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A Morning at MAGNET: Marketing 101


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Published in: Business, Technology
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A Morning at MAGNET: Marketing 101

  1. 1. Marketing 101for ManufacturersPresenters:Matt Sonnhalter – SonnhalterSage Lewis – SageRock
  2. 2. • Basic principles of marketing• Marketing tactics• Pros/Cons• Examples• How to maximize each one• Key factors for successful marketing programs• Q&AMarketing “Boot Camp”
  3. 3. Marketing is the process of communicatingthe value of a product or service to customers.• Critical business function for…• Attracting new customers• Keeping existing ones• It is not selling!• Helps support the sales processMarketing
  4. 4. 3 Basic Principles of Marketing
  5. 5. • User, decision maker or influencer• Typical titles or job functions• Key markets, segments and industries• Geographic focus• Everyone at company on the “same page”?• Both existing as well as potential customersTarget Audience
  6. 6. • Industrial Facilities (too broad)-vs.-• Key vertical markets: Food/Bev, Bio/Pharma, Mining• >50% piping applications below 200 psi operating temperature• 5+ maintenance “turnarounds” in a calendar year• Inside facility:• Plant/maintenance managers• Piping group• Engineers (design, specifying, safety)• Outside facility:• Mechanical contractors• Engineering firmsTarget – More Detail The Better
  7. 7. • Two major types of messaging within any organization:1) Brand2) ProductMessage
  8. 8. • Brand Positioning Statement• What do you want to stand for in your customers’ mind?• Where is your company adding value?• Written by marketers, for marketers• Not a consumer statement• “Foundation” - all marketing efforts should support/build thisBrand Message
  9. 9. Compromised of the following six elements:1) Target consumer2) Brand name3) Brand personality4) Product/competitive frame5) Consumer benefit6) Critical supportBrand Positioning Statement
  10. 10. Specific marketing campaign/project• Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)• What’s the one (1) key end user benefit?• Needs to be unique, compelling and consistent• Key support points• Not a laundry list (3-5 max)• Different messaging (points of emphasis) with multiple targetsProduct Message
  11. 11. • Defines project scope• Communication objective• Target audience• Key messaging• Timeline• BudgetCreative Brief
  12. 12. Marketing Tactics
  13. 13. • Don’t have the money or time to do them all effectively• Every manufacturer is different• No marketing “magic formula” or “silver bullet”Realities
  14. 14. • Budget• Objectives• Target Audience• Resources• Timeframe• Past experienceKey Determining Factors
  15. 15. Pros• Dedicated to certain product or product category• Flexible – can develop an entire library• Communicate a decent amount of information• Multi-purpose use (can re-purpose)Cons• Product info can become quickly outdated• Costly (printing)Collateral
  16. 16. • Have a template “look-and-feel”• Not reinventing the wheel each time• Call-to-action for more information• Manage printing costs and quantity• Develop a process for keeping track of versions/updates• Maximize usage across other marketing areas (re-purpose)• Web site• Trade shows• Direct mailCollateral – Tips for Success
  17. 17. Pros• Brand awareness• Broader reaching vehicle• Increased perception and credibilityCons• Cost• More difficult to track/measure• Limited “real estate”Print Advertising
  18. 18. • Clear, focused message• Don’t shove 10 lbs. into a 5 lb. bag• Strong call-to-action• Unique URL and/or landing page• Unique 800#• QR code (“mobile” friendly content)• Identify the “right” publication(s)• Consistent frequency (“cumulative” effect)Print Advertising – Tips for Success
  19. 19. Pros• Very targeted and personalized• Flexibility – timing & cost• Measurement and trackingCons• Lower response rate• Higher cost per unitDirect Mail
  20. 20. • Clearly defined target (more detailed the better)• “Quality” list• Frequency• Strong offer (call-to-action)• Personalization• Test, test and test…• Offers• Creative• Sizes• ListsDirect Mail – Tips for Success
  21. 21. Pros• Cost effective• Highly credible• Relationships you build through PR continue to work for youCons• Lack of control• On-going commitmentPublic Relations (PR)
  22. 22. • A.P. Style• Newswriting vs. creative, technical or “sale-sy” style• Company spokesperson• Clearly define audiences• Be aware of your own “industry” news• Be “proactive” as well as responsive• Consistent programPublic Relations – Tips for Success
  23. 23. Pros• Flexibility – tied to specific campaign• Focused (serve up only relevant info)• Easily measured (Google Analytics)Cons• Support with other marketing activities to help drive traffic• Not “build it and they will come”• Keeping content “up-to-date”Micro Site/Landing Page
  24. 24. • Focus only on relevant information• Doesn’t replace your full-blown web site• Clear call-to-action and next step once on the site• Utilize analytics• Promote through all relevant marketing tacticsMicro Site/Landing Page – Tips for Success
  25. 25. The 3 Most Powerful Things You Can Do Online RightNow!By Sage
  26. 26. • YouTube Stats:• More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month• Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube• 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US - YouTube islocalized in 53 countries and across 61 languages• In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 viewsfor every person on EarthNumero UnoVIDEO!!!
  27. 27. Matsuura Maxia: V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid
  28. 28. VIDEO2: The best thing you can do for your SEO
  29. 29. YouTube Ranking Factors
  30. 30. YouTube Character Limits• YouTube video title up to 100characters• YouTube video description up to 5,000characters• YouTube tags up to 120 characters.• YouTube comments up to 500characters
  31. 31. Video3. The Best Thing You Can Do For Online Advertising
  32. 32. Check out the cost per view:
  33. 33. Buying views gives the YouTube channel new life
  34. 34. Check out all the cool targeting you can do:
  35. 35. Check out all the cool targeting you can do:
  36. 36. Check out all the cool targeting you can do:
  37. 37. And my favorite of all online advertising:Remarketing
  38. 38. Friday Internet Marketingwith Sage and GregFridays 3:15 ETWeekly Prizes and a free gift for registering
  39. 39. 1. Upfront planning2. Marketing “champion”3. Lead/inquiry process4. Patience5. Resources (internal/external)6. Strong call-to-action7. Marketing and Sales on the “same page”8. Integrated program (more than one tactic)9. Measure10.Don’t be afraid to experiment10 Key Factors For Successful Marketing Programs
  40. 40. Questions?Contact us:Sonnhalter