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A great solution to your online network marketing problems


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A great solution to your online network marketing problems is an internet marketing manual written to help you learn how you can easily sponsor/recruit new people online and also sell online. The same manual also teaches the general internet marketing concept for you to make money in any online program.

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A great solution to your online network marketing problems

  1. 1. The manual Build MLM online [Course title] [Df subtitle]Bybbbbbb A great solution to your online Network marketing problems A great solution to your online network marketing problems is an internet marketing manual written to help you learn how you can easily sponsor/recruit new people online and also sell online. The same manual also teaches the general internet marketing concept for you to make money in any online program. S2 marketing Inc +256 706 470 775 Build MLM online By: Sonko Sulayiman HassanFree ebook
  2. 2. P a g e | 1 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko A great solution to your online network marketing problems -Stop struggling chasing prospects, the right system has been discovered (A Complete internet marketing guide for network marketers) English Language By: Sonko Sulayiman Hassan Editor Hassan SulaimanSonko First Edition May, 2016 All Right Reserved Cover, Layout, Typesetting Hassan Sulaiman Sonko Publishers Email: No part of this publication may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the publisher. $0 completely free e-book
  3. 3. P a g e | 2 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko A great solution to your online network marketing problems Need to build a network marketing blog? To write high quality content? To drive traffic to a network marketing blog? To generate leads? To recruit online? To sell online? If yes, This is the manual you need! Take time and master the concept. .
  4. 4. P a g e | 3 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Disclaimer The seven years I have been in network marketing, I know the tough times networkers go through when chasing prospects offline. It is really hard work! I know the disappointments, and the rejections involved in the whole process and it is the reason this free e-book is published. This guide helps you know how to work smart by fishing the prospects instead of hunting them. The only way this can work out is by using the internet marketing approach as explained in this book. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online This book named ‘A great solution to your online network marketing problems’ has been written to provide useful information about building network marketing/MLM business online. The content guide of this book is mainly focused on all people in network marketing industry both the newbies and the veterans. We think all the information of this book is right and accurate because it has been written by experienced people in the industry. The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information contained in this book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors and/or omissions. If you like this book or if it needs some corrections, don’t hesitate to mail us at , Or you can call me at +256-706470775 or +256-783241049
  5. 5. P a g e | 4 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko ABOUT THIS BOOK This book provides knowledge about internet marketing. It is a complete guide to building network marketing business online. In this book, I have written about network marketing industry and internet marketing industry. After learning that there are a number of people willing to do their network marketing businesses online but they don’t know where to start from, the idea of writing a far-reaching guide was born. Everything about building a network marketing business is in this book. The same book can also be used to do other online businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, E-mail marketing and others. This book will be useful to both the internet marketing newbie and the internet marketing veterans since it provides knowledge needed to build the business online right from the start and it has some latest internet marketing tools most veterans have never used.
  6. 6. P a g e | 5 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko I am Sonko Sulayiman Hassan, 28 years old currently living in Kampala, Uganda. I joined network marketing/mlm industry in 2010 when I was still pursuing a computer science course from one of Universities in Uganda. I thrash about selling products and sponsoring downlines in my business and that is how I got an idea of building my network marketing business online. The prevalent challenge was that I didn’t have anyone to help me build the business online and I wasted a lot of money buying useless book, but God is good I learnt how the business is done online and after learning, I decided to write this book to sell it at comparatively lower price ($15) to help many networkers out there who are struggling looking for prospects to sponsor and also sell to their products/services. I am blogger ( mainly concentrating in writing network marketing/mlm articles in English. I started my blogging journey using a free hosted wordpress platform because I had no money to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. Later on, I got the money and bought a domain name and today the blog registers over 90,000 visitors a month. That of course means a lot of money and great success. I also do affiliate marketing and it fetches for me some good cash on a monthly basis. This is my story; this book will help you have a better story than mine in internet marketing industry. Keep reading. Email, SocalMedia :FaceBook | Twitter | Google + | Youtube ABOUT THE AUTHOR
  7. 7. P a g e | 6 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko SPECIAL THANKS TO >>>My creator (God) This book would not have been possible without the effort of my parents █►Mr. Ssenkungu Hassan and Nakalanzi Mwasiti. █►I cannot leave out my mentor Mr. Lwanyaaga Julius. He supported me in writing and researching the right information. █►Zena Musa is another person who deserves gratitude in the compilation of this book. █►Ruqayyah Namakanga has also been compassionate during the compilation of this book. sonkohassan
  8. 8. P a g e | 7 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING ........................................................ 9 Things to consider when designing an internet marketing strategy .................................................... 10 Internet/online marketing terminologies................................................................................................... 12 Building network marketing/MLM business online ................................................................................. 17 Reasons for doing network marketing business online......................................................................... 18 MLM internet marketing visibility............................................................................................................... 22 Internet marketing tools for building network marketing/MLM business online................................. 24 Chapter 2: PERSONAL WEBSITE/BLOG DESIGNING GUIDE ............................................................... 26 Do I need a blog or a static website to build my network marketing business online? .................... 27 More on creating THE bestselling blog............................................................................................... 28 Qualities of a good network marketing blog/website...................................................................... 28 Writing content for a blog/website to monopolize search engine optimization .................................. 30 Planning for a network marketing blog article......................................................................................... 32 Terms to include in the blog titles which can force people to click on them....................................... 33 Other things to consider when writing content for blog/website pages and blog posts.................... 35 ........................................................................................................................................................................... 39 Chapter 3: RECRUITING/SPONSORING NEW PEOPLE IN MLM BUSINESS ONLINE............................................... 39 Online MLM sponsoring process .............................................................................................................. 40 How to prove to prospects online that you can lead them.................................................................... 40 Below are some of the reasons why people join online MLM business ............................................. 41 List of different categories of people who can join online MLM business........................................... 41 Online MLM/network marketing sponsoring tips .................................................................................... 42 How to welcome a new downline in online network marketing............................................................ 45 Chapter 4: SELLING MLM PRODUCTS/SERVICES ONLINE .................................................................. 48 Consumer rules You have to know if you are to sell online.................................................................. 48 Requirements for selling online............................................................................................................ 49 How to make people buy your products online unwillingly ................................................................... 52 Online clients are looking for solutions to their problems not for the products/services .................. 54 The work after a sale in online network marketing business................................................................ 56 Chapter 5: PROMOTING A NETWORK MARKETING BLOG/WEBSITE TO RANK WELL IN THE TOP SEARCH ENGINES .................................................................................................................................. 58 INSIDE THIS BOOK
  9. 9. P a g e | 8 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Factors Search Engines consider FOR website/blog ranking.............................................................. 58 More about website/blog ranking in the top search engines ................................................................ 60 Generating keywords for top search engines: ........................................................................................ 62 Google, yahoo, and Bing............................................................................................................................ 62 ............................................................................................................................................................................... 64 Chapter 6: OTHER FREE WAYS OF PROMOTING A NETWORK MARKETING BLOG/WEBSITE. 64 Where to post and signup for traffics ...................................................................................................... 64 Video marketing........................................................................................................................................... 66 Email marketing........................................................................................................................................... 68 Tips on how you can grow and MANAGE EMAIL list (prospects list) ........................................ 69 HANDLING NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.......................................................................................................... 70 Document sharing strategy in promoting network marketing website/blog........................................ 71 SITES WHERE TO SHARE DOCUMENTS FROM................................................................................... 71 More on promoting an MLM blog/website to get more visitors ............................................................ 73 Cheap websites to advertise a network marketing website/blog ......................................................... 76 Chapter 7: EVALUATING A NETWORK MARKETING BLOG/WEBSITE.................................................................. 78 Chapter 8: Must read........................................................................................................................................ 80 Building network marketing business worldwide tips............................................................................. 80 Doing an MLM presentation online........................................................................................................... 82 Reasons why most prospects consider online network marketing business a scam....................... 83 What makes people fail in online network marketing ............................................................................ 85 10 things all online network marketing business builders must focus on to succeed in the industry ....................................................................................................................................................................... 87
  10. 10. P a g e | 9 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko I know that you downloaded this book because of this chapter and thank God that he has kept you alive, the chapter is here, there was no way we could just bump into internet marketing without explaining our main industry (MLM/Network marketing). In this chapter, you are going to understand what internet/online marketing is all about and how it is done in the right way to market to 2,925,249,355 prospects worldwide. Internet marketing or online marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. To break the definition down, we can define two words autonomously that is internet and marketing; Internet: is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide. Marketing: is communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. Like offline marketing, there must be a strategy in place if success is to be realized in online marketing. It is not all about jolting into the business just to try out a few things and when it doesn’t work out you quit you have to plan for the system before starting it. Developing an internet marketing strategy is one way to avoid gambling in doing the business online. You don’t have to just have a business running online without a plan to guide you on how you can succeed, but you have to do market research and develop a marketing strategy to follow in the process of building the business. Market research for MLM internet marketing is very easy, it is just about knowing what you want to sell to customers and understanding the types of clients you want to buy your products or services. The most unfortunate thing is that most people skip this stage and go straight to doing what they don’t know and in just a few weeks down the road they are nowhere to be seen anymore. Life is not about trying and failing, but it is about succeeding in the industry you are dealing in and the best ways to do it is by having a clear strategy for guidance. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING
  11. 11. P a g e | 10 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN DESIGNING AN INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  target audience Defining the type of business you are planning to do and knowing the right clients for your products is a good idea because you will never sell something to a wrong client. Different products and different services have different target groups, a farmer can never buy wooden materials and a rat will never buy poison. So be creative and know who is in need of your products and your MLM opportunity as well.  search results (Google authorship) strategy Google authorship is linking the content you have on your blog/website to Google+ profile. This has also to be part of the strategy under the website promotion strategy. The fact is that appearing on the top lists of top search engine results is the hardest job to be done in internet marketing business. That is what differentiates the gamblers from the people who are willing to succeed online therefor, define this strategy well and find the solutions on how you connect the site to the profile to begin with your circle as visitors on your website.  web promotion plan and an effective web design strategy Internet marketing means having a nice website/blog to present your products/services to the people who are looking for a solution to a certain problem. Having a nice looking website is a very nice approach, but without having it in your strategy, it will never come to pass because you will not put it into consideration.  Time to be given to the online system Many people who try businesses online go wrong here. They think that it is just about having a blog/website and that is all little do they know that you have to be present online to work so hard for people to see you because of the stiff competition. Make it one of the internet marketing strategies to always be present to work hard to build a business. Usually, when you have just started building the business online, it is a must to give it enough time to promote it, but it is only possible if you write it down as one of your internet marketing strategies.  Internet marketing training strategy. Learning how internet marketing works is compulsory and there is no excuse to give for not joining online internet marketing schools. The internet marketing approach is very easy to use to build any business online, but the only requirement is finding knowledge about how it works in the right, make it a strategy to look for a mentor to avoid wasting time doing things you don’t know how they work.
  12. 12. P a g e | 11 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Look for an online mentor who has the following 1. Training system 2. Good support system 3. Enough experience in internet marketing industry 4. Good communication skills 5. contact 6. Clarity 7. Rhythm and enthusiasm 8. Enough materials in place to be used Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online  Evaluation strategy Evaluation is a key factor to success in internet marketing industry because you have always to measure your progress and when you fail to do so, you end up not knowing whether the business you are doing is working or not. The good thing with online marketing is that there are platforms, websites, and software that can help you determines the ranking, popularity, and the appearance of your network marketing/MLM website/blog. Some of the websites to know your ranking in the search engine are below.
  13. 13. P a g e | 12 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko INTERNET/ONLINE MARKETING TERMINOLOGIES There are a number of terms used specifically in internet/online marketing industry. Some of these terms are new to you and others are not. It is very good to learn all these terminologies before going to the practical way of building the business online because we shall be using many of them. Analytics: It is also known as web metrics which means gathering or collection of data about a website and its users Algorithm: it what the search engine uses to quota the ranking of natural listings by sending the spider through the website to crisscross out the content to know what to pull out depending on the key word the internet user is using in the search engine. AdWords: this is Google’s paid search marketing program, the largest such program in the world and in most countries with notable exceptions such as China (Baidu) and Russia (Yandex). Anchor Text: the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and can be clicked to open the target web page. ALT Tags: are invisible portrayals of images which are read aloud to blind users on a screen reader. Adding ALT text allows authors to include images, but still provide the content in an alternative text based format. Astroturfing: is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g. political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by grassroots participant(s). AdCenter: it is Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter) is a service that provides pay per click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines. Advertising Network: It is a set of websites where one advertiser is in charge of controlling all ads running.
  14. 14. P a g e | 13 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Affiliate Marketing: is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts through advertising and using the affiliate’s website or blog. Blog: it is referred to as a dynamic website or a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style. Backlink: is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. Baidu: It is a search engine based in China but still owned by Google and it is the largest non US search engine Banned: It means removing the webpage from the search engine index. Banners: This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser Bing: is a web search engine (advertised as a "decision engine") from Microsoft. Brand Stacking/domain stacking: is that result whereby consecutive multiple links get displayed on a single page of a search engine from one individual domain after relevant keyword is searched. Categories: Categories offer a helpful way to set related posts together, and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. Categories also make it easier for people to find your content. Click through Rate (CTR): is a mode of measuring the efficiency of an online advertising campaign for a particular website or blog. Cloaking: is a search engine optimization (SEO) procedure in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser Content Tags: The terms content tag (or tag) and keyword are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. A Keyword Meta Tag is meta data that is placed
  15. 15. P a g e | 14 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko inside the HEAD component of an HTML document. This meta element is typically invisible to an audience. Cookie: are messages that web servers pass to your web browser when you visit Internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file, called cookie.txt . When you request another page from the server, your browser sends the cookie back to the server. Conversion Rate: is number of people who did whatever it is indistinct as converting (email newsletter, made a purchase, and so on). To get your Conversion Rate, you divide the above total number of conversions by the number of visitors to your site. Cost per Acquisition (CPA): is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action - for example, an impression, click, form submit. Cost per Click (CPC): The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. The CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser; some advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they're advertising. Cost per Impression (CPM): refers to the cost of traditional advertising or internet marketing or email advertising campaigns, where advertisers pay each time an ad is displayed. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Delisting: means removing of webpages or a websites from search engine index. Directories: A type of search engine where related listings are manually put together. Domain Name: Address of a website. eCommerce: Purchasing something from the internet. Ego Keyword: A keyword a website owner chooses to use in his/her content for proper ranking in the search engine.
  16. 16. P a g e | 15 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Feed/RSS: is an XML-based format and while it can be used in different ways for content distribution, its most widespread usage is in distributing news headlines on the Web. Forum: This is where people with uniform ideas, interests, and background hangout to get information about a certain topic. Google Partner: this is also known as Google AdWords that offers an advertising platform to help people expose their businesses online. HTML: stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language, which is the programming language used in websites development. Hyperlink: built within the website to enable the site user navigate through the web pages and also go to other websites. They are always blue in color and commonly called “links”. Impressions: The number of times someone views an ad online or a webpage containing an ad. JavaScript: is a programming language used by website developers to enhance the functionality of the website. Keyword : Almost identical with search term, keywords are words or a group of words that a person may search for in a search engine. Keyword Tags: these are HTML tags which define the keywords used on Web pages. Landing Page: The first page the website visitor sees first when trying to visit your website. Link Popularity: the number of websites linking back to your website. PageRank: is a value that search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and others ascribes for pages and websites that it indexes, based on all the factors in its algorithm. Pay per Click (PPC): The most conjoint style of search engine promotion cost structure is PPC search engine marketing. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many more search engines all use PPC.
  17. 17. P a g e | 16 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Real Simple Syndication (RSS): technology that gives people a change to share information online. Search Engines: these are places where internet users go to search for things on the internet, such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): is the way how a website ranks in the search engine or making a site friendly to the search engine for proper ranking. Social Networking: a website that allows people interact or exchange content on the internet. Tags: description terms used to label someone’s videos, image webpage or a blog post. Text Ad: ads in text form. URL: stands for Uniform Resource Locator. These are the letters, characters and symbols that make up the address of specific Web pages. Web Browser: The platform you use to access the internet like Firefox, Mozilla, Apple’s safari and others. Webinar: also means “Web Seminar”. A seminar people attend live using the internet. Some of the webinars are recorded and people attend them later. WordPress: is a standard content management system designed as a blog platform. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online
  18. 18. P a g e | 17 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko BUILDING NETWORK MARKETING/MLM BUSINESS ONLINE When we talk about doing network marketing/MLM online we simply mean using internet as a marketing system to expose the network marketing products and the network marketing opportunity to people who uses internet worldwide. Over the years, many people who do network marketing have been struggling getting prospects to talk to about their network marketing opportunities and also the products/services their companies are dealing in. time has come to work smart. We are in the information age where we use technology to do everything at our ease. Of course there are people who are resistant to changes in life, but we have to take time to teach these people what kind of changes we are talking about. Before people started using internet effectively, network marketing business was partly a home based business and an office business because there was no way to reach to people without going to them physically. It was on the program of the network marketing business builders to always go to the training Centre to meet his/her prospects and downlines and also attend trainings. With internet marketing, people do all network marketing activities like prospecting, selling, follow up and training from one place by simply holding a mouse and click on a link. The Dos and Don’ts of internet marketing plus all the skills you need to get people who want to join your network marketing business and also buy your products are in the book you are reading right now, just continue reading by the time you will finish it, you will be in position to create your website which you will use to do network marketing/MLM online. Having internet access means having a billion prospects to talk to about your network marketing business opportunity and products daily. It is just because you do not know how it works but you have to be happy that you bought this book, you are about to discover answers you have been looking for, for very many years.
  19. 19. P a g e | 18 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko REASONS FOR DOING NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS ONLINE All people in network marketing industry should be happy because of the existence of internet, and it is the only effective way to build this kind of business in a very easy way without hassling. In the past everything was done manually walking and sweating looking for prospects to talk to about the business opportunity. With internet marketing, the distributors have to act like a fisherman, he just has to fix the net and the fish bring themselves to the net, but in offline multi-level marketing it is the opposite; people work like hunters, you have to chase the animal until you catch it. The funny thing is that the more you hunt an animal, the more the animal also runs away. Internet really saved me because I used to talk to so many people using my mouth and most of these prospects were negative, some seemed being interested but they ended up not joining my opportunity. When I learnt what internet could do in network marketing business, I started working smart and it is the prospects to contact me but not me contacting them. According to top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others, there are so many people who go to web browsers every after second to look for a network marketing opportunity, home based businesses, and other opportunities to supplement on their income. Once these people land on a web page of a network marketing distributor who is very sharp, he can easily sponsor them into his/her network marketing business. It is the same also when it comes to people who want to buy network marketing products/services; they resort to internet to place orders of different network marketing products. Take time and think about clients who lost contacts of the network marketing distributors who used to supply them a certain product. The best option for such clients usually is resorting to internet to look for any distributor who can supply them with the products.
  20. 20. P a g e | 19 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Here are some of the reasons I recommend internet as the best marketing system distributors in MLM/network marketing industry should use; Access to unlimited prospects With internet, people are able to expose their businesses to different people all over the world. The saying that goes, ‘internet has made the globe flat’ applies to building the network marketing business. People are in position of working and communicating with others in all parts of the world. People who do their businesses on the internet will never run out of prospects to present their business opportunities and products to. There is no making cold call The major reason for people not joining network marketing business is the fear to make cold calls. This makes many people get disappointed when they call others for a network marketing opportunity and they end up blasting them. Internet has changed this; you only talk to those who are interested to be talked to about your network marketing opportunity. Online prospects have a positive attitude towards the business At first many people thought that network marketing is done by people who have nothing to do which is wrong. With the use of internet, people have switched their mind in the positive direction about network marketing business. Different stories have been published on the internet about people who have mastered a fortune out of this kind of business. Sponsoring/recruiting is easy Bringing new people on board in network marketing business is not part of the business, but it is the business its self, it has to be done on a daily basis. I find internet to be the best strategy
  21. 21. P a g e | 20 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko for doing this kind of work. Your work is to publish information about your MLM opportunity and people end up looking for you to work with you. Selling online is also very easy Most of the network marketing companies compensation plans are designed when the distributors earn from the profits and a commission from the entire sales generated by their organizations. This calls for selling on a daily basis for a distributor to earn something. Selling products on the internet is very easy if you learn it. You will never have to bump into people’s offices asking them to buy your products instead people will e-mail you to deliver what you are selling. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online There is a provision for an automatic follow up system on prospects I have never seen a system that is set up once to work automatically like how internet does it, you just set the massages and they send themselves automatically reminding the prospect to pay and join the business. It is the opposite in offline network marketing where you have to pick up the phone on a daily basis and contact the people you talked to reminding them to pay and become members in your organization that is if you are very aggressive. So, you end up making 100 calls each and every day to make follow up. Internet does this in a much convenient way. Accessibility to training by all downlines Training in network marketing business is like water and oxygen which we need on a daily basis to continue living. Time comes when a network marketing business builder has thousands of distributors in different parts of the country and the world as well. The best system to use to provide training to the downlines is by using internet so that downline learn how the business works.
  22. 22. P a g e | 21 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Unlimited access to mentors Meeting people who can help you move to another level in life is interesting. The fact is that most successful network marketing business builders hung out online, if you approach them properly, they are good people and they are willing to help you with tips on success in network marketing business and other life lessons.
  23. 23. P a g e | 22 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko MLM INTERNET MARKETING VISIBILITY Network marketing is a people business and there is no doubt about that. This means that for anyone to succeed in this kind of business, he/she must have people to expose his/her business to. Therefore, the business builder has to look for places where people are and those will be the best places to build the business which is internet. Statistics show that over 3,112,483,815 are using internet per second now and what does that tells the network marketing business builders? It simply means that, there is a market on internet. Very many people who are still doing network marketing business in the traditional way ask me to justify the point that people should go online if the massive success is to be realized in network marketing business. I always use the increase in the population that uses internet to justify that point. According to statistics, it shows that all people in different continents almost use internet now. Both the developed countries and the developing countries people have access to internet and they know how to use it properly to achieve massive success in all the industries they are dealing in. The latest statistics shows that 566,261,317 Europeans uses internet almost on a daily basis. Now you don’t need all these people to join your network marketing business for you to succeed or to buy your products. Even if you got 100 of them, you will have a very big network marketing business in Europe. Asia has over 1,265,143,702 people who uses internet. This also shows that you don’t have to go first of all to Asia to build a network marketing business there, but you simply need a simple system which is internet marketing system to build a very big business in Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, China and very many others. Latin America’s population that uses internet has also grown at a very spectacular speed with 302,006,016 number of people who uses internet right now. You only need to be smart enough to get like 100 of these people in the whole of Latin America who uses your products
  24. 24. P a g e | 23 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko and you are a big business owner. That is the beauty about network marketing. It gives people a chance to have big businesses around the world even with very little capital. Africa is also now one of the continents with over 240,146,482 people who use internet almost on a daily basis. This is a very big number which cannot be finished by all network marketing business builders. The only challenge is the lack of creativity in the way we do our network marketing businesses online. We lack focus in what we are doing and we don’t know which people to target to join our businesses. Unemployment is hitting almost 60% of young people who graduate from schools every year in African countries. Be smart and get some of these people in your business, it is very possible with the use of internet. Our apprehension as network marketing business builders is not about all these people, but our target should be the people who go online on a daily basis to type in the search engine the keywords which are related to our industry because these people don’t do it accidentally, they make the searches for a reason and the primary reason is getting a network marketing opportunity to partner with. Some of the key terms the prospects use to search in the search engine about network marketing/MLM industry are; Network marketing, network marketing business, network marketing opportunity, network marketing business, MLM, MLM network marketing, and very nanny other terms.
  25. 25. P a g e | 24 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS FOR BUILDING NETWORK MARKETING/MLM BUSINESS ONLINE Like any other business out there, there some tools needed for it to run well. This also applies to internet marketing, some of these tools are a must have and others are optional or you can after starting the system. The primary reason to build the business online is to work smart when recruiting new people in the business and also selling in a smart way, for that matter, you must get the internet marketing tools for this to happen. Let us look at some of the tools needed to run MLM/network marketing business online the perfect way. Keyword search tool. Keyword search is a very important tool you need to get targeted prospects and clients for your MLM/network marketing business to grow. Once you master the art of maximizing this tool, you will never look back because the people you are targeting will always get you if you utilize this tool very well. In internet marketing it is not about talking to everyone about the business, but it is about targeting those who are interested in your offer to land on the webpage. Blog ping tool This network marketing blog tool is very important when it comes to updating your blog in case you have a blog. Updating a network marketing blog is a very important activity because your ranking in the top search engine improves. Weber This tool help you communicate clearly to your prospects. With this tool, you exchange communications with the prospects and also the downlines in the most convenient way. Dropbox This tool helps you put together your documents, photos, and videos to train your downline and prospects online. It saves money energy, and time since it is for free of charge. Try it today to make your online network marketing training easy. Lead pages.
  26. 26. P a g e | 25 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko This help you with generating list of mails and other details of the prospects who want to join your MLM/network marketing opportunity and also buy your products.
  27. 27. P a g e | 26 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Having looked at the tools needed to build the business online let’s move on a very important topic in building a network marketing business online and that is owning a website/blog. If you are serious you want to go online, it is a must to have your own website because it is an address where prospects find you for you to market your opportunity Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online What is a blog? A blog is the same as a web blog which means a dynamic website that is updated frequently with content, videos, and audios for visitors to learn more about the topic that is being written about. For people who have been in internet marketing for quite some time will tell you that the beauty about a blog is that, it creates a chance for getting constant visitors who visit your site to have a look at the new content, videos or audios you have published. This is one way to increase the ranking in the search engine. What is a static website? This is the opposite of the blog. It simply means a website which doesn’t change. That is to say, you build it once and there is no provision for updating it frequently to add content, videos and audios for your visitors to learn more about the kind of opportunity you are talking about or to learn more about the products you are dealing in. CHAPTER 2: PERSONAL WEBSITE/BLOG DESIGNING GUIDE You need one if you are to build a business online
  28. 28. P a g e | 27 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko DO I NEED A BLOG OR A STATIC WEBSITE TO BUILD MY NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS ONLINE? This is a question I almost answer every day from my visitors on my blog. The clear answer to this is a blog is better, but you can have both. They are both useful. I have seen many internet marketers who use a blog to fetch visitors for the static website. In other words, they send the blog to the search engine to work so hard to bring the visitors to the static website. One of the advantages of a static website is that you build it once and you remain with only monitoring it. This is okay for people who are lazy, remember that people get bored to see the same things over and over again so they end up going somewhere else where they can get the kind of knowledge they are looking for. Blogging requires time because it is about writing. You have to come up with a strategy of how you can put your ideas and views on paper to get people follow you and sign up in your network marketing business plus buying your products/services. The whole idea is to build credibility online where people trust you with everything you publish on your site. For that matter, you have to speak to your visitors on your blog in the right way by making your blog educative all the time. In conclusion, the best way to run a network marketing business online is by having both a blog and a static website, but if you are working under a tight budget, you can begin with a blog because it will bring results faster than a static website
  29. 29. P a g e | 28 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko MORE ON CREATING THE BESTSELLING BLOG QUALITIES OF A GOOD NETWORK MARKETING BLOG/WEBSITE. Since blogging is one of the best ways to get unlimited traffics on a site, very many online network marketing business builders have resorted to network marketing blogging. Some of these network marketing business builders know how it is done and others do not know how a good network marketing blog should look like. Different industries use different blogging approaches though most of them have one goal, which is to increase traffics. For a network marketing blog to be good, it must be having the following qualities;  A network marketing blog/website must have an appealing theme. Very many online network marketing business builders do not think about this, they think network marketing blogging is about having many visitors on their blogs which is not the case. Yu always have to look at the Click Through Rate (C-T-R) to see if visitors spend enough time on your blog and if they are not, work on the theme it may be the reason.  A good network marketing blog/website should be well organized. Organizing a network marketing blog/website is a must.If you do not know how it is done, you can try to hire an expert who can help you out with that. Try to check out the kind of formats most network marketing bloggers use and start from there to have a very organized network marketing blog.  It should have limited number of Ads Very many people concentrate on earning from Ads and forget what their visitors want to find on their network marketing blogs/websites. Displaying Ads is good because we use it to make money besides our primary business, but do not exceed more than five Ads. Your goal is to get people join your network marketing business, but not get people advertise on your network marketing blog.  Make the navigation easy.
  30. 30. P a g e | 29 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko When visitors on network marketing blog do not get what they want easily, the just close and go to another network marketing blog because there are very many options. Make sure that whatever you are displaying on your network marketing blog is accessed easily.  Have something you give out for free on your network marketing blog/website. A good network marketing blogger is the one who can scarifies and give out something free. This is one way of inviting your visitors back to your network marketing blog. Sometimes you have to give out something to get something. The above qualities are just a summary of very many network marketing blog/website qualities online network marketing business builders must think about
  31. 31. P a g e | 30 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko WRITING CONTENT FOR A BLOG/WEBSITE TO MONOPOLIZE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION It is well known that blogging is about writing and if you cannot write consistently about a certain topic, blogging is not for you. You have to frequently post articles about the topic you have chosen in line with your network marketing business. This is where problems come in. I know you are wondering what topic you can write about consistently for about five years and even more. You have to believe that you are a genius, you have too much information other people are looking for. You are better than everyone when it comes to writing. I have written this book not because I am a good writer, but because of continuous effort I put in to help other people understand what I know. Usually I encourage people to write about their network marketing companies but this only works if the network marketing company you are doing a network marketing business with is popular enough. If writing about your network marketing company is not good for you, choose a topic related to network marketing industry. I find blogs online with recruiting topics, selling topics, MLM training topic, success in life topics and others in line with network marketing. It is not all about bumping into a topic and start gambling, you have to first of all do market research using Google Keyword Planner, it is for free of charge for anyone who wants to use it. The only requirement is a G-mail account to access it. It helps knowing the number of people who search about what you want to write about on the internet. For more details about how Google key word planner works, Watch the video. The idea of blogging has taken people’s minds in network marketing business. Many have used it to master a fortune and others have also completely failed to succeed. This is normal, some people will always fail and others will always succeed. We do not have to focus on those who have failed. Our concern is learning from those who have made it.
  32. 32. P a g e | 31 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko The major challenge in online network marketing blogging is choosing titles that can win people’s attention. People have very interesting topics but they cannot stick to them simply because of failure to select the titles that can force people to click on them. The right time has finally come for people to know how to create titles that can attract the attention of people who want to read about network marketing. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online
  33. 33. P a g e | 32 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko PLANNING FOR A NETWORK MARKETING BLOG ARTICLE  List the Key words to be used in the network marketing article. There are very many platforms where you can generate keywords to be used in a network marketing blog article but I recommend Google Keyword Planner. It is for free and it is accurate. The reason for using keywords in our network marketing blog articles is to get a chance to rank high for the search terms in network marketing industry. That is to say to get visitors to read our post to sign them in our business and also to sell to them our products.  Read other articles not to copy and paste but to get more knowledge about what you are going to write about.  Break the article into three phases: introduction, body, and conclusion. The reason most people get stack while writing a network marketing blog article is because of missing this stage, they want to write an article like a will for a deceased person. That is not the way how articles are written. You will find it very easy writing a network marketing article with bullets and mentioning points and explaining them than trying to write a flat article.  Know the people who will read it. Knowing who you are writing for is very important because you get to know the tone of language to be used in the network marketing blog article so that your readers don’t get bored.  Focus on helping readers not selling. Of course selling means solving someone’s problems. If someone is broke, I help that person by selling to him my network marketing opportunity. You have to learn to package your products and opportunity so that people see the solution in what you are talking about in your network marketing articles.
  34. 34. P a g e | 33 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko TERMS TO INCLUDE IN THE BLOG TITLES WHICH CAN FORCE PEOPLE TO CLICK ON THEM  Use secrete Of course many people want to find out and learn new secretes about what they are doing. Including the term secretes in the blog people will be forced to hit it with a mouse curser for you to get visitors on your network marketing blog who can join your business. Think about writing blog titles like this; The secrete of making money online has been revealed. I can assure you that many people will be forced to click on a title like this and only to find themselves on a network marketing blog that present to them a network marketing opportunity  Include get rid of in the blog titles The people who go online in most cases have a problem they want to solve and if it is not a financial problem, it is another problem and using terms that gives hope to people help to increase the chances of clicking on these blog titles. Think about writing a blog title like this; Get rid of debts tips  Use now you can in your blog titles Assurance is one of the things that many people need to take action. Some people pass by opportunities because no one has assured them that such and such an opportunity can help them change their lives. Think of writing a blog title like this; Now you can comfortably make $50,000 every month from home There are others ways to create bestselling titles to force people click on them. It is just a matter of sitting down and think creatively to attract people’s attention. Use words like; tips, list, support in a title Using such words help you keep on the track while writing a network marketing blog post. People always want to search for tips for easy learning and they think that tips, lists and other phrases of the same kind’s means summarized details. For that matter, include them in the titles for readers like it so much.
  35. 35. P a g e | 34 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko There is a difference between a network marketing blog topic and a title, the topic is chosen once and it does not change. We have been looking at network marketing title creation to attract the attention of readers to your network marketing blog. Learn from this website
  36. 36. P a g e | 35 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN WRITING CONTENT FOR BLOG/WEBSITE PAGES AND BLOG POSTS. Relevancy I have seen different books on market talking about choosing a topic for network marketing blog business, and I believe people have mastered this. The only challenge I have seen with people who do network marketing businesses online is persisting on the topic they choose. If you want to succeed in network marketing blogging, you have to avoid gambling by finding out all the books that teaches internet marketing and read them then start writing about what you have understood not crammed. Stick to the topic you have chosen to write about to avoid confusing the people following you on your network marketing blog Unique Copy and pest is not only prohibited in school exams, but also in network marketing blog content writing. You must be aware of the copy-write people put on the information they publish on their network marketing blog/Webpages in fact when you copy content and paste it on your blog/website, the search engines like Google penalizes you for that act which affect your site ranking. I believe most of us are not good writers, but with time, it keeps improving, and you end up publishing very nice content on your network marketing blog. Summarize your information No one wants to spend the whole day just reading one blog post or one web-page, make sure you summarize everything you want to publish on your network marketing blog/webpage. A blog post/webpage is supposed to be very brief just hitting the main points. Network marketing blog followers and prospects have limited time; make sure you summarize your content on your webpage/blog. This can easily be done by using links in your blog content. Know who you are writing for
  37. 37. P a g e | 36 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Knowing who you are writing for is something very important when it comes to generating content for a network marketing blog/website. In this case, the work of a network marketing business builder is to get the prospects understand how his/her opportunity works and what the products/services he/she deals in does. That is all, there is nothing more than that. That alone is enough to guide you on how you can create unlimited content for the readers to get interested in what you are writing about and to get more people buy your products plus joining your team. Read about the topic you are writing about There is nothing worse than writing about something you don’t understand in online network marketing blogging. People don’t like gamblers. They want to read something that is meaningful so that they can get convinced to work with you in your business. The books are unlimited on the market to give more highlights on how internet marketing works and reading them will help you understand the concept of internet marketing Follow what the title says It is so unfortunate that some people’s body text is different from what the title says. This comes because the network marketing writer is not well conversant with the title he has chosen to write about. You have to do thorough research about the title you have chosen to write about so that you can stick to it throughout the whole article. Avoid talking about yourself in the article Many people go to search engines to look for a solution for their problems not to read about you. You can talk about yourself in the network marketing article but you have to know when and how in fact I encourage my online network marketing students to create Independent Webpage for their network marketing stories so that they avoid boring people sharing their irrelevant stories in the network marketing articles they write. Avoid grammar errors There are very many online programs to help people learn more about different language and if you feel you are not good at the language you are using to write your network marketing
  38. 38. P a g e | 37 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko blog articles, take up these short courses so that you work on your grammar. You always have to know that publishing content online means writing to the whole world so, you have to be good at the language you are using. Use simple English I have chosen English because it is what is commonly used in the top search engine apart from Baidu. Write clear and simple English so that all your readers and followers benefit from your network marketing blog articles. Practice writing Writing is one of the hardest works that is feared by most people around the world, but the beauty about it is that the more you do it, the more ideas you get to put on papers. This comes after doing it for some good time. This strategy is one way to help you generate unlimited content because you will be piling up too much content while practicing. Do proof reading before publishing the content. It looks awkward when prospects find many errors on a network marketing webpage/blog. This affects you in the way that, some followers and prospects will be chased away, they will find no reason of coming back to your network marketing blog/webpage because they will not be understanding properly what you mean. Use unique and nice images on blog posts/webpages to attract visitors There are so many people who are attracted by images; it is not that everyone wants to read. Many people just look at images and appreciate the person who designed it that is why it is better also to learn programs like illustrator, in design and others. They help in coming up with unique images for a blog post; alternatively, I recommend a website Achieve Stock Photos and Images it has both free images and paid images you can try it. Inserting an image in a wordpress blog/webpage is very easy; just click where you want the image to appear, then click on insert media, click on upload. After uploading it, select it (highlight it) then go down on the right hand and select the size you want then click on insert.
  39. 39. P a g e | 38 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko You will see the image you want to appear in that specific blog post or webpage before publish it. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online
  40. 40. P a g e | 39 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Many people in MLM industry think that selling products is the main thing in the business which is not right. Selling products is part of MLM business, in fact multi-level marketing means building a network of people and each sells little by little, but the main thing in this business is sponsoring. Multi-Level Marketing is not built by sales people and I think all MLM business builders are aware of this. This kind of business is built by people who have big dreams to peruse by going extra miles in life for their dreams to come to pass. Newbies always think of getting very many sales people in their organizations and they always get disappointed by the way the sales people do it, they don’t build businesses, they focus on selling and after so many years they realize that there is no fortune built due to lack of network to build the business continuous year after year. The people who succeed in Multi-Level Marketing are the ones with very many downlines in their organizations who are also active day by day. The more downlines someone sponsors, the more successful he becomes which is contrary to selling because selling varies, it is high in some months and in some months it declines. This calls for a very serious effort to be put in recruiting/sponsoring people in the business. The beauty about internet marketing is that prospects look for you and you sponsor them into the business, but this is only possible if you learn how the system works. CHAPTER 3: RECRUITING/SPONSORING NEW PEOPLE IN MLM BUSINESS ONLINE
  41. 41. P a g e | 40 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko ONLINE MLM SPONSORING PROCESS Online network marketing doesn’t work on a job principle where you succeed the day you get an appointment latter. There are so many things to learn to start building a solid business online and get people contacting you to join your business and also buy your products as well. So, this is a process not a deal, you have to keep learning while practicing what you are learning and things will work out. Building an organization in MLM business using an internet approach is a process,it is not something that just happens in one day, there are ups and downs involved in the process andall this is because of the techniques required to learn. HOW TO PROVE TO PROSPECTS ONLINE THAT YOU CAN LEAD THEM  Communicate with a very high positive attitude  Create the need in the online MLM presentation not focusing on the MLM company  Don’t force the prospects to join your MLM company  Prove to the prospect that you are more knowledgeable than everyone in the industry  Prove to the prospects that online MLM is easy to do  Emphasize support to the prospects  Engage them in the training even before they join your team  Promise to create for them blogs for free when they join your team  And very many others I have been doing the things above and to my surprise, I have seen the results. Am successful in online MLM business because of the above things. I prove to the prospects that I know what I am doing in MLM industry and I also promise them 100% support when they join my team. Try them out, your online MLM results will change and you will be successful Before we look at who can join online MLM business, let us first summarize a few reasons why people join online MLM business. It is also very important to know why these people join so that we can retain them in the business after joining.
  42. 42. P a g e | 41 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko BELOW ARE SOME OF THE REASONS WHY PEOPLE JOIN ONLINE MLM BUSINESS  To generate an extra income  To purchase products on a discount  To learn leadership skills  People join online MLM to learn internet marketing  Some people join online MLM to help others  The point of travelling the world is another reason why people join online MLM  Recognition is another reason why people join online MLM business  There are people who join online MLM to create a part-time business It is good that we know some of the reasons why join online MLM business and am very sure that most of the people you will ask why they joined online MLM business will give you some of the reasons above. Our major concern in today’s blog post is to learn the list of categories people who can join online MLM business so that we can focus on targeting them in our content and in our youtube video presentations to sponsor more reps daily in MLM business online LIST OF DIFFERENT CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE WHO CAN JOIN ONLINE MLM BUSINESS Stay at home moms I can guarantee you that the best people to target to join online MLM are the stay at home moms. These ladies are good to work with and in most cases they are at home on their computers and I pads looking for an opportunity to make some income online. Life is funny; did you know that no one wants to be idle? Everyone wants to do something during the course of the day because doing nothing is the most tiresome work since you cannot quit it and rest. Stay at home moms are ever on look to get an opportunity to make some money online from home, it would be better you start targeting them to join your online MLM business you will get many of them. Working class people
  43. 43. P a g e | 42 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko The people in the cooperate class are also looking for a part-time opportunity online to supplement on their income. We are in an era where the inflation is too high and because of this, the money most people earn from their places of work is not enough, so they have to look for a second part-time generating income opportunity to cover the gap. Try targeting these guys you will get wonderful results in your online MLM business. Students Students of these days are too sharp, they are much aware that there are no jobs on market so they keep looking for an opportunity they can do alongside their academics so that by the time they graduate they don’t have to look for a job. This is one of the ways a person can avoid looking for a job after graduation after all bosses pay very little money just to keep the employees around the working place, but thinking smartly to create a business opportunity is very good target the students online you will get them in your MLM business because they know all this. As an online MLM business builder you have to be patient with students because they really take their time to make the decision, but once they join, they are very good to work with because they listen and ever ready to learn each and everything you tell them. ONLINE MLM/NETWORK MARKETING SPONSORING TIPS Find a mentor who does what you want to do Bumping into online MLM industry might leave you when you are broke and end up quitting. The best way to save money and time is by looking for someone to help you learn how sponsoring is done in the right way online. There are many people online who promise paradise, but in most cases their approaches don’t work, all they need is for you to pay them and they will never teach you how exactly things are done. Focus on mastering one or two marketing strategies not all of them There are so many marketing strategies online someone can use to sponsor new people in MLM business, but you don’t have to master all of them. It can take 20 years to master all internet marketing strategies and even more because technology brings new approaches on market on a daily basis. I specialize in blogging and it is what is fetching for me the results in my MLM business, I simply write about my opportunity and promote my blog to rank well in the search engine and I get the results that I want to get. Look at all internet marketing strategies like video marketing, content marketing, and others and specialize in one or two
  44. 44. P a g e | 43 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Have a lead capture page on yourMLM blog/website In online marketing, a landing page sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. It is very rare to find someone joining an MLMopportunity the first time he/she comes across it. It is better to take contacts of whoever is interested in joining the business for future follow up. It is not option to have a lead capture page on an MLM blog/website, but it is a must because it is the only way to collect leads to get people to tell more about your MLM opportunity. Create the need in the MLM presentation. Most people go wrong when presenting network marketing opportunity to prospects online. They present the company instead of giving reasons why people should join their network marketing opportunities. From today onwards, you have to know that people don’t join network marketing companies, but they join because of the benefits they hope to get out of the opportunity. For that matter, when presenting an opportunity online it is better to show the prospects the reasons why he/she should join your opportunity not your network marketing company. There are free platforms to create power point presentations online and here are some: Googleslide Free E-learning suit Prezi SlideDog ClearSlide/SlideRocket
  45. 45. P a g e | 44 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Ask for referrals Naturally there are people who have a disease called analysis paralysis. A disease,that affects people who take too long to decide to do something. The good news about this is that these people are willing to give you people in their social networks to talk to them about your network marketing opportunity. It is just a matter of asking them to share your online network marketing presentation with their friends and family members and they will give you their mails. Engage prospects in online MLM training before signing up. This is the best technique to be used to sponsor people in network marketing online. Many prospects don’t join the business the day they come across it or the day they attend the presentation, you‘ve got to make them feel that they are part of the business even before paying to sign up. Treat them like the way you treat the downlines they will join the business. Send a follow up massage to them. You do not have to send follow up mails on a daily basis and doing it will make people get tired of you which will make them unsubscribe from your list. I do my follow up once a week and I send mails out to people who gave me their contacts in my join MLM form. You can also do the same or you can come up with a method you feel is good for you. Ask them when they will join. Many people fear to ask the prospects to pay to join, they look into the pockets of the prospects quickly and draw a conclusion that they do not have money to join. Ask them to pay and join because it is your main aim. Welcome them to the business. This goes hand in hand with a congratulation massage, welcome them to the new life where people work for themselves not their bosses. In doing this, the relationship is built stronger and the downline will always be closer to you.
  46. 46. P a g e | 45 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Draw a time table for the distributor training. Many new distributors join the business when they know completely nothing about it. It is the responsibility of the upline to teach them how the business works and help them to understand that they have not got a job, but they have started a business which takes some time to grow. HOW TO WELCOME A NEW DOWNLINE IN ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING Doing an orientation for a new downline in online multi-level marketing business is necessary if the downline is to stay in the business for a long time without quitting. I have seen very many people doing online MLM/Network marketing, but when you ask them what they are doing, they also do not know. This is because of the failure by the upline to launch properly the business to them Many people outside there do not understand properly the nature of the industry we are dealing in (network marketing). When they join the business, they do not know where to start from. Some people think that, when you join multi-level marketing, you have to go ahead and open up a shop somewhere where people will find you. People think network marketing business is like other business which is not right. It is the responsibility of the upline to show the new dowline what to do next.
  47. 47. P a g e | 46 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Steps to follow when welcoming a new downline in online network marketing  Congratulate the downline. It sounds simple, but it is a very serious issue. Very many people want to join network marketing online, but they keep thinking about it until they forget about it without taking action of paying the money to join. Always welcome the new downline by congratulating him/her upon making the decision to change his/her life.  Invite other team members to congratulate him A new distributor in MLM internet marketing business wants to see others who are at the same level with him/her. It would be good to show the new downline that he is not the only one who has just joined, but there are others who are also still new in the business by inviting them to say a word of courage to him/her.  Ask the new dowline his / her dreams. We motivate the downlines by talking about their dreams. I have noticed that the more you remind the downline his/her dreams, the more that person gets energetic and enthusiastic to go extra miles to realize his/her dreams. Knowing your downline’s dreams help you know what motivate him/her. Therefore ask them when they have just joined.  Explain properly the marketing plan of your network marketing company. Most people join multi-level marketing to make additional income. You have to show them immediately how they will be making the money from the business by explaining the marketing plan.  Explain the concept of network marketing to the new downline in the business. When the person understands properly the kind of business he is doing, that person will never quit. There are so many materials, which can help you explain the business to the person like Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash flow quadrant and other materials. This help you to emphasize that network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business, which is built with time.
  48. 48. P a g e | 47 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko  List a number of books for the new downline to read This helps you change the mentality of the new dowline. You have to remove all negative paraphernalia from his/her mind so that he/she can work on the road to achieving his/her dreams. Very many books have been written about the personal growth and leadership subjects. Recommend these books so that the person can change his/her attitude headed for the business. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online
  49. 49. P a g e | 48 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Selling online simply meaning displaying a products or a service on the internet for the buyers to click on buy now button from your website/blog. It is clear to all people in MLM/network marketing business that selling is part of the equation of success in the industry though it is not the main thing. The beauty about selling MLM products/services online is that, there is nothing like struggling looking for a prospect to talk to about the products/service, but it is just a matter of compiling the information about the products/services and people will bring themselves to your website/blog. This only works if you know how to bring people to the website/blog. CONSUMER RULES YOU HAVE TO KNOW IF YOU ARE TO SELL ONLINE Last updated: May 2011 Whether you are a big organization or an individual, there are four (4) legal obligations you have to meet to qualify to sell your services or your products online and here they are; 1. General requirements of consumer law This law emphasizes a point of being honest when it comes to describing the products/services intended to be sold online. The products/services must be of a certain standard and the seller should not exaggerate so much about the product. 2. E-Commerce regulations Above and beyond the distance selling code of practice, you must also meet the legal requirements of the EU’s eCommerce regulations. These rules require that further specific information be given to your customers. There are goods/services which are excluded from distance selling regulation, but still the ecommerce regulation may apply to them. 3. Data protection CHAPTER 4: SELLING MLM PRODUCTS/SERVICES ONLINE
  50. 50. P a g e | 49 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko This is about keeping the customer’s details like names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other confidential in the safest way. 4. Corporate compliance The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement makes it clear that certain information has to be provided by limited companies on their websites and in order forms and some of this information include;  Name  Registration number  Registered office Now that we have understood the rules and regulations of selling not only MLM products, but anything online, Make sure that you understand them and fulfill them to run your business online professionally. REQUIREMENTS FOR SELLING ONLINE. There are quite a number of things you really need to start marketing your products/services online. You don’t have to just send mails to the people you know and you think that they will place orders. You must have a full system you are using for this. Below are some of the key things you need to maximally sell your products online.  Have a website  Establish an online shop  Have enough information about the product/service you intend to sell  Have an online payment systems like Paypal, payzer, STP, Payway, Payspree, and others  Internet marketing system  Have a delivery system  Use affiliate system to sell products  Business license (if needed)
  51. 51. P a g e | 50 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko  Develop a personal products catalogue Having the above requirements makes you qualify to start selling MLM products/services online. The mistake most people make is just bumping into the industry when they are not prepared. You have to be well equipped if you are to use an internet marketing approach to sell MLM products online by having the above requirements. More about selling MLM products/services online Use selling platforms to display your products. There are different selling platforms online which gives a chance to people worldwide to display their MLMproducts/services for buyers to place orders. The beauty about these platforms is that many people worldwide know them and they always visit them whenever they are looking for a product/service to buy. Alibaba E-bayEtsy eBid Ruby Lane Blujay SaleHoo Stores Online Auction CQOut Copious and Threadflip Amazon 99 Designs Quirky
  52. 52. P a g e | 51 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Craigslist Create videos for the MLM products/services Writing a product review for prospects to read is good, but a video is better. The fact is that there are a number of people who find reading boring yet the same people can watch a video about something. It doesn’t cost much to create a video for the products/services you are selling; it is just a matter of doing a demonstration for a products/service and talking about things like;  What the product/service does  How the product/service is used  Why people should buy the product  The science behind the product  The price of the product  Who manufactures the product/service  The side effect of the product if there is any Create an affiliate program if possible. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The best way to reach out to many people is by using this system. In this system the owner of the product/service gives a commission to the business associates who sell his/her product/service on his/her behalf. It is a great deal because many people out there in affiliate marketing are looking for a product to sell but they don’t have it.
  53. 53. P a g e | 52 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE BUY YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE UNWILLINGLY Selling products/services online is a very easy game but challenging many people both in network marketing business and in other industries. Very many people wake up with a dream and an idea of just publishing content or a video to get people who can place orders but they finish a year without getting even a single order. Statistics shows that majority of people who try selling products/services online quit before celebrating their first birthday in the industry. This doesn’t come because they are stupid, but it is because they don’t know what exactly has to be done to force people click on BUY NOW buttons on their websites even when they are not interested in the product. The truth is people buy both physical products and services online whether you believe it or not, but the question is; are you in position to present yourself in a way where these people can see you and buy from you? If not, why? Today we are going to see a few things you can do to make people trust you even when they have never seen you, but before we go to that, let us look at why you should sell your products/services online Reasons for selling online  To have access to unlimited market  To work smart  To save time doing products/service presentations manually  For easy service/products delivery  To learn general internet marketing  Payments are direct into your bank account  Easy customer support and follow up What to do to make people buy your products/services even when they don’t need them  Offer free services online
  54. 54. P a g e | 53 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko When I had just started doing internet marketing, my aim was to make money and I thought that I had to sell each and everything to be rich little did I know that it is the opposite. I am very sure that you know that the more you give out, the more you receive. This applies to internet marketing. I write educative network marketing articles and publish it for everyone in the industry to read for free and in the end, people ask me to sell to them my network marketing opportunity and my products as well. That is how things work, you have to do things naturally not forcing people to buy from you, but offer free things like training and others people will buy from you.  Give samples to the clients Because selling online means selling to strangers on international level, the issue of building trust is very crucial. There are many people who want to buy online but they don’t believe in the people who are selling these products/services because of the so called scams online. For that matter, if you can, send a sample to the prospect and ask him/her to use it before placing an order.  Advertise Advertising is a good strategy also to increase sales online. If you want to make quick sales online, this is the best solution because Search Engine Optimization is not a one day process, it takes time, but advertising gets for you clients the day you chose to run it. You have to be wise while running ads because if the ad doesn’t convert, just know that you are wasting your money so, you have to test the ads you are running  Make sure you rank well for the name of the products/services you are selling Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the hardest part of internet marketing and it is the reason most people quit the industry. Ranking on the top of the first page of search engines takes time and once it is a achieved, daily sales is a guarantee. Ranking well for the name of a product you are selling is about content and keywords. The more content you have, the higher the chances of being seen by the people who are looking for what you are selling therefore, make it a point to always manufacture content on a daily basis.  Solve people’s problems instead of aiming at making profits
  55. 55. P a g e | 54 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Did you know that most people go to the web search because they have a problem they want to solve? Once you put that into your mind, you are going to make a lot of money because all the people searching for the products/services you are dealing in will become your friends and they will buy from you. The whole point is positioning you as an ambassador of a charitable organization. The more you help people learn something for free, the more they support you and buy from you. ONLINE CLIENTS ARE LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS NOT FOR THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES According to the survey we have done with the people who read our articles about selling online, it indicates that many of the MLM business builders still have a challenge of selling online, and this is because of lack of enough skills to know why people buy their products online Since money which is earned from network marketing is generated from sales, this means that without sales, no money will be earned and that is the fact, MLM business is about building a team (distributors) and help them learn also build their teams so that the products which are sold multiplies for more money to be earned by the entire team. This explains the reason why selling is a key point in MLM business. The good news is that we have internet; a tool that is there to help us move products without contacting people to buy from us. With internet marketing, you simply build a system that is either a blog or a website. Like the way we said that online clients don’t buy problems but they buy solutions, you have to put much emphasis on how your products solve the problems the clients have, but not on why they should buy from you and here are the best ways it is done  Give a guarantee or a warrantee
  56. 56. P a g e | 55 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko A warranty is a promise or guarantee given. A warranty is usually a written guarantee for a product and declares the maker's responsibility to repair or replace a defective product or its parts. Guaranteeing a product or a service is one of the ways to make the client believe that your product work even before using it. This calls for dealing in a product that works. The fact is that there are countless MLM companies in MLM industry but those with genuine products are few, you have to make sure that you are dealing with an MLM company that has products which can solve the problems clients have.  Explain how the product is used This also contributes to making a sale, once the product is well explained, it makes it is easy for the intending buyer to know what the product does and what it doesn’t do. Sometimes MLMcompanies have very many products which almost serve similar purposes but when each is explained well, the client will make a good choice.  Give a sample to some of the clients This help you increase your sales in the long run. Sometimes you have to give out something to get something. Select a few intending buyers and give them samples. This is one of the ways of making clients understand the importance of the product and their belief will be increased.  Use testimonials Testimonials is one of the things that moves people because when someone is telling his/her story, he/she mentions the problem he/she had and what solved it. I am very sure that people testify while mentioning what helped them solve a problem and that is the products your MLM company is making. Ask your clients to give you permission to publish their stories you will get more clients because of these testimonials.
  57. 57. P a g e | 56 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko THE WORK AFTER A SALE IN ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS Selling products is very easy but making a client use a product is also a task. This sounds funny but it is the fact, there are people who buy products and end up not using them. I have seen very many clients who buy nutritional products from network marketing distributors and never bother to use these products for their health to improve. There is some work to be done if you are to maintain your customer base for your network marketing products to keep moving. I want to challenge you today to start monitoring the number of people who come back to you to ask you to sell to them the product you sold to them again. The issue of building a strong relationship with clients is a key factor to success in network marketing. You have to know that the network marketing company you are partner with has countless distributors all over the world therefore, you have to protect your clients and all this is part of the work that is done after a sale has been made. Network marketing is a people business and because of this, you always have to be in touch with the people who buy from you to protect them from being reached by other distributors in your network marketing company. List of the things to do after selling a network marketing product to a client  A thank you sms to a client Many network marketing business builders ignore this, but let me tell you that this is something that strengthens a relationship between a client and a product seller. You have to show the client that he/she has given you business by thanking him/her. You lose nothing texting to the client but gain a lot from this simple activity All people want to be appreciated irrespective of the small job done and you don’t need a lot of money to do this, just use a phone text or a mail and send a message similar to this, “Thank you very much for purchasing from me and am very happy to add you on my client list”
  58. 58. P a g e | 57 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko  Confirmation on the proper usage of the product After a few days from the delivery date, you have to call the client to find out whether he/she is using the product in the proper way. We are different and we understand things differently, there are people who take too long to understand what they are told and if you sell to such people and you don’t follow up on them, you will be in trouble because the product will not work for them. You have to continue educating your client on how the product is used properly.  Inspiring the client to continue using the product There are network marketing products most especially health care products which take too long before working. In most cases the clients stop using the product claiming that the product doesn’t work. As network marketing business builder, you have to make sure that you inspire the client to consistently use the product until the results show up.  Ask for referrals This should be the last thing to be done in after sales activities, in fact it is better you ask for referrals after knowing that the client has maximized results from the product you sold to him/her. I can tell you that if a product does what you told a client, the client will get for you more than five clients out of his network because he/she is very sure that your product work. Get a website at $100, $150, $200, $300......$2000 and build your business online
  59. 59. P a g e | 58 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Blog/website promotion is the hardest part of internet marketing, and doing it perfectly means success in internet marketing. It requires time to learn and testing different system to see what works and what doesn’t work. Some of the ways of promoting a network marketing blog/website are free and others require some money. Maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) to get more traffic on an online MLM blog/website Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, SEO means the effort put in for a website/blog to be seen by people who use internet. I have been repeating a point that network marketing is a people business and we have to look for all places where people are so that we can expose our business opportunities to them. Having just a network marketing website/blog is not enough, you have to learn how to make it rank well in the top search engines to get people who can become distributors and clients for your products. FACTORS SEARCH ENGINES CONSIDER FOR WEBSITE/BLOG RANKING  The number of back links A backlink is a link directed to a website/blog from another site. When you have more backlinks on your website/blog, it indicates that your site is very important because many people want to link on it. This is a very important factor when it comes to the site ranking on the first pages of the top search engines.  On-page factor This is about the technicalities involved in building a website or a blog. It is advisable to build a professional blog/website and if you are not sure of how it is done,we can always support you. Just contact us using ( CHAPTER 5: PROMOTING A NETWORK MARKETING BLOG/WEBSITE TO RANK WELL IN THE TOP SEARCH ENGINES
  60. 60. P a g e | 59 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko  Domain age. This means the time the domain name has been registered with the search engines. When you have just registered a domain name, do not expect it to rank like a domain name that has been registered for some time. This should not stop you from registering because your new domain can still rank properly, there is just a simple difference.  Key word as first word in the domain name. This is a very important SEO factor in determining the ranking of the website/blog on the first page. According to a domain that starts with the target key word has higher chances of ranking on the first page than a domain with a target key word in the middle or the one without a target key word  Domain history A site with rich history can be easily supported by the top search engines to rank properly on the first pages of the top search engines.  Country Top-Level-Extension domain registration. Registering a domain name for a specific country also affects the ranking of the site/blog. If you are aiming at building a network marketing business round the world, go ahead and leave the domain open so that your network marketing website/blog can be seen everywhere where there is internet.  keywords in the title tag Having keywords in the title tags is very important since a title tag is a second webpage piece of content Search engines uses it so much to determine the ranking.  Having keywords in description tags. This is not a very important factor to determine ranking though it is still considered. Always make it a point to have keywords in description tags.  Number of pages a website/blog has
  61. 61. P a g e | 60 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko The more pages the site has, the more it is recognized to be a very important and useful site to people by the top search engine. Therefore, work on it seriously.  Web/blog content. It is another ranking factor that top search engines look at critically because when a blog/website has enough content, it shows that this blog/website is useful.  Anchor text of inbound links The anchor text is the words that you use to link from. If the anchor text contains Keywords relevant to the link page, this will carry a stronger weight with search engines. MORE ABOUT WEBSITE/BLOG RANKING IN THE TOP SEARCH ENGINES What to know about GOOGLE ranking  If you the search engines realize that you produce useless content, ranking will be a problem  If the search engines realize that your site is outdated, ranking will be a problem  If you have a low score, ranking will be a problem. The site quality score is determined by the average of all your pages and if some pages are lacking good content, forget ranking. Therefore the best way to increase the ranking is to increase the quality score Your rank =quality score X 100 divide by old ranking factors (back links) Quality score = average quality of pages X user experience User experience is convincing the top search engines that people love your site so they will send u visitors Google focuses on user’s accomplishment
  62. 62. P a g e | 61 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko How to work on the score? 1. Write good content a. Improve CTR (Click Through Rate) b. Avoid content duplication c. And make sure that all pages have high quality content 2. good quality pages Pages have to have original content and enough to be good. Below are the minimum requirements for a page to be of high quality a. 150 original words. (unique words that you don’t find anywhere on your web) b. Relevant internal/external links c. One original piece of media (Picture, video, MP3) 3. user’s experience a. Does the users click on the listings in the search results? Improve the titles, the descriptions and make sure that your listing doesn’t look spammy. You can choose to change your title to attract more people to click on it to increase your CTR for top search engines to like you b. Are your users finding content that they want? Improve the navigation and the layout c. Are your users consuming the content? How much are they reading/watching d. Are your users coming back to visit your site? e. How long are your users staying on your site Improve the metric 4. How fast does your site load
  63. 63. P a g e | 62 Copyright 2015©Hassan Sulayiman Sonko Check in webmaster tools. Under 4 seconds acceptable 5. What do users think about your site a. Do they trust your information or think that it is copied TO ACHIEVE THE ABOVE, GO TO Google analytics find the landing page ie the page people are entering into your site (the door) and work on that first GENERATING KEYWORDS FOR TOP SEARCH ENGINES: GOOGLE, YAHOO, AND BING Google Keyword planner helps get the following;  Search for new keywords and ad group ideas related to your niche  Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into an ad group  Get traffic estimate for a list of key words  Multiply keyword list to get new key word ideas To get the entire benefits above, visit Google keyword planner .the only condition to get access to this tool to help you generate keywords using Google word planner is having a Gmail account Generating keywords using Bing search engine Bing is another search engine which cannot be ignored when planning to build a network marketing blog/website that gets constant flow of traffic. You only need a Microsoft account to be in position to generate the keywords using Bing search engine. Visit Bing search tool to help you get the keywords using their website. Bing keyword