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Where/How is it                                                                             Whats ComingLearning Unit Assi...
You can use the same text you                                       chose in u02a1 or pick a new essay                    ...
Essay #2 can start from an essay in                                       the Reid textbook, but you will still           ...
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The run down of assignments


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The run down of assignments

  1. 1. Where/How is it Whats ComingLearning Unit Assignment submitted? Where do I find the text/topic? Notes Next? The Reid textbook has essays in it. You can find a list of them by topic on page ix and following. The library research guides have been created from this list of toipcs in the textbook. Youll need to start by picking just a topic area, not a narrow topic for writing the final paper -- thats a long way from now, and you can think about that, Reid textbook (ix and following) or but you just need to pick a topical the subjects presented in the area/subject area right now. Youll library research guide (the tabs are use this for the papers well write short summary 1 pick a topic u01a1 the topical subject options) through unit 5. assignment Essay #1: Summary and Response Pick an essay from Reid, using the *************** Pick an essay in the Reid textbook list of readings separated by First draft of that fits your topical subject area subject areas (ix and following). annotated 2 write a summary u02a1 that you selected in u01a1. Write a summary. bibliography
  2. 2. You can use the same text you chose in u02a1 or pick a new essay from Reids textbook. In u03a1 you will write a summary + response This is a rough draft week. You essay (described in the textbook) have a rough draft of the first essay Essay #1: summary + and for the annotated bibliography, (summary + response) and a rough response rough draft u03a1 youll create an annotated entry for draft of the annotated bibliography Final draft of Essay **************** ************* the essay youre working with here (also called a working #1: Summary +3 annotated bibliography u03a2 in u03a1. bibliography). Response. Revision is not a laser-beam effect and is not just editing. You should edit and proofread, and you should address the comments from the instructor, but you need to apply those comments to other parts of short writing You should use the feedback from the paper, and start to really re- project: summary Essay #1: summary + the instructor to revise the paper imagine the paper through the lens and response4 response final copy u04a1 for submission for a final grade. of your instructors comments. (practice) Pick another essay from the Reid textbook, based upon your topic of I would choose an essay that summary + response choice for the course. Write a very includes a key term or process that5 (short writing) u05a1 short summary and response. I might explain in the next paper. Essay #2: Explaining
  3. 3. Essay #2 can start from an essay in the Reid textbook, but you will still have to find two scholarly articles (scholarly articles, not summaries Note that thisessay #2 rough draft Essay #2: Explaining or opinion pieces, please) in the is turned in through the discussion rough draft library. The annotated bibliography forum. The annotated bibliography ****************** u06d1 will include all of the sources you should take the unit 3 rough draft Annotated *************u have looked at up to this point, in and add your sources from Essay Essay #2: Explaining 6 Bibliography draft 2 06a1 all assignments. #2 to it. final copy argument short Remember that revision means writing (synthesizing Take comments from your peers reimagining the paper through the two sources from Essay #2: Explaining and instructor and make revisions lens of the feedback you receive, the library on your 7 final copy u07a1 to your paper. Submit for grading. not a laser beam or band-aid effect. topic of choice) Create a short essay in which you Essay #3: Arguing argument (short Find two articles in the library that discuss the two essays and your rough draft and writing) in which you address the topic you want to write response to them (your position on Annotated synthesize two library about (this is that narrow topic the issue and how it matches or Bibliography final 8 sources u08a1 choice) for the final paper. doesnt the two articles you found). draft Note that the rough draft of Essay Essay #3: Arguing #3 is due in the discussion forum. rough draft Write an academic argument on Your annotated bibliography is a ****************** u09d1 your topic of choice. You can find continuation (and summation to) Annotated ************* new articles or use the ones you the two rough draft versions you Essay #3: Arguing 9 Bibliography final draft u09a1 used in u08a1. started before. final copy Remember that revision means Revise the essay based upon reimagining the paper through the Essay #3: Arguing final feedback from peers and lens of the feedback you receive,10 copy u10a1 instrucctor. not a laser beam or band-aid effect. Its over!