social Web1. Recognized as one the top PH bloggers by Philippine Blog Awards2. One of the 7 bloggers accredited to cover the 1st computerized election in PH3. One of the few bloggers given pass to witness President Aquino’s historic inauguration and 1st State of the Nation AddressMedia Exposure1. Appeared in GO Negosyo TV show to discuss Performance Management System2. Appeared in a segment of Failon Ngayon entitled “cyberboso” to give online safety tips to parents3. Appeared in Tek Tok TV to talk about Web Safety PH4. Invited at Mellow 94.7 to talk about Spiritual Intelligence5. Heard at Mellow 94.7 and Magic 89.9 discussing about Web Safety PH6. Interviewed by ABS CBN Online to give advise to PH Gov’t to avoid the Mai Mislang incident7. ABS CBN News Online, Yahoo Philippines, Manila Bulletin, Urban Mom magazine wrote about Sonnie’s brainchild, Web Safety PH
  13. 13. RESOURCE PERSON ON1. Web Safety2. Social Web Marketing3. Personal Branding4. Online Reputation Management5. HR 2.06. Values-Mission-Vision7. Employee Discipline8. Leadership9. Success Intelligence10. Strategic Planning11. Trainers Training12. Teambuilding CONTACT SONNIEYou can reach Sonnie by sendingemail to:o inquiry@businessvalues.phor connect to his social web accounts:o Facebook: sonnie.santoso Twitter: sonnieo Blog: